High Drama :: Drake Howard Releases ‘Amphibians’ Short Film

It’s hard to go a day in Austin without running across some creative output that one of my many talented friends put together or were involved in.  Recently, my old friend, past college peer and fellow thespian/musician Tricky Jones posted a link to Amphibians, a short film she starred in with Devin Finn, who also shared a directing credit with Drake Howard.  For a single location film, the journey is quite the captivating and vivid one, with Jones and Finn turning in performances full of dramatic and emotional range, not to mention some stunning lighting and a visual trick or two that elevates the gravitas of the material outside of the singular location.  Writer (and fellow former college peer) Casey Wimpee turns in a wonderfully poetic and ever-evolving script that gives our performers plenty to chew on, and with the dedication credit to Jeremy Torres punctuating the end of the journey, the weight of the entire affair was not lost on me.  Don’t sleep on this one… give it a watch, give it a like and a comment, and share it around for all to see!



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