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Jazzlife Renaissance :: Emcee Eats Presents ‘Lakshmi’

One of my alltime favorite central Texas creative minds is emcee eats, hands down.  Dude is an amazing painter and an unparalleled wordsmith.  Whenever he drops new music, it’s all hands on deck, as it deserves attention each and every time.  His latest single and video, Lakshmi, wonderfully captures the emcee eats vibe.. it’s DIY, yet it’s oozing creativity and ideas on a much higher level.  Wonderful imagery over a solid song.. that’s all we can really ask for.  This one is supposedly going to see the light of day on an upcoming collaborative mixtape with StormShadow titled Rare Ingredients, so we should all be on the lookout for that future dopeness.


Shreddin’ Texas :: Old Man Skateboards’ Daily Skate Sessions Hit Texas

Recently, Old Man Skateboards took to the road for a return trip to Texas, his former stomping grounds.  Since the inception of Old Man Skateboards, we have since growth in terms of board confidence and skill set.  This video, maybe due to the fact that he’s home again, shows some wonderful growth.. longer manuals, boardslides, 50-50 grind attempts, and even some transition skating into bowls, hips and so on.  My man even took a couple of decent spills and got right back up.  Inspiring stuff, for real.


Heavily Influenced :: Attic Ted’s Educational Mixtape

Texas-based musical innovator Attic Ted will soon be visiting Bulgaria for an appearance at Neu Berlin.  In anticipation of this huge event, Attic Ted put together a polite greeting/introduction, followed by a 12 song education of his musical influences from Texas.  It is an exciting journey down a history of  wonderful sounds.. dive right in, and share it with your friends.


Harmonic Resonance :: ‘Slow Burnout’ Audio-Visual Hits The Internet

I’ve been busy this month.  It’s time to start making my audio-visual output match the size of my catalog.  Here is another in a line of recent visual pieces created for my music.. this one for Slow Burnout, off the album of the same name.  Dig it and dig it good!


Top Prospects :: ‘When The Weird Turns Pro’ From The Weird Project

a word from The Weird Project:

When the Weird turns Pro is The Weird Project‘s 5th Album.  In 6 years of work, The Weird Project has gone from bedroom studios to performing live shows.  When the Weird turns pro is a story about  Love, Inspiration, Creativity, Austin Texas, Equality, Progress, and Women.  Each sample was hand picked by the crew from a local favorite record shop.  Vinyl is the backbone for every song made.  Peace to Real Hip Hop.’

A solid project from a hip-hop crew embracing many of the beautiful aspects of Austin.  Enjoy!


In Deep Concentration :: Sole Glow Collective

Those in the Corpus Christi area are blessed to have Eversive making things happen.  Every last Friday, he hosts Sole Glow Collective at STEREO Music Bar.  Here’s a quick word on the event, and a couple of very special guests to demonstrate what it’s all about…


Download Must :: Hip Hop Sessions 008 by DJ Charlie

The credentials for DJ Charlie read like a dream list :: LNS Crew, HOTT Bookings, Universal Zulu Nation, B-Boy City, Table Manners Crew… what hasn’t this guy done?  With upcoming appearances at GoodLife sessions (Austin), A3C Fest (Atlanta), and much more, this cat is a star on the rise and a force to be reckoned with.

Recently, DJ Charlie released Hip Hop Sessions 008, and all instrumental gem of a mix.  Listen to it, download it, share it with your friends, and continue to check back at this SoundCloud page for more mixes and the like.