Fever Dream :: Common And Normal Presents ‘Hustler S. Thompson’ Collaboration

If one were to go by the example that the homie EVOLVE has set, then people would collectively have the craziest work ethic ever.  If more than a few months goes by and I haven’t seen news of a new EVOLVE project or collaboration, then I know either something is going on in his personal life or he’s incubating another masterpiece, with the second situation being the case more often than not.  For Hustler S. Thompson, the self-titled debut for the collaborative project of the same name featuring EVOLVE rapping over the production of Chef Mike and Tommy the CollectorEVOLVE does what he does over a selection of instrumentals from the production duo’s previously released Mr. Brown / Mr. White tape.  If you’re familiar with EVOLVE and company, then you’ll already know what you’re getting : headnod-worthy beats showcasing methodical, introspective and sharp lyricism.  Cop the album if you have a buck, stream it if not, and tell everyone you know about it either way.



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