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Memories Alive :: EVOLVE Pays Tribute To Myke Nyse On ‘THEE NYSEST’


Death Blow :: Ciggy Burns X Luca Brasi Story Comes To A Close With ‘Back From The Dead’

Evolve and Chef Mike are back at it again!  Dig the lore wrap-up straight from the Common and Normal camp : 

“After what can only be described as a horrific final stand, Ciggy Burns‘ life was cut short, however he’s managed to find his way back to the land of the living, vowing to collect debts owed and despite his gruesome appearance, win over the hearts and asses of soccer moms everywhere.  This is the continuation of Ciggy‘s tale as spoken by Ciggy himself with background noise provided by undead gangster turned producer, Luc Brazi.”

Back From the Dead is a short but effective power-punch of a project, so definitely check it out, share it around, and if you’ve got a few bucks to spare, throw it these cats’ way!


Fever Dream :: Common And Normal Presents ‘Hustler S. Thompson’ Collaboration

If one were to go by the example that the homie EVOLVE has set, then people would collectively have the craziest work ethic ever.  If more than a few months goes by and I haven’t seen news of a new EVOLVE project or collaboration, then I know either something is going on in his personal life or he’s incubating another masterpiece, with the second situation being the case more often than not.  For Hustler S. Thompson, the self-titled debut for the collaborative project of the same name featuring EVOLVE rapping over the production of Chef Mike and Tommy the CollectorEVOLVE does what he does over a selection of instrumentals from the production duo’s previously released Mr. Brown / Mr. White tape.  If you’re familiar with EVOLVE and company, then you’ll already know what you’re getting : headnod-worthy beats showcasing methodical, introspective and sharp lyricism.  Cop the album if you have a buck, stream it if not, and tell everyone you know about it either way.


Starving Artists :: Evolve X Chef Mike Whip Up Some ‘Gourmet Dust’

While most artists are trying to figure out how to regain the momentum lost from COVID-19 and the pandemic, Evolve‘s only problem seems to be determining how not to flood his audience in his creative outputs.  Gourmet Dust marks his 5th offering in less than 6 months, with this one being a collaboration between himself and Detroit-based producer Chef Mike, and the quality has only risen as the quantity of releases within this short span of time grows.  The duo team up for some raw, gritty headbanger tracks reminiscent of that golden early 1990s stretch where what you said was just as important as how you said, and none of it mattered at all without gripping production behind it.  The Ibe Hustles feature is a nice touch, rounding out a brief but powerful sonic onslaught worth much more than the $1 they are charging for the record.  Get on that immediately, pass this one around for others to follow suit, and don’t sleep on your local underground kings.