Heartbeat Props :: Special Guests Come Together To Release ‘Dead Flowers’


When you F. Oh and indubes reached out separately to notify me about their new project, Special Guests, I had a feeling that I was in for something good.  Having already covered both individuals on the blog, my curiosity got the best of me as I wondered how their two styles would meld, and on Dead Flowers, these two find some of the most interesting ways to make their styles harmonize.  The lyrical content and styles are extremely interesting in particular… the lyrical duo present a sense of urgency that is covered in very honest self-reflection, with a subtle bravado used to support everything stated.  As for beats, bvck comes with it on some deeply moody production, as if he was more so scoring monologues than making beats for rhymes, with the skeleton of the production consisting of true-shool style boom-bap.  I’m feeling this one for real… definitely check it out for yourself, share it around for others to experience, and donate a few bucks if you can.



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