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Making Tracks :: Feral The Earthworm, Vanlife, Vanarchy And DIY Life

If you’ve ever been in need of true inspiration, Austin-based MC Feral The Earthworm is someone you need to look into.  He started off on the scene as a standout among the many wonderful MCs that frequent Austin Mic Exchange, and he was as brutally honest as he was talented.  You knew right from the beginning that he had a vision, and to see this vision manifest has been incredible.

After a DIY tour with Weird CityFeral began the process of eliminating bills and rent from his life in an effort to maximize doing what he loved, which was making music and performing shows.  What began as an idea has turned into his Vanarchy album and his Vanlife movement… he turned an empty van into a living space and a recording studio, and went straight to work on releasing the Vanarchy project:


If this doesn’t inspire you to chase your dreams and say f-ck it to any obstacle in your way, I don’t know what will.  Mad props to Feral the Earthworm, and here’s to all of the well-deserved success that will hopefully come your way.



Mind Designs :: Scuare Releases ‘Alphabet Soup’ To The Masses


Austin Mic Exchange has literally been a factory of growth, productivity and exposure for a large handful of up and coming Austin based hip-hop artists, and for a select few, it has been the key factor to taking bigger steps and making moves.  One of that select few is Scuare, a cat who came in day one with amazing skills.  After collaborating with no1mportant to create the incomparable …&more…Scuare has stepped back into the solo realm to drop a new project, Alphabet Soup.  I expect nothing but thought-provoking rhymes, awe-inspiring performances and the want for more music almost immediately after diving into this one… hopefully the rest of you take the time to grab this project, share with others, and as always, support local.


Truthful Musings :: Willing + AO Drop ‘Closed Set’


I remember when willing was just showing up at the Austin Mic Exchange and other local hip-hop events, hungry like all of us are, and trying to find his place in the scene.  At first, he had a rapid fire style that was wonderful rich with poetic and referential textures, but over time, willing has honed his style into a very direct approach… well thought word choices and placement, and exploration with lots of depth.  Closed Set, a recent collaboration with producer AO, is a two song streaming set with 6 additional tracks available when downloaded.  Give willing and AO a listen, a share, and some support.


Dig It :: ‘Unit – E’ Now Available From Feral The Earthworm


There really aren’t any Austin wordsmiths out there quite like Feral the Earthworm.  From his first days at Austin Mic Exchange, this fellow has approached hip-hop with such a fierce dedication to wordplay and honesty that it can be downright moving to witness.  Unit – E finds Feral letting it all hang out.. recounting moments of the past few years that have shaped him into the man he is today.  Definitely worth your time.


Travel Jams :: Weird Star State Tour – The Soundtrack


In the name of making a brand out of Weird City Fest, the genius minds behind Austin Mic Exchange have decided to hit the road with a handful of their favorite acts.  There will be several stops made around the state of Texas, with the goal being bolstering each city’s local hip-hop and creative scene while promoting Weird City as an entity to be celebrated yearly.  DJ Burnzy took a number of tunes from the artists on the tour, added some of his expert turntablism, and the result is Weird Star State Tour – The Soundtrack.  Don’t sleep on this, or the stop this tour makes in your town.


Question Everything :: ‘Existence Is Existential’ Now Available From …&more…


Austin Mic Exchange has been a breeding ground for lots of new hip-hop talent, and it has been a perfect place for networking.  Existence Is Existential is the physical proof of those facts.  …&more… is comprised of AMX mainstays Scuare and no1mportant, and this album shows them flexing much collective muscle.  Show these cats some love by dropping a few bucks and spreading the word about this project.  Here’s to hoping this is the beginning of a fruitful collaboration!


Move, Sucka… :: Protextor Drops ‘SHIFT’

Protextor, while not originally hailing from Austin, has found the way represent the town’s hip hop scene in some of the most creative and amazing ways (and in a relatively short amount of time).  Aside from a solid solo career and a creative visual sense, he has started the long running weekly Austin Mic Exchange, he’s a member of the hip hop think tank Space Camp Death Squad, he’s getting the foundation set for Weird City Hip Hop Festival, and, despite all of these time consuming things, he’s also found the time to put together a new album.

SHIFT is Protextor firmly establishing roots as a major part of Austin hip hop.  He reps the town both in song form, as well as in the collaborations found on this project.  KB the Boo Bonic, Cap N Kirk, and a handful of others pop up, and a whole slew of heavy hitters get shouted out.  Cop this album regardless, but throw a buck or two his way as well, and help this bright mind get brighter.