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Made Man :: Cory Kendrix Drops ‘OMG’ Single


Cory Kendrix is starting to build a reputation as a stylistic chameleon.  He’s always been known for dropping bars, but recently, he made a shift into KNDRX mode, which allowed him to explore the more melodic realms of his sound.  I initially thought that this was an overall style shift, but I’ve come to find out that that was just foolish of me to assume, as Cory Kendrix seems to be prepping us for the release of Ignorance 2 by dropping a certified banger in the form of OMG.  The beat is fire, the bars and delivery are on point, and the overall vibe sticks in your head, so much so that you’ll probably find yourself humming the track well after you’re done listening.  You know the drill, people… share it, support it, and keep checking back here for more and more of that good stuff.


Deep Rooted :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Continues Escapism With ‘Southern Comfort’


One of my favorite things to do as someone with a modicum of a voice in the Austin hip-hop culture is to share other creators that I find high caliber and inspiring.  Doing this through mixes has always been a favorite way to do so, but it’s been a while since I dedicated time to doing so.  With so many talented acts from or based in Austin, it’s impossible to get them all in one sweep, so Escapism : Southern Comfort reaches for the vibey side of things… all of my peers are substance-based, but these are acts that I consider high style as well.  Direct peers like Riders Against the Storm (RAS)Cory KendrixanomPNTHNMC Homeless and Chris Condewallaby and bobbesDdotellesClick-Clack and more get shine alongside established acts with Texas roots like BROCKHAMPTON and Travis Scott.  I’m happy with this one, and hopefully folks dig it enough to spread it around!


No Chill :: Cory Kendrix And Crew Get It In

And it’s another bomb track from Cory Kendrix.  Hustle ManTommy Brown and Catch Lungs all get down on this super chill Scott Pace track that’s just spacey enough to let each of these cats have some room to do their thing.  Definitely gonna get some system time in the ride.


Collective Resonance :: LNS Crew Vol. 2 Now Available

from the LNS crew:

“The LNS Crew, made up of Oregon-born, Denver-based artist Cory Kendrix as well as born and raised Austinite brothers Kydd Jones and Tank Washington, continue to ascend from the realm of underground hip-hop into Texas notoriety with their new 2015 mixtape.  The 21 song collection shows their unmatched musical versatility and includes features from Sean Price, Dee-1, Killa Kyleon, Max Frost, ST 2 Lettaz, Slim Gravy, Worldwide, Roosh Williams, Kyle Lee, Deezie Brown & S.Dot of The LOEGz.”


Blast Off :: Cory Kendrix + Anna Love’s ‘Wax On’ Audio-Visual

You heard it, and now it’s time to see it… that extra dope collaborative effort put forth by Cory Kendrix and Anna Love now has a video.  Dig the appropriately trippy visuals of Wax On.


Deeper Exploration :: ‘Worth Something’ EP by AnnaLove x Cory Kendrix

After the successful testing of the waters with Wax On, AnnaLove and Cory Kendrix has unleashed the EP Worth Something.  It’s a bit of a new venture for both, but the collective middle ground is definitely worth everybody’s time and attention.  Hopefully, a full length will arrive in the future, and good things will come for both parties involved.  Download it, share it, and bang it daily.


Connect, Dig It! :: Cory Kendrix And Anna Love ‘Wax On’

The best thing about watching two talented people from slightly different angles in the spectrum connect is the possibility of unexpected results.  Anna Love is coming fresh off of an extensive run with the Red Bull Academy.  Cory Kendrix is still running strong off of the release of his Ignorance LP, as well as a solo tour run and a stint on the road with the LNS Crew.  They are currently collaborating on an EP titled Worth Something,and if this first taste is in any way reflective of the whole project, this will move both parties ahead in a major way.  Check it out, share it, and stay tuned for more…