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Sacred Texts :: Tee Double Releases 20th Anniversary Edition Of ‘Lost Scriptures’


Until around my junior year of high school, I had this idea in my mind that musicians and actors were a completely different level of person than the average individual.  I’d been to a few arena-level concerts and seen major motion pictures, but nothing at the club  or indie level up to that point, and definitely nothing that featured anybody local.  That all changed right around the time I discovered Alien Records, once a mainstay of the Austin music scene… the location introduced me to local shows where underground acts that I was just becoming familiar with toured and played, and the shows were rich with local support.  This is how a number of Texas hip-hop acts, chief among them being Tee Double, made it to my radar.  He was already prolific at the time, and one of the first local LPs I ever purchased was his Lost Scriptures project, distributed by the California-based GoodVibe Recordings.  It was a trip owning a record by somebody I personally knew, and it’s still a trip 20 years later, even more so now that time has entered the equation.  Take a moment and check out this classic, add it to your collection if you don’t already own it, and spread it around so others can do the same!



Forever Fresh :: DJ Baby G’s ‘Bomb-Ass Mixtape’ Vols. 1 & 2 Resurface

1994, my freshman year of high school.  Hip hop had recently turned super gangster, but as a teenager on the fringe of becoming a young man, I already had dreams of partaking in the hip-hop culture in any way that I could find to help sustain the fullness of the culture.  It was right around this time that a homeboy laced me with a DJ Baby G mixtape entitled Bomb-Ass Mixtape 2, and my mind was blown.  I knew a handful of things instantly : I needed turntables and a mixer ASAP, there has to be a Bomb-Ass Mixtape 1 in existence in order for there to be a part 2, and I needed to find out where I could cop these mixtapes and records.  Some pavement work resulted in the discovery of Alien Records (then on 15th street), and the rest was history.  A journey that I am still taking part in was put in motion.  Here we are, almost 25 years later, and these tapes still sound wonderful.  DJ Baby G still gets down behind the ones and twos.  And hip hop is bigger than any of us could have imagined.