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Daily Operation :: SniperShot Keeps It Really Real WIth ‘Snipes Life’ Video

Rather Unique :: SniperShot Continues To Stand Out With ‘A Spiral In The Land Of Squares’


High Times :: SniperShot & M Slago Drop ‘I Think I’m Really High Again’ Video

Culturally Aware :: SniperShot Expands Range With ‘Never Stop’ Single From ‘Walking Contradiction’

When it comes to Texas hip-hop, SniperShot holds a unique place as an artist with deeply Southern influences and tendencies that serve as the top layer for depths and depths of cultural appreciation and experience.  Those who have followed SniperShot on social media the last few years have seen him journey and explore many different locations on the globe, and that openness to take in what the world is willing to show him is completely showing in his latest release.  Never Stop is a great introductory single, with its Tex-Mex mix serving as a perfect table-setter for Walking Contradiction, a collection of songs with influences from all over the map (globally and culturally).  

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Summer Madness :: SniperShot & Flotation Connect For ‘Laid Back’

When you think about summer, what comes to mind?  Kicking it with the homies at the skatepark?  If so, then SniperShot and Flotation have a surprise for you in the form of Laid Back, the recently released single and video from the duo.  Both of these guys have held it down for the Dallas hip-hop scene for years, so seeing them combine forces (along with a visual assist from RSNL Media DFW) is always welcome.  Drop a like and a comment on the video, and if you’re really feeling the track, cop it from the streamable embed below : 



Making Tracks :: Fibonacci All Stars Create Music Video And Vlog For ‘Turquoise Waterfalls’

From the digital desk of the Fibonacci All Stars :

“In a distant land & time before COVID, Tito Strange, Beatnik Chemist & SniperShot drove from Dallas, TX down through Mexico for an epic 22 day adventure in a van.  Its was WILD!  We hit an 18 wheeler on a mountain road, got attacked by ants in the night, extorted for money, lost a drone in a canyon, almost got arrested shooting a music video on the pyramids and encountered plenty of turquoise water!  It was too much epic-ness to list, but through it all we created a cool, laid back, 5 song EP recorded in a van in Mexico.  The Turquoise Waterfalls EP is the first release from SniperShot‘s collab project: Fibonacci All Stars.  The Turquoise Waterfalls EP and Vlog Series is out now!  Appreciate your support!”

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Rhythmic Recollections :: SniperShot Releases New Video For ‘Life Is Crazy’ Single

From the digital desk of SniperShot

“This is a heartfelt song about some of the things I have had to deal with in my life.  I go through the whole range of emotions in this video.  From sadness, to anger, to chaos, to numbness, to acceptance, to enlightenment.  What can I say…This Life Is Crazy! 🌀 #RIPDAD

We all know that SniperShot has the skill to be incredibly entertaining and compelling in equal measure, and for Life Is Crazy, he tapped the assistance of producer Symbolyc One and video team RSNL Media, not to mention a mix and master job by Matt Kennedy.  Check out the video, leave a like and a comment if you feel moved to do so, and spread it around far and wide!


Real Talk :: SniperShot Drops ‘True Story’ Album

Over the past couple of years, I’ve watched SniperShot take part in a number of jouneys… be it time spent out at sea, habitation in remote locations, or visits to exotic locales, one thing that is abundantly clear is that seeing the world has opened his already perceptive eyes even wider.  This past week, SniperShot blessed all of us with his latest album, True Story, and even if you weren’t aware of his adventures, the experiences and growth shine through in this latest batch of songs.  His trademark delivery is boosted by even more confidence, his with is backed with knowledge-filled gems, and his beat selection is diverse, as demonstrated by the numerous producer collaborations listed in the liner notes.  Anyone who’s been around this blog for a while knows that SniperShot gets automatic props from me, so it should be second nature for you to go support by copping an album or sharing the link around, because this is one that will carry you through the weekend and beyond.


Prodigious Talent :: SniperShot Takes A Lighter Tone With ‘Confident’

Everyone knows that SniperShot is talented, grounded, insightful and wise beyond his years, but not everyone is hip to the fact that SniperShot is also a pretty funny guy.  Lest we forget or act like we didn’t know, SniperShot decided to drop a quick gem in the form of Confident, a song and music video that embraces the lighter side of his nature.  The track is pretty solid, with SniperShot professing his skills in the humblest of braggable ways possible, but Augustus Minott-directed video really takes things to another level.  As my film knowledge has taught me, you show rather than tell, so I leave it to you to let SniperShot show you his humorous side, but I will say this… don’t sleep.  Check out the video, leave a like and a comment if you feel it, and spread it around for others to fall in love with.


New Life :: SniperShot Releases ‘Tha Mixtape IV : Tha Rebirth’


When I covered SniperShot‘s video for Face Facts a week or so ago, you’d have thought that I’d realized it was probably promo for an upcoming project.  Apparently, however, the obvious is obvious to all but me, as I recently discovered that SniperShot dropped Tha Mixtape IV : Tha Rebirth right around the same time that I discovered that video… the project actually came to my attention while prepping a post for the follow-up video to Face Facts :  the direct message that is Get Thoed

As of a week prior to this posting, I’ve not checked out the mixtape, but because I know SniperShot is behind it, I know it’s a banger.  Don’t be like me though… check this one out asap, share it around for others to do the same, and throw SniperShot some cash if you’re feeling it enough to download.