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Dropping Knowledge :: TEE-DOUBLE Releases ‘Bless The Child’ EP


Of all the Austin-based MCs and producers, you’d be hard-pressed to find one with the drive, vision and longevity of Tee-Double.  Of the many hats he wears (cultural diplomat, business educator, creative advocate), the man still finds time to produce, write and engineer his own albums, adding to his vast catalog.  Bless The Child E.P. finds Tee-Double really learning the limits of his studio, the newly crowned Teetopia.  Breakbeat exploration is still used, but Tee has been throwing more and more live musical elements into his production, giving this album the sound and feel of a funk-band’s back-up.  Add the natural dosage of lyrics about being hip to the business side of the game, the journey from where he came to where he’s arrived, and the inspirational messages he gives to listeners (artists and casual fans), this E.P. is shaping up to be one of the more important releases of 2017.  Cheers to you, sir, and keep doing what you’re doing.



Real Talk :: Tee Double and QuiteTrillWorldwide Talk ‘Black Mics Matter’

You already know the drill.  Tee Double is an advocate for Austin music, and a legend in his own right.  Mirage512‘s brainchild QuiteTrillWorldwide is an outlet for education and social awareness.  Black Mics Matter is a statement about these turbulent times we are living in, how not much has changed, and how we need to find understanding in order to move forward.  Give it a watch, and give the compilation a listen.


Taking Stands :: ‘The Black Mics Matter’ Compilation Now Available


In light of the recent killings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille, the shootings of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, and the all too familiar pattern of these events with no end in sight, Kinetic Global mastermind Tee Double decided to do what he could to bring some awareness to these situations.  The result is The Black Mics Matter Project, a compilation of Texas hip hop artists and bands that are sharing their perspective on this message of police brutality and equal rights.  The lineup is heavy with talent, the compilation is free to download, and donations are being taken for future projects and events via the GoFundMe page.  Do your part for this important time in our existence, because it has repercussions that will be felt for generations to come.


Diplomatic Dopeness :: Tee-Double’s ‘Ambassador Status’ EP


Nobody should ever doubt the work that Austin hip-hop legend Tee-Double puts in to represent hip-hop culture in general, and the hometown specifically.  A string of albums both on labels and independently released, a marketing group and several outreach groups/conferences have all originated in the brain of Tee-Double… dude has his own day, for Christ-sake.  The Ambassador Status EP is both a continuation in his progression and a giant leap forward.  Period point-blank, this is a dope project on all fronts.  This is collectively some of the best production I’ve heard from Tee, and as always, the lyrics are on point, but there is a unified focus on this entire project that I either have not recognized on prior projects, or was not present.  There is literally no reason why you should not support this project.


We’ve Arrived :: Tee Double Speaks On Austin And Its Hip Hop Scene

Austin hip hop living legend Tee Double is definitely a wholly reliable source for the history, current state and hopeful direction of the city’s hip hop scene.  This interview, while not new, is still quite relevant, and the ideas/information imparted to whomever comes across this video are spot on.  Dig it and dig it good, straight from the mouth of The Hometown KidThe Lonestar, the amazing emcee/prodcuer/diplomat Tee Double.


Breathe Easy :: Tee Double Drops ‘GAS MASK’

The Lonestar himself, Tee Double, never stops with the creativity.. his latest project, Gas Mask, is a wonderful blend of obervations, sage advice and recollections of what was, with a touch of speculation for what could be.  Tee Double just keeps giving us more reasons to solidify his place in the Texas music scene, so support this cat.. share, buy, and spread this album.


Big Things From The Big State :: QDup Releases The ‘Lone Star EP’

After releasing the Let’s Go EP on Fort Knox Recordings last year, Qdup returns with a funky collection of tunes featuring some amazing vocalists from Austin, Texas.  While Qdup was in Austin DJ’ing at the Art Outside Festival, he linked up with some of Austin’s finest MC’s and the result is the Lone Star EP.  The funk flows deep in both Austin and DC and it shows on this strong release.

Qdup and Fort Knox Five have road tested these tunes to assure their dance floor potency at festivals and clubs.  The Lone Star EP comes locked and loaded to light up the dance floor.