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Laid Back :: Kydd Jones Performs ‘Untitled’ For Bedstock 2018

While attending and performing at Austin City Limits Festival 2018, local hip-hop standout Kydd Jones of the LNS Crew took some time to stop by Bedstock 2018 for an intimate acapella performance of Untitled.  Bedstock, an event hosted by MyMusicRx, is a Cancer awareness movement where artists perform in a bed as a show of solidarity for children fighting Cancer that are stuck in a bed.  As the flagship program for the Children’s Cancer Association, the work that MyMusicRx does is important for educating and informing all sides on an illness that has made an impact on most all of us.  It’s good to see artists like Kydd take the time to align themselves with positive groups like this, as it shows a real awareness of how much weight their voices carry, and it can hopefully help in the efforts of finding cures and affordable treatment for all dealing with Cancer.



New Moves :: Tank Washington Releases ‘183’


It’s no secret that LNS Crew is a forced to be reckoned with.  From day one, every member was bringing skill to the table, but over the last four years or so, every member’s maturation and journey through life has resulted in significant personal and musical growth.  As the member that has kept his roots firm in AustinTank Washington seems to personally attempting to put the city on his back and further the steps towards putting Austin on the map as a hotbed of consistent creativity.  183 has the production and performance chops to stand up to anything making noise in the pop realm right now, with Tank proving he can rock most any style beat with confidence and captivating storytelling.  The only thing keeping Care Free from being my summer jam is the fact that this album is coming out on Thanksgiving eve.  You can find this one on all of the streaming services and download sites, so if you aren’t listening to and supporting this one, that’s on you.


The Moment Of Clarity :: ‘Ignorance’ By Cory Kendrix

Ever since the days of Plush in Austin, kicking it with Table Manners Crew on their legendary Saturday nights, I’ve known Cory Kendrix to be a good dude.  Always laid back, always showing love, and usually in the same altered state the rest of us are in.  I’ve watched him grow as an MC over the years, and Ignorance is more of that growth.  I’d confidently place his name in the same caliber of cats like Devin the Dude at this point… but don’t take my word for it.  Dig yourself…


Again And Again :: Cookin’ with Lo-Phi

You know how it goes… some people put in so much work, that just as you’re done giving them props about one project, another project comes down the chute.  Lo-Phi is gearing himself up for a busy 2012.

LNS & Exploded Drawing team member Lo-Phi enjoys the finer things in life. Good music, good vibes and, most of all, good food to go along with it. Watch him whip up some tamales alongside sick beats.

Lo-Phi’s full length debut on (iN)Sect Records out January 13th!