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Summertime Rolls : Clemits Drops ‘Selfish Summer’ Video

Austin-based hip-hop artist/producer Clemits has really been putting in ground work in anticipation of his upcoming instrumental release, Cult Classic.  After dropping a pair of singles via multiple streaming services, Clemits has released a third single, Selfish Summer, via music video.  The song is a mellow affair, with a hypnotic finger-picking sample surrounded by traditional boom-bap drums.  The video, however, is a celebration of solitude and doing the things that make you happy regardless of (and as long as they don’t harm) those around you.  Josiah Panella captures Clemits as he ignites fireworks, takes a pedicab and bikes around Austin, and eventually ends up back in the lab working on more beats.  Overall, the entire presentation is memorable, definitely something that Austinites can be proud of, and another notch in the belt for Clemits as he continues to rise.



Natural High :: Anastasia Drops Straight Talk For ‘Ceiling’ Video

Austin-based artist Anastasia has been on a creative and personal climb over the past couple of years.  After hitting the ground running on the Austin live music scene, she decided that the cure for complacency was to challenge herself.  After some traveling, soul searching and intensive writing, Anastasia is back in the mix with new music that shows waves of the maturation she has gone undergone.  Ceiling is a reflection on love and allowing yourself to be taken in by the feeling, with an affirmation in the form of a rap to help close out the Ty On Da Track 2018 instrumental.  For the video, Fresco Filmz captures Anastasia as she essentially sits us down and talks straight to us, making the performance aspect extremely intimate, personal and full of honesty.  It’s definitely nice when an artist doesn’t put on airs, instead opting to let you in to their process and their state of mind.  I am happy for all of Anastasia‘s growth, and excited to see both what the future holds in store for her and what she has on deck for us.


Strange Love :: Click-Clack And Ballteam Keep It Coming With ‘Skranger Things’


On a national scale, the music scene may be anticipating Pusha T‘s Surgical Summer, but Ballteam and Click-Clack are looking to turn the Austin hip-hop scene into Ballteam Season for the summer.  The collective keeps dropping banger after banger at a breakneck pace, the latest being Skranger Things.  The song is infectious as hell, with it’s synthesizer loop-based and 808 heavy track (the synthesizer I’m sure was an influence on the track name).  Click-Clack part raps, part sings his way through a persistent statement of letting the girl at the focus of the song know that he can make whatever she wants happen more so than other guys can, but she has to make it known.  Props on the Lucas artwork for the cover.  You know the drill… share this around so that the numbers on the track can reflect the dopeness.


Double Dosing :: Clemits Drops Back To Back Instrumental Bangers




Anybody with their finger on the pulse of the Austin hip hop community has had an eye on Clemits for the past couple of years, for sure.  After spending some time bubbling with the rest of the underground pack, a concentrated effort has been made to push ahead.  This has resulted in a handful of strong songs and videos from last year’s solo LP CRUSH, some exposure on a few mainstream blogs, and recently, back to back strong singles in Fentanyl and Gangster Jazz.  Each of these tracks are befitting to their name… Fentanyl has a trippy air to it, with it’s wet percussion, immersive bassline and completely wild flip at the end… Gangster Jazz goes for more of a DITC feel with its musclebound bass and drums imposing a space for the horn loop to move freely.  Clemits has always been one to imprint his soul on the work, and with the release of these two strong instrumentals, my anticipation of what a full-length beat tape (his first in 4 years) could bring is high and hopeful.


Open Book :: Nathan Painter Leaves It All On The Table For Debut ‘Welcome To Reality’


Sometimes, being new to a discipline is a benefit, as you do not have the burden of unlearning habits or hesitation.  For example, Austin-based artist Nathan Painter recently dropped his debut project Welcome to Reality, and the gems he’s dropping are those of a seasoned veteran.  This album definitely shows that he is not afraid to hold the mirror up to society, his contemporaries, or even himself, with extremely forthright insight and honestly exploding off of these tracks.  If you’re a fan of the new wave of brutal honesty coming out of the Austin hip-hop scene, Nathan Painter is definitely for you.


Breakdown Boogie :: Willis Nillis Drops A Gem With ‘Analysis Paralysis’ EP


From the digital desk of Austin based beatsmith Willis Nillis :

‘i’ve been working on this EP for about a year and after a while of battling my own nerves and self doubt, i am proud to share these songs with people.’

I’m definitely happy to have discovered this.  It’s like chip-tunes with a little bit of soul and a lot more body.  Willis Nillis has definitely jumped onto my radar with the release of Analysis Paralysis.  Here’s to more good tunes in the future, hopefully near future.


Riding Waves :: Dr. Bobby Banner, MPC Prescribes Us A Dosage Of ‘SYN’

Austin-based beatsmith and musician Dr. Bobby Banner, MPC (a major portion of the Ndelible Ink collective) has just laced us with something special in the form of SYN.  The song, and its accompanying video, are a wonderful mix of hypnotic instrumentation, mesmerizing fractals and fun with a beautiful free spirit.  The music video plays more like an abstract piece of art, taking you on an emotional set of stimuli that is visually and audibly pleasing.  Banner and the crew have been known to drop quality work, but this in particular stands out as something special.. a bright diamond in a pile of diamonds, if you will.  Definitely keep your eyes and ears out for more from the crew, give the video a like/share/comment, and keep supporting that Texas dopeness.