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Major Moves :: Kydd Jones And Company Visualize ‘Elon Musk’

You’ve already heard me give Kydd JonesTank WashingtonBryson Brown and the homie Butcher Bear props for Kydd‘s recent single Elon Musk, so it’s definitely good to see a video dropped that matches the quality of the track.  Under a beautiful Austin sky under what appears to be one of the handful of properties that Musk has acquired in the city (don’t quote me on that though), Jones and crew perform the track while equally dope artist Cory Kendrix does his thing on the video production side as the director, cinematographer and editor.  Much love all around to everyone involved, and props for running up the numbers so quick… if you want to help get the video’s stats pumped up even higher, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for everyone to do the same.


New Formations :: Chris Conde And Fake Four Inc. Release ‘Everyday’ Remix Contest Winner Compilation

Good friend and Fake Four Inc. labelmate Chris Conde has been making major inroads as a member of the collective roster.  With the successful release of Engulfed in the Marvelous Decay handled, Conde and Fake Four Inc. decided to have a bit of community-based fun via a remix contest.  The elements to Everyday were released to the public, and after a rousing response and volumes of submissions, four were selected to be released as a maxi-single along with the original track.  AlibiBadbelly and BIGBY all shined via their submissions, with grand prize winner IBGeeZee landing the opening spot on the record.  If you’re a fan of CondeFake Four Inc. or the practice that is the remix, then don’t sleep on this name your price digital release.


Late Addition :: Sharing The ‘Phenomenal’ Scuare Album I Overlooked

Apparently, I completely missed the boat on an album that the homie Scuare released about six months ago.  Here’s the skinny on the project, straight from Exociety

Scuare is a Brazilian-American bedroom rapper/beat maker based in Austin Texas.  His intricate flows and melodic tendencies have earned him a small but dedicated following as a member of the duo …&more… and internet rap collective Exociety.  In the years since Alphabet Soup, his first solo release, Scuare has steadily evolved a style that is unique to himself.

Phenomonal, almost entirely self-produced, recorded, mixed and mastered, is Scuare’s first solo LP since 2013.  Loosely playing off themes of the phenomenal and noumenal world, he illustrates the shift in his thought process; from obsessing over internal analysis towards considerations beyond his own frame of reference, to the world of motivations and perspectives that exists outside his own limited understanding, with the hopes of leading a more empathetic and positive lifestyle.  Joined by frequent collaborators no1mportant and Rav, as well as instrumental additions from FLOOG, BlkPwRngr, and Sow, this project marks a new chapter in Scuare’s discography.”

The work is definitely dope, so do the main things : stream the album, download the album and share it around.  Because the beautiful people at Exociety care about us as consumers, the album is a name your price download, so if you’ve got a few bucks to spare, make it happen!


Soothing Sounds :: (iN)Sect Records Presents Usedtobe Self-Titled Release

A bit of information on Usedtobe, courtesy of our friends at (iN)Sect Records :

Chris McDowell; aka Solar Shield (Austin Boogie Crew) aka Very Rich (Growth In Decay); is now also known as Usedtobe,

Usedtobe came from long nights in art school in Georgia.  I had finally gotten the Mirage to actually read the floppy discs it came with, sitting on an endless pile of sampled drums from the internet, with the DX7 and Mopho and no plans outside the house.  I was digging deep into the question of ‘what counts’, with file names like isThisFunk? and maybeEnough.

His debut long-player consisting of Boom Bap 90s beats, modern funk sketches and soul flips clocking in at 36 songs and 50 minutes.  At 32, he’s been making music for over half his life under different monikers.  He also owns a synthesizer company called supersynthesis.com, a musical instrument design and manufacturing firm based in Austin, TX, where he was born and raised.  He plays drums, bass, guitar and is absolutely blessed on the keys.

For this record, the equipment he you used: Yamaha DX7, DSI Mopho, Ensoniq Mirage, Ableton Live, the web at large.

This one is money.  Check it out, support if you can, and share regardless!


Hunger Games :: ATX Cypher And Nez Tha Villain Explore Their ‘Rap Appétit’

When Common spoke of the ‘hungry hip-hop junkie in the city’ way back when, I knew exactly what he was talking about, and after hearing Rap Appétit, it’s clear that ATX Cypher and Nez Tha Villain understand what that line is all about as well.  Thanks to an assist from Big&Little Productions and director Kevin Bocanegra Jr., we’ve been blessed with a video for Rap Appétit that captures all of the true-school essence the vocal duo put into the track… the boom bap and the self-affirming bars and backed up by a nice, vintage look and feel where two music fiends are exploring and embracing their love.  This video is super solid, so don’t sleep on it… you know what to do… like, comment and share!


United Front :: The Brain Drops ‘World Full Of Pain’ Single Featuring Doogie McDuff

Yesterday marked the birthday of The Brain, member of Austin hip-hop collective SubKulture Patriots and an extremely forward-thinking MC in his own right.  Although a day late, I wanted to make sure to give him props for World Full of Pain, a collaboration with Doogie McDuff full of introspective views on global suffering, optimistic self-affirmations and clever wordplay.  You can catch the track on the major streaming services, so go give it a few spins and playlist it up to help out The Brain!


Taking Flight :: Andwan Zonez Taps Maikéru For ‘Jets & Planes’

Over the past couple of weeks, Maikéru has been doing major promo for Jets & Planes, a single and video he featured on with Andwan Zonez.  The hype that he built up for it was major, and like everything else that he’s pushed recently, the quality stood up to the promise.  The track is a well-produced mixture of R&B, hip-hop and club energy, and thanks to the well-known talents of videographer, director and editor extraordinaire Dan2TheL, the video looks as high quality as the track sounds with its vivid color displays and late 1990s/early 2000s aesthetic.  In all honesty, not following Maikéru at this point is taking a social media L, as he continues to get himself involved in interesting and top notch content.  Check out the video, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around to run the numbers up!


Divine Dissonance :: Tunnel Vision Drops ‘TV1’ On SoundCloud

Tunstle, the producer and half of the lyrical powerhouse duo Homeroom, recently hit me up with notification that he and producer Mero were collaborating on Tunnel Vision, a new production-based project.  It took me a while to get around to checking TV1 out, as my docket has been solidly packed for a minute now, but I’ll definitely be putting this trippy journey through dusty and distorted head nodders into heavy rotation moving forward.  If you find yourself enjoying those YouTube streams where producers pump out nearly identical sounding SP404 beats, then give this one a listen so that you can educate your sensibilities and reward your sonic palette with something that has a bit more edge and adventure to it.  If you dig the track, like it and leave a comment, and share it with those folks that love to get lost in-between the headphones as well.


Bustin’ Loose :: Jsun The Prophesor And Levi Deadman Combine Forces For ‘Hektek’

We are definitely living in tense times nowadays, especially here in Texas on the eve of Constitutional Carry implementation.  Jsun the Prophesor, one of the driving forces behind the Austin hip-hop supercollective CHHK (College of Hip-Hop Knowledge), seems to clearly understand how normal and performative this collective madness is, and lucky for us, so does Levi Deadman.  With the help of South Side Hippie on production, the result of these ruminations is Hektek, the second single and video off of Jsun‘s upcoming album 9th Symphony.  Definitely check out the single and video, leave a like and a comment if you’re feeling it, and share it around so everyone can get hip!


Kingly Things :: MIRAGE THE GR8 Captures Austin Attitude During Atlanta Visit For ‘Regal’ Video

Longtime friend and collaborator MIRAGE THE GR8 recently took a trip to Atlanta, and with it having been close to a decade (if not a bit longer) since I’ve been there, I was definitely locked in to his shares and living vicariously through his vacation time.  It came as no surprise to me that MIRAGE returned home and quickly dropped Regal, a single and music video featuring moments from his visit, as MIRAGE is always working (even when he’s relaxing).  The video captures MIRAGE representing Austin to the fullest via his 78723 Worldwide and Oficionado clothing lines, all the while rapping about possessing an elevated mindstate over a track by The Infamous O’Dawg of the Flying Iron Soul Collective.  It’s always a pleasure to see the homie MIRAGE put in work and produce content, so being able to share this particular piece of art is a joy.  Be sure to like and share the video, leave a comment if you’re feeling it, and always support your local creatives!