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Week Ender :: Kydd Jones Closes Out The Week With ‘Harpoon’ Release

Generally, I try to listen to tracks before I post about them on my blog, but in the case of Kydd Jones, his track record of quality material has earned him the right to get the auto-post.  This blog entry is serving as more of a reminder to myself to check out his new single Harpoon this weekend, but since I made this personal to-do list public, why not go ahead and check it out for yourself?


Unlocking Life :: Corduroi Releases ‘ISO/Vex’

From the digital desk of Corduroi :

ISO/Vex serves as a hopeful, inward exploration and invitation to ponder both the immense daily trials we face individually, together, and separately as the human race and the insatiable curiosities of life or potential thereof in other places of the universe.  Recordings are built and layered with a mangled soiree of hardware drum machines, synthesizers, modular experiments, breaks, fragments of circuit bent 8-16bit game consoles, NASA recordings, my cat, and nods of inspiration drawn from some of my favorite records and video games of all time.  All of this used to create a cyber-jeweled odyssey of electro, idm, techno, industrial, and ambient breakbeat.”

Check it out asap, support if you can, share it around, and support your local genius creatives!


Healing Songs :: Cari Hutson Goes Emotionally Deep With ‘The Rescue’

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From the digital desk of Cari Hutson :

“This song is a series of questions that have rested heavy on my heart for years.  Questions that unfortunately, were answered on September 16th 2020 with the passing of my mother.

My mother battled alcoholism most of her adult life and it put quite a strain on our relationship.  While there was plenty of joy in our time together there was grief tucked away in the dark corners.  There is a quiet pain that exists watching someone you love drown in addiction.  Even when I chose to get loud it still didn’t change the truth.  As it turns out, love only takes you so far.

So, with years of grief under my belt and words left to say -I put them in this song.  The words came through me without effort once my husband found some chords and started to strum.  We found ourselves in tears around our kitchen table once the song was complete.  We found some magic that day.  This song is the truth.  I don’t know who needs to hear it, I just know I needed to write it. “

2020 has most certainly been hard on everyone… if you could use a sense of inspiration or a bit of healing, take a few minutes to listen to Cari Hutson‘s The Rescue, leave a like and a comment if it moves you, and share it around to help lift everyone’s spirits.


Connective Tissue :: BoomBaptist Drops ‘ZoomBaptist’ Single

Is BoomBaptist already working on a new project so close to the powerhouse that was Boom Shakalaka?  Is he just messing around in the moment, similar to his recent release COVID The Earth?  Did Boom mess around and find some gold while in a session and decide to bless us with a one-off track?  I don’t have the answers, but that won’t stop me from sharing ZoomBaptist with everyone.  Cop it if you can, share it around regardless, and get hip to BoomBaptist quick, because it feels like this is the beginning of a new wave of content.


Absurdist Swag :: Kenny Casanova Strikes Again With ‘BP Oil Spill’

If (or more likely, when) Kenny Casanova blows up, I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to collaborate with Jeffrey Garcia on his music videos, because these crazy little masterpieces work extremely well for the vibe that Kenny Casanova has created and embraced.  His offbeat and unique approach to modern day hip-hop has found a perfect visual match with the random hilarity of Jeffrey Garcia, which makes BP Oil Spill one of many collaborative videos from the duo that jump out of the crowd of normal music video tropes.  You’ve probably already hit this one with a like and a comment, maybe even already shared it, but do all of those things immediately if you’ve not already done so, and don’t sleep, because if I was a betting man, I’d bet more of these wild creations are on the way.


Sonic Odyssey :: Swwwisha Drops ‘Been Stuck’ Single On (iN)Sect Records

Swwwisha is the latest artist on the mega-talented roster that is (iN)Sect Records, and in light of his upcoming April release “Xertz”Swwwisha is slated to take us on a single-filled journey.  The homie Butcher Bear posted the 10-minute opus that is Been Stuck, a song that could easily stand as the lone single while driving interested parties towards Swwwisha, but the real kicker was the promise of additional singles to drop between now and April.  With that in mind, I’m definitely going to keep my eyes and ears open in anticipation of more goodness.  Check out the lead single and spread the word, and if you aren’t already tuned in to (iN)Sect Records, get hip quick.


World View :: Protextor Taps Doc Brown And Bird Peterson For ‘Look Around’

Entitlement is a dangerous thing, especially when a previously (minimally) disenfranchised but persistent group finds new validation in the leader of the free world.  Speaking about institutionalized racism, unbalanced power structures and the pervasiveness of the victim complex can be an uncomfortable topic, but it’s a topic that can no longer be ignored.  Thankfully, Protextor has the wherewithal to not only speak honestly from his perspective, but the foresight and common decency to invite an artist like Doc Brown to share his perspective as well… while the two have a long history of collaboration and a few key similarities in taste, their backgrounds and experience in the world could not be more different, which makes their synergy that much more palatable.  It doesn’t hurt, either, that the prolific Bird Peterson lent his production skills to the track, turning it from a heavy dose of medicine to an eye-opening and perspective shifting banger.  Stream this, cop this while it’s at a variable price point, and pass it around for others to listen, and in turn, grow from it.


Coming Up :: TOKIE Talks Perseverance On ‘Backend’

As much as I’d love to kick Facebook to the curb, the time that I’ve spent building personal and working relationships with artists has turned my timeline into a fertile breeding ground for new and exciting content.  Recently, a post from Texas-based MC TOKIE came down the line due to his connections with Cory Kendrix and Kydd Jones, and after checking out Backend, his latest single and video, I’ll definitely be checking for more material.  With his smooth, sing-songy flow, TOKIE jumps on this drum and guitar-driven track and talks real talk about how beneficial it can be to stick to your grind in the wake of others abandoning theirs.  This one is definitely vibey as hell, so don’t sleep on it… check the video, leave a like and a comment, and share it around far and wide if you support Texas hip-hop.


Moving On :: Filmmaker Stefan Gill Talks Straightway On ‘The Cult Vault’ Podcast

A couple of years ago, I was offered a small role in the upcoming film Remember To Forget, the directorial feature-length debut of short filmmaker and improv comedy actor Stefan Gill.  My experience on the set was fun, and upon seeing an early cut of the film, his vision really struck a chord with me.  As our friendship grew (and as I began to pay attention to his Facebook feed), I began to learn quite a bit about the man, and one of the most intriguing things I found out was about his former life being raised as a member of the Straightway cult from the HoustonTexas area.  I am only partially familiar with the organization, but if you are interested, be sure to click the image above for his personal tales.  If you’re more interested in his current creative endeavors, you can use the short film Everything That Is You as an introductory point, and dive deeper from there.


Dirty Laundry :: Feral The Earthworm Gets Personal On ‘Sludge Covered Branches (Throwies)’

The homie Feral the Earthworm has never been the kind of person to hold back, but usually he takes his ability to hyper-focus and break a topic down with amazing eloquence and turns it on outward stimulus.  With the release of Sludge Covered Branches (throwies), however, we find Feral the Earthworm taking a seat directly in the eye of a storm that he has experienced his entire life, speaking frankly on personal issues that have not only shaped who he currently is, but continue to haunt him.  It would have been understandable if his recent reduction in materials could have been chalked up to COVID-19, but Feral bravely chose to continue being forthright and brutally honest by sharing his volatile family experience with his listeners.  If you’re not afraid of a bit of realness mixed into your entertainment, dig this latest edition of throwies, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for those that could use a heavy dose of reality.