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Moog Meditation :: Kinder Releases ‘And Longer Days Still’


The homie Kinder has an innate ability to make luscious, textured tracks out of seemingly minimal elements.  For his latest magic trick, Kinder took some field recordings and a Moog MG1, and the end result was And Longer Days Still, a slowly evolving, steadily paced meditation in layering elements on top of a deceptively shifting rhythm.  I’m a fan of these particular tracks that Kinder releases, as they remind me of score material… hopefully one day, I can employ him to score a film of mine, and people will hear what I hear in his work.  Until that day comes, be sure to check out this track, share it around, and leave a like and/or comment so that Kinder knows folks are digging what he’s putting down.



True School :: Ben Buck And Company Release ‘Spirits’ Visual

The Dang Ol’ tour that Ben BuckCold SweatJantzonia and Manny Phesto took part in recently looks like it was a blast, based solely on the feedback from the crew, and the subsequent EP release that followed.  It looks like their downtime, however, was not wasted, as Ben Buck has proven with the release of the video for his Spirits single.  The track, produced by Flobama of Hermit Kingdom, hearkens back to the early/mid-1990s hip-hop energy that many of my peers know and love so well, so it’s only fitting that Ben Buck would employ Diggy and Wyatt El to make a video parallel energy infused with new school editing touches.  Plain and simple, this video looked like it was a blast to make, and it only strengthens the message of the track by matching the energy and spirit (no pun intended) that already existed.  Definitely dope, so check it out, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others to enjoy!


Manipulated Masses :: Feral The Earthworm Waxes Philosophical On ‘Like Button’

I’ll let Feral the Earthworm break down Like Button for you :

“Semi-serious song about social media.  As a human being I probably wouldn’t even interact with these mediums, yet as an artist I seem to be required.  I don’t actually care what people think, yet my career seemingly depends on these likes and shares.”

This is a stance that I understand wholly, as I would probably not be on social media myself if not for the ability to connect people with my music, which I ultimately do for self-centered, therapeutic reasons in all honesty.  It’s a strange give and take for the public creative, and that’s not even the normal synergy, as most people become dependent on social media for validation on a much more basic, vastly less esoteric level.  It’s a mess, that’s for sure, but Feral the Earthworm lays it all out well.  Check out the video, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others to do the same.


Lo Fire :: ‘Sidewalk Puke’ Releases Self-Titled EP


When my friend Annie Mirage hit the road towards Boston to study music, I had an inkling that her creative spirit would grow, and it appears that I hit the nail on the head with that particular bit of guesswork.  She’s recently formed a duo known as sidewalk puke, and their self-titled project packs a might wallop for all of its less than two-minute glory.  Themes of empowerment and identity are supercharged on a lo-fi recording setup and presented in a manner similar to jingles, making them instantly memorable and catchy.  If they decide to stick with the bite-sized songwriting, I’m all here for it, but if they decide to expand on the song length to explore ideas further, I’d allow that as well.  Check this one out, leave a like/comment if you dig it, and share it around for others to do the same thing!


Fly Girl :: The Vapor Caves Shine On ‘Bitch To The Boys’


Holy smokes y’all… I knew that The Vapor Caves were already one of my favorite projects making music these days, but I didn’t know how bad I apparently needed a Yadira Brown rap verse in my life until I heard Bitch to the Boys.  Like many of their songs, The Vapor Caves drench this one in an old school aesthetic, employing shades of Neneh Cherry meets Mary Jane Girls for this round.  This album doesn’t appear to be a concept album, per se’, but the way that BoomBaptist and Yadira Brown execute their ideas so fully is impressive and inspiring.  This one will make some lists at the (rapidly approaching) end of this year… mark my words.  Check it out, spread it around, and support your local creatives!


Massive Output :: Bjørn Vådër Keeps The Good Tunes Coming


If I wanted to, I could probably dedicate my entire blog to the prolific amount of output that Bjørn Vådër blesses us with.  His latest project may be Tolstory the Crater, but my man puts out new music on an almost daily basis, until he has enough to gather into a collection.  This post will hopefully serve as an introductory point for listeners to dive into the lush, textured and ethereal world of sound that Bjørn Vådër creates… maybe if I play my cards right, we can get some collaborative work going.


Sky Captain :: MAD1ONE Hits The Internet Again With ‘Invisible Kingdom’


For the last few years, you know you’re good for about two releases from MAD1ONE, and with the second half of the year cresting and running into the final portion, it makes sense that he’d release Invisible Kingdom, a collection of hard-hitting, mostly high energy songs from the San Antonio-based veteran.  The production line-up for this one is insane : Four LimbsDJ GonzRuler WhyKizerSBVTKFurthermoreProgenySultan Mir and Mikey all contribute to the stellar sounds that MAD1ONE eloquently professes on.  This one is another strong notch in his belt, so don’t sleep on it… check it out, share it around, and if you have a few bucks, make a donation when you download, as every little bit helps.