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Visual Visionary :: Gost Gets Esoteric On ‘Views’


As long as I’ve known Gost, I’ve known him to be a man with a vision.  He’s always been one to make sure his lyrical craft is sharp, but he’s also a fiercely dedicated and loyal person with hopes of bettering not only his position in life, but anyone else in his sphere that’s real and willing to put in the work on their end as well.  With Views (an unofficial ode to the late Nipsey Hussle), Gost lays out the gameplan, with a little extra incentive to encourage those with dreams to let them know with hard work, they can manifest into reality.  I’m all about seeing Gost get to that place he often speaks of, because he certainly will have earned it when he arrives.  Check out the track, leave a comment on your favorite bar, and share it around so others can be inspired to make their dreams reality as well.



Chasing Dreams :: ‘4 Dayz’ By Gost Now Streaming


When fans of my music tell me they like or appreciate it, I always thank them, but I’m always sure to let them know how much it really means for me, as the process of creation is very therapeutic to me.  While not that lofty a concept to grasp, I often wonder if people truly understand what I mean.  After hearing 4 Dayz by the homie Gost, I can take solace in knowing that at least one person on this Earth knows exactly what I’m talking about.  The track is more like a short film than a song, taking listeners through the intensity that is a fixation with an idea that may be the key to fueling a bigger dream.  Gost has always been good with the bars, but 4 Dayz is a clear sign that the songwriting prowess is growing and taking a key role in his identity… I’m all for it.


Collected Works :: Gost Continues The Work With ‘Vol. 2’


My man Gost has a clear gameplan in mind it seems, and that plan is to significantly step his status level up in the near future.  Step one has emerged in the form of what appear to be a series of EP length volume releases, with Vol. 2 being the latest installment.  The beats on this one have that classic hip-hop feel, and Gost spits bars about (and with) pure confidence as he speaks on living your dreams and fulfilling your potential.  This is music with a positive message behind it that will still bump in the whip, so don’t sleep.


Party People :: ‘ANTSY’ Album Release Party Recap

On December 29 of 2018, poolboi blu celebrated the release of ANTSY (his latest solo effort) with an album release party at Splash Coworking in San MarcosTexas.  The party featured DJ sets by poolboi blu and DJ Shak, a performance by poolboi blu, plus guest performances by GostHeartless the MonsterMeta and Splash Daddy.  Michael Bailey-Lopez was on hand to document the affair, so check out his recap and leave it a like or comment, and definitely spread it around so people know about the get down!


Spirits Moving :: Gost Drops Collection Of Songs With ‘Vol. 1’


Of the many lyricists I’ve met in the central Texas area, few have the combination of charisma, beat selection and lyrical prowess that Gost was blessed with.  After several years of live performances, previous releases and a bit of grinding, Gost has put together Vol. 1, a four song collection meant to give new (and old) listeners a glimpse into his world and at the direction things are headed for him.  These are songs that remind me of the hip-hop that I was raised on and influenced by… straight-forward, honest, compelling and composed with love and skill.  These songs are definitely worth your time, listens, comments and shares, so get on it!