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Home Grown :: Mindz Of A Different Kind (MDK)’s ‘BORDERLINEZ’ EP Now Available


Bars, beats, culture and family would be key elements that describe Austin-based collective Mindz of a Different Kind (MDK).  After a prolific 2016, the crew is right back at it with an EP for spring 2017.  BORDERLINEZ finds the crew reaching out to non-Texas based producers, while at the same time turning the mirror inwards to reflect on their place in the grand scheme.  A pleasant surprise of a project that slipped right by me, I’m happy that I did discover it eventually.. better late than never.


Them Changes :: Chris Rogers, The 12th & Chicon Mural, And East Austin

As many people know, the musical mural on 12th & Chicon in Austin has been buffed and replaced by the new ownership.  While not a direct effect of gentrification (as some would have you believe), it is a sign of shifting cultural values in one of the last native-Austinite bastions of the city.  This story was particularly heartbreaking because it affected a new friend, Chris Rogers (painter of several amazing J Dilla prints hanging on my walls).  As a bonus, here is footage of him creating that wall…


Home Adventures :: Om Wahs Drops ‘Fogwall’ Single


If there is one thing that is plentiful in Austin, it’s rock bands.  They come in all shapes, sizes and genres, which makes it hard to cut through the noise.  What helps is discovering your niche, carving it out, and excelling at it, which Om Wahs appears to be on the  path to doing.  Fogwall, a new single released in anticipation of an album this spring, comes on with the strength of a Tame Impala or Deerhunter, making the fact that it was recorded in a bedroom that much more impressive (not bad company to keep, seeing as those artists started out doing a similar method of recording).  I love myself some psych rock, and Om Wahs has definitely made my watchlist.


Straight Talk :: The Mic Fiends Visualize ‘Precision Poetry’

When The Mic Fiends step up to the plate, you know you’re getting some quality factors in the rhymes you are receiving : knowledge, wordplay, confidence and experience just to name a few.  With Precision Poetry, we find the pairing kicking rhymes casually around Austin as well as at one of the final Strength In Numbers events (shout outs to some of the local talent and promotional heads making cameos in the video).  The rhymes are real, from the heart, and extremely meaningful.  Props to DVZN Media for knocking yet another music video out of the park.


Shifted Dynamics :: Kelene Blake and Da’Shade Moonbeam Reflect On Austin Gentrification

Some statements speak for themselves.  Black, Brown, ATX is a short (but heavy) dose of reality about the shifting populations of Austin over the past decade or two, and the damage it causes in the foundations of some key Austin neighborhoods full of rich culture and history.  Much love to Kelene Blake for voicing things, and Da’Shade Moonbeam for visualizing it.


Shared Experiences :: The Digital Wild’s ‘Wait’ Video Captivates

Yet another amazing music video in 2017 from the Austin music scene.  This one is from the trio The Digital Wild, and 2016 was all about growth for them.. as they stride into the new year, Wait shows further maturity in songwriting, production that pulls  you in even further, and a video that could sit among many of the videos getting high level rotation currently, or even in the heyday of music videos.  Bonus props to the homegirl Torrie Blake for popping up in yet another music video.  So many stars on the rise these days.


Inner Visions :: DdotElles Laces ‘Tiny Rick (Kid A)’ Single

DdotElles, as most everyone knows, is a man cut from my own cloth.  Rarely do you meet a cat who comes from not only a similar set of musical influences, but a similar set of film and literary influences as well, and isn’t afraid to show it in the lyrics.  Tiny Rick (Kid A) drops so many non-sequitur references among its two verses that the majority are more than likely to fly over most folks heads.  What they add, however, is an immediate deeper connection for those familiar, and future enjoyment to be released on future listens for those not yet up to speed on the context.  Songs like this are what make hip hop, as well as Austin‘s highly skilled set of MCs, a beautiful thing.