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Mythical Sound :: Bestia Releases ‘Eternal Unicorns’ Single Via (iN)Sect Records

Hard Knocks :: Mic Trey Spits Truth For ‘By The Code” Single And Video

Stepping Out :: Kady Rain Drops Self-Titled Debut LP

Way Out :: Poolboi Blu Taps … For ‘The Burbs’

Body Movin’ :: Maikéru Taps Talents Of Frank Montero (Cuento Media) For ‘WHENIMDANCING.’ Video

Dynamic Words :: Writing On The Wall Drops ‘Filtered Water’

One benefit of having a creative peer group is the way that the circle of awareness expands in terms of just how many people are truly out there chipping away at their own creative journey.  Point in case : I’ve been watching the homie Ben Buck make major strides, and yet, he still has time to point other artists in the right direction, with this specific example being him putting me on the Writing on the Wall radar.  With their recent release Filtered Water on the way to release, they hit me up, and I’ve gotta say, this project is a journey.  Like many of us, the duo is clearly multi-faceted and hard to pigeonhole, but the difference between them and most folks is the way that they embrace this dynamic nature rather than narrow it or restrain it.  From song to song, you can hear a wide range of off-kilter production that covers and array of lyrics that goes from deeply personal and self-reflective to very observational and constructively critical of not only the hip-hop culture, but quite often, society at large.  If you’re a fan of heady hip-hop that resonates in your mind as much as your ears, give yourself some time to check out Filtered Water on your favorite streaming service.


Shine Time :: KNDRX Drops Ill Video For ‘Pressure’

They say that pressure makes diamonds, and it’s crystal clear that the homie KNDRX is aware of this adage, as his latest single and video, the brief but super catchy Pressure, displays.  Over a montage of dope performance footage, casual footage and hype session footage all cut together with slick and eye-catching editing, KNDRX drops bars about how his life, lifestyle and environment has shaped him into the man he is today, all over a powerful A Train beat.  QNTM must be given his props for the work on this video, as it more than stands up to the high bar for quality that KNDRX has set for himself and has consistently met.  Definitely check this one out as soon as possible, leave a like and a comment if you’re feeling it, and share it around!


Culturally Aware :: SniperShot Expands Range With ‘Never Stop’ Single From ‘Walking Contradiction’

When it comes to Texas hip-hop, SniperShot holds a unique place as an artist with deeply Southern influences and tendencies that serve as the top layer for depths and depths of cultural appreciation and experience.  Those who have followed SniperShot on social media the last few years have seen him journey and explore many different locations on the globe, and that openness to take in what the world is willing to show him is completely showing in his latest release.  Never Stop is a great introductory single, with its Tex-Mex mix serving as a perfect table-setter for Walking Contradiction, a collection of songs with influences from all over the map (globally and culturally).  

You already know what to do… run the numbers up everywhere, comment and like where you can, and share the video and album with anyone you think will dig it!


Snuffing Gaslighters :: Kady Rain Cuts Deep With ‘Crooked’

A seemingly inevitable part of human interaction is toxicity… it is not present in all individuals you meet, but the capacity is there, and more than enough people in the world do not hesitate to show the worst of themselves, especially if it benefits them, and regardless of who may be impacted.  It’s clear that Kady Rain is aware of this fact also, as her latest single, the part-pop, part-industrial and highly danceable Crooked focuses squarely on these types of individuals.  Big props to Kady Rain and collaborator/bandmate Morgan Davis for penning such a powerful follow-up to the high energy lead single Got Away… go find this one on your favorite streaming service or digital storefront, or even better, show some direct support by visiting the Bandcamp links above, but whatever you do, don’t sleep on this one.


Selling Yourself :: Christian Hyun Unveils Jupiter Mountain Project With ‘Proof Of Concept’ Video

I’m gonna let Christian Hyun explain things : 

“Some friends were kind enough to help me record this two-song, proof of concept video. This was recorded live on 10/13/21.  I wanted to get a recording that would show some of the new things I’ve added into my live show, like song interludes, trippy lights, cryptic ramblings, and of course, homemade stage sweatsuits.  I can’t wait to hit the road and start doing this in person!”

If you’re throwing any house shows in the Central Texas area, or you’re into creatives unashamedly afraid of being themselves, then get hip to Jupiter Mountain asap.