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Dirty Work :: Kinder Hits The Internet With A New Tape Mix


When it comes to production and electronic music in the central Texas realm, not many are doing it to the skill level of Exploded Drawing OG member Kinder.  Even his demos are an event, as the recent Soundcloud upload of 2.24 (tapemix) demonstrated.  6 minutes of Kinder exploring the ideas and pathways of a new song is more entertaining than some so-called producer’s finished products.  For a genre of music that can be formulaic and pattern based, Kinder manages to capture an incredibly hands on feel.  As always, be on the lookout for releases from Kinder, because the man is always working on something dope.



Textured Soundscapes :: ‘Miluseon’ by Miyavé Is A Sonic Journey


Miyavé of LardeoTexas (and Feedback Alliance member) clocked in right at the end of 2017 with a truly amazing miniblast.  Miluseon is one of the more textured and expressive electronic releases I’ve heard of late, comparable to the likes of Kinder or Yppah.  There are many other releases on his Bandcamp page (which I plan on looking into shortly), but this gem was too good to not share in regards to an already memorable year, now set aside for the hopes and possibilities of 2018.  I’m sure we’ll hear more from Miyavé, his peers, and scores of other creatives, and I am excited to see and hear what lies in wait.


Joyful Noise :: Kinder’s Latest ‘SP202 Mix’

There are not many producers out there who can do so much with so little in comparison to Kinder.  This dude can take an antiquated (though still beautiful) piece of equipment like an SP202 and create pure magic with it.  I imagine that this SP202 Mix, and previous iterations of this style of mix, serve as the warm-ups to the mind-blowing album-length creations that Kinder periodically serves up.  Like it, share it, and follow for more dopeness.


Mood Music :: Kinder Releases ‘Tourney’

(iN)Sect Records alumni Kinder has recently dropped a new album… Tourney picks up where the self-titled debut left off, and improves on the already dense textures Kinder is known for weaving.  This one covers a deep spectrum of sound, and will more than likely raise Kinder‘s profile to a place it deserves to be in terms of today’s electronic architects.  Dig it, buy it, and spread the word.


Nighttime Reflections :: Kinder’s ‘Absolving The Absolutes’ Hits The Waves

Kinder, one of the many creative souls on (in)Sect Records impressive roster, has put out a new collection of sounds for when the sun goes down.  There’s even a track from his upcoming release Tourney.  Check it out, spread the word.


Long Form Flashback :: “(sic)” Now An EP Video

After many hours in the edit bay, I have achieved a longtime personal goal.. ever since Sonic Youth made music videos for all of the songs on Goo, I’ve wanted to make an album/EP length video.  My collaboration with Kinder, (sic) silent.invisibleconversation, has allowed me the opportunity.. dig:


Science From The Dublab :: Kinder Gets The “Mean Reds”

dublab.com, in all of their infinite wisdom, has decided to include the homeboy Kinder into their library of superb mixes.  This one is titled Mean Reds, and it’s a free download WELL worth your time.  Get it, jam it, share it… you know the drill.