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Prodigious Talent :: SniperShot Takes A Lighter Tone With ‘Confident’

Everyone knows that SniperShot is talented, grounded, insightful and wise beyond his years, but not everyone is hip to the fact that SniperShot is also a pretty funny guy.  Lest we forget or act like we didn’t know, SniperShot decided to drop a quick gem in the form of Confident, a song and music video that embraces the lighter side of his nature.  The track is pretty solid, with SniperShot professing his skills in the humblest of braggable ways possible, but Augustus Minott-directed video really takes things to another level.  As my film knowledge has taught me, you show rather than tell, so I leave it to you to let SniperShot show you his humorous side, but I will say this… don’t sleep.  Check out the video, leave a like and a comment if you feel it, and spread it around for others to fall in love with.


Yacht Rocking :: SniperShot Returns To Shore With ‘Fresh Off The Yacht’ EP


There’s something about the sea that is relaxing and freeing for the human spirit, and for proof of this, look no further than Fresh Off The Yacht, the latest release from SniperShot.  After a prolific 2019, SniperShot took some time to live on a sailboat in the South Pacific Ocean, and upon his return to the states, he linked up with Los Angeles-based producer AC The Program Director for a quick collection of four soul-soothing songs.  The standard hip-hop braggadocio energy is still there, but the delivery is drenched with the grounded (no pun intended) nature of someone who put cares aside for a time.  AC‘s beat selection is perfect for these words and the way that their stated, as each track has personality and size, but is laid back enough to match the overall project tone.  Definitely a good one to wrap up the hot days with, as we transition into the fall and winter.  Check it out, share it around, and cop it if you have a few extra bucks!