Journey Men :: Special Guests Drop ‘No Hero’ Single


For as many solo hip-hop artists and producers that Austin produces, it’s awesome to see the city embrace the practice of creating collectives, as it tends to truly bring out the best in most artists.  On separate occasions, Indubes and You F. Oh hit me up about their new collective project, Special Guests (with third member Bvck rounding out the lineup), and with the sense of urgency behind their messaging, I figured it’d be best to give it a listen.  The lead single, No Hero, is an interesting take on the self-reflective hip-hop song, with You F. Oh and Bvck substituting self-props and bravado for hard, honest looks at their journey thus far, their current trajectory, and something that falls in the middle ground between pride and regret.  Indubes bolsters the whole experience with a brooding, moody track over a driving drum break, adding emotional texture to the experience.  This is a lush lead-off single, and it definitely has me curious about the upcoming full-length album, so check it out if you haven’t already, leave a like and a comment, and spread the love by sharing!



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