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Collective Resonance :: AMX Cypher Vol. II

One of the true gems of the Austin hip-hop scene is the Austin Mic Exchange (AMX).  It allows MCs of all styles and levels of experience to get together, build collaborations, and hone in on your skills while gaining inspirations from others.  2017 brings us volume two of the AMX Cypher, and this go round, we’ve got a killer line-up : Ben Buck on rhymes and production, and verses by Valor AlanAggieN∆TEChuck DuzeYou F. Oh and K-Sol.  AMX godfather Protextor drops in to film, and props to Exploded Records for providing the proper backdrop.  You know the drill… like it, share it, and support local!



Alpha Music :: You F. Oh Drops ‘Beginning’ On The Masses

As I have come to realize my position in the way of things as a blogger, different aspects of my daily life start to bring new pleasures.  One cool kickback from the exposure the blog is starting to garner is that discoveries are now often initiated by creators, rather than my searching.  You F. Oh from Austin is one of those prime examples.  My phone made it’s little beep noise, and in the email was a Soundcloud link and a request to check out the music, courtesy of a visit to my site.  Since I was on the road, I threw it on the stereo, and damn was I pleasantly surprised.  Esoteric and thought provoking lyrics over unique/strong production?  That’s what it’s all about.  And for a debut project, Beginning shows nothing but promise and possibilities.  Thank you, You F. Oh, for getting me hip, and believe my eyes and ears are open for whatever comes next.


Instant Weird :: Be Right Back [brb] Spider House Patio Cypher

The sense of fellowship at this year’s Weird City Hip Hop Fest was something beautiful to behold.  Local talent came out heavy to represent, and the local crowds supported wonderfully.  Amidst all of the good times, many were busy networking and throwing ideas around.  During all these link-ups, NateJae Jax Da MenaceBen Buck/Filthy McNastyBig MicYou F. Oh and Philos of Hermit Kingdom tossed verbal darts on cam.  Behold, share, and support!


It’s The Real :: #REALEST MC CYPHER Part II (Austin, TX)

One of the last standing portions of golden age hip hop is the cypher.  Although it has morphed over the last few years, it’s still an example of what a like-minded collection of artists can do in the rawest sense.  This Austin edition features some underground lyricists known for holding it down : You F. Oh, Potent Tai, Andre Mac, Dali and Lady Shacklin.  Dig it and dig it good.