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Spirit Lift :: Dr. Ew (Indubes) Drops ‘Salt [Beat Tape]’

Quite often, I take deep dives into the abyss that is YouTube, and one of my favorite discoveries is the lo-fi beat scene emergence, complete with looped anime clips to seal the deal on aesthetic.  That’s what makes it so great when a peer pops up in that realm, sort of like when I stumbled across Austin-based producer Indubes and a video titled Salt [Beat Tape].  The thirteen-ish minute beat tape consists of familiar piano and guitar samples, solid drum loops and programming, vocal samples, and a wonderful clip from Spirited Away that gets more and more delightful with each loop.  This is the kind of music that sets a mood, and that mood is one I won’t mind revisiting.  Quality work, and work that deserves sharing, commenting and liking.



Spaced Out :: Indubes Drops ‘A Pimp Named Slick Back’


There’s a new wave of heads coming up in Austin, and Indubes is one of those starting to make moves towards separation from the pack.  His latest project, A Pimp Named Slick Back, is a collection of spacey, dubby beats (with the occasional flow thrown in just to keep folks guessing).  The result is a short but sweet attack on the senses.  Considering this is a name your price project, you’d be hard-pressed to find a reason not to essentially pay your time to grab it and add it to your rotation.