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Divine Dissonance :: Tunnel Vision Drops ‘TV1’ On SoundCloud

Tunstle, the producer and half of the lyrical powerhouse duo Homeroom, recently hit me up with notification that he and producer Mero were collaborating on Tunnel Vision, a new production-based project.  It took me a while to get around to checking TV1 out, as my docket has been solidly packed for a minute now, but I’ll definitely be putting this trippy journey through dusty and distorted head nodders into heavy rotation moving forward.  If you find yourself enjoying those YouTube streams where producers pump out nearly identical sounding SP404 beats, then give this one a listen so that you can educate your sensibilities and reward your sonic palette with something that has a bit more edge and adventure to it.  If you dig the track, like it and leave a comment, and share it with those folks that love to get lost in-between the headphones as well.



Multilayered Moving :: Poolboi Blu Continues Release Onslaught

When it comes to the homie poolboi blu these days, I don’t know whether to holler at all of our collective friends and schedule a party or an intervention.  Work ethic has never been a question, but very similar to the Kydd Jones situation I mentioned yesterday, poolboi continues to put out high quality work at a pretty impressive and slightly alarming volume, to the point where I’m wondering when cats sleep.  After putting a rush job on following up the ultra-mellow sincere (volume 015) with the banger-filled sincere (volume 016)poolboi dropped a very timely single titled pandemic p hours after the Los Angeles Clippers managed to make the first Western Conference Finals in team history.  poolboi blu isn’t playing around with these dual releases, so go give them the like and comment treatment, and share them around so others can do the same!


Making Time :: Brainwaave Drops A Mix For Timewheel Radio Show


With FUTURESOON coming right around the corner, Brainwaave was recently offered the opportunity to create some buzz via TIMEWHEEL.  Brainwaave took the opportunity to not only give us a sonic palette cleanser in preparation, but he also put the shine on a number of local producers and MCs as well via a strong mix set now streaming on the TIMEWHEEL RADIO SHOW.  With the likes of Vegetable KingdomHoney SonBlack DavinciiiButcher Bear and myself, and many, many more making appearances, it’d be silly to not check out the mix, so dive in, leave a like and a comment if you dig, and share it around so everyone can get prepped for FUTURESOON.


Good Vibration :: Poolboi Blu Dives Into 2020 With ‘Sincere (Volume 013)’


You already know that I’m tuning in when poolboi blu drops a new entry into his sincere mix series, so when (volume 013) got dropped as 2020 was ushered in, it only felt fitting, as poolboi blu had one of the most significant years of any of my music making peers.  Right out the gate, this mix shows the maturity that comes with experience, and knowing where my homie’s head is at right now, I know we’re going to see nothing but bigger and better things in the future.  I see the work he’s putting in, and I’ve heard some of the plans for the future, so at this point I’m just playing the waiting game so that I can say ‘I told you so’ when he’s making noise.  Dig the mix, leave a like and a comment, and share it around so everyone can get down.


Connected Loners :: Virgil Wolfe And Qualms Make ‘C O N T A C T’


Collaborative musicmaking can be a truly magical thing.  For example, it seems like Qualms had a track that could easily be showcased on a Lo Fi Hip-Hop Beats to Study To YouTube stream.  Virgil Wolfe has a penchant for dropping introspective, moving, thought-provoking lyrics… turns out Qualms does as well.  Luckily for us, the two put their heads together, and the result is C O N T A C T, a true headphone masterpiece.  Virgil is on a monster run this summer, low key dropping gem after gem, so if you’re not already hip to his Soundcloud page, now would be a good time to do so.  Check out the track, heart it up and leave a comment, and share it around for others to do the same!


No Scrubs :: Cha’keeta B And Lakrea Stay ‘Fuck Boy Free’


If it wasn’t clear from some of her previous releases, Cha’keeta B is not here for the games.  Her latest single, a collaboration with singer Lakrea titled Fuck Boy Free, plants a flag in the sand on that stance, firmly letting all possible suitors know that dedication and honesty is a must, and that nothing less than that will be tolerated.  The track is an upbeat banger, and Lakrea‘s assist on the hook makes it one that (let for the song title) would probably get some heavy radio rotation.  If you’re a Soundcloud fan though (and I know a lot of you are), then I recommend putting this one in your summer rotation, sharing it around, and leaving a comment on your favorite bar!


New Forms :: White Jamal Takes A Swing At Lil’ Uzi Vert’s ‘Rich Forever Leak’


I’m all for this movement of producers I know taking shots at remixing songs by popular artists.  The latest of these to hit my radar is Lil’ Uzi Vert‘s Rich Forever Leak, a high energy and braggadocios lyrical onslaught that White Jamal laced with an equally high energy, drum heavy track.  The earworm that’s really sticking in my head is the melodic vocal sample that White Jamal loops through the majority of the verse… it’s so hypnotic that you find yourself giving it equal time with the punchlines that Uzi is blessing us with throughout.  I’m definitely putting this one in the mix, as I can already see it being well received by those on the listening end of my DJ sets.  Check it out yourself, share it around, and stay tuned to White Jamal‘s Soundcloud for more production-based releases.


Chasing Dreams :: ‘4 Dayz’ By Gost Now Streaming


When fans of my music tell me they like or appreciate it, I always thank them, but I’m always sure to let them know how much it really means for me, as the process of creation is very therapeutic to me.  While not that lofty a concept to grasp, I often wonder if people truly understand what I mean.  After hearing 4 Dayz by the homie Gost, I can take solace in knowing that at least one person on this Earth knows exactly what I’m talking about.  The track is more like a short film than a song, taking listeners through the intensity that is a fixation with an idea that may be the key to fueling a bigger dream.  Gost has always been good with the bars, but 4 Dayz is a clear sign that the songwriting prowess is growing and taking a key role in his identity… I’m all for it.


Doubling Down :: Poolboi Blu Drops Two New Tracks


poolboi blu has been getting quite the buzz lately from his heavy output of new tracks, as well as his sincere mix series.  The latter, however, has been a slight sore spot in regards to Soundcloud hosting sincere mixes, as half of them have been removed due to copyright issues.  When sincere (volume 004) was recently removed, poolboi decided that the best answer would be to drop new music.  As a result, we’ve been blessed with the incredible earworm that is rusty.  The drums bang, the guitar loop is infectious, and the switches that poolboi throws on the track are pleasantly unexpected.  If rusty is any indication of the quality that the upcoming late bloomer will be, I’m definitely excited.  On top of dropping this banger of a single, poolboi blu also laced Soundcloud with snugger, a little Young Thug-based fun.


Chasing Greatness :: Click-Clack Makes A Statement With ‘Jarden’


You can’t sleep on Click-Clack.  That being said, I have dropped the ball just a bit in terms of keeping folks up to date with what he’s been doing, but trust… Click-Clack and Ballteam have been putting in major work while building up to the next batch of releases.  Click-Clack‘s confidence has been growing astronomically the last couple of years, and he’s really come into his own in terms of building the culture and legacy that will surround his sound and his bars.  Much of that swag is on full display for Jarden, and that beat goes hard, making it a double-down on the dopeness.  I’m still a firm believer that, with the right exposure, Click-Clack could have his time to shine on a larger scale… if you believe the same thing, support by liking, commenting , sharing and all that.