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Know Justice :: SCDS Takes A Stand With ‘Breakfast Of Champions’

SCDS (formerly Space Camp Death Squad) has never been afraid to take a stand and voice their minds, be it as a collective or as individual members (Doc BrownProtextor and Secret Levels, respectively).  That’s why it’s not surprising that they’ve become the latest on a respectable list of Austin artists to stare racial and socio-economical injustices square in the eyes with their latest single and video, Breakfast of Champions.  Not only are the viewpoints on authority and their connection to standard society scathing, but they range in perspective, given the ethnic makeup and diverse backgrounds of the three crew members.  The video really brings the idea home, taking an almost obsolete model of television out into the streets and infusing it with a mixture of performance footage from SCDS and old images that, sadly, may never be timeless given the racial climate of America.  The video is a hard pill of truth to swallow, but if you’re an honest individual that can deal with the real, leave a like and a comment on the video, and spread it around for others to do the same.



Raw Raps :: Secret Levels Drops ‘Oh Well Whatever’ EP


In the wake of the members of Space Camp Death Squad putting the group on hiatus, each individual member has made a noticeable transition.  Protextor dropped a genre-blending album and is helping to run a successful YouTube channel, Doc Brown has found success on stage and behind the camera, and thankfully for us hip-hop heads, Secret Levels has continued to drop hip-hop projects while embracing vinyl DJng.  Recently, Secret Levels has continued their musical momentum with Oh Well Whatever, a blistering six song EP that is a clinic in style exploration and spitting with confidence.  The ideas are well thought out, polished and well executed, and the beats are all standout selections, flowing well from track to track.  This is their first project to hit the broader streaming world, so don’t sleep on Secret Levels… seek them out on your favorite streaming service or digital storefront, and encourage others to do the same!


Chance Encounters :: Colton Ferguson Meets Verse One Federation

Words cannot really capture how special a chance encounter is between two great spirits.  Enjoy this chance encounter between Verse One Federation (an advocate of organized 1 on 1 competitive basketball) and Colton Ferguson of Secret Levels and Space Camp Death Squad (a lover of basketball and general athleticism).  Like it, share it, and try to follow suit when you’re out in these streets, because you never know whom you may have the pleasure of meeting.


Small World :: The VelociRapTour Hits Disneyland

Austin-based crew Space Camp Death Squad (Protextor and Secret Levels) recently embarked on the wonderfully named VelociRapTour, and as anyone who has ever been on tour knows, things get interesting and wild.  Luckily, the fellas decided to document what had to be one of the better stops, DisneyLand.  The result is a wonderfully entertaining video in the happiest place on Earth.  Props to the fellas for bringing some culture to the grounds.  Enjoy!


Real Talk :: The Hot Conversation Brings In Space Camp Death Squad

OVRLD blog stays connected to the Austin music scene in a major way.  One of their many offshoots is the Protextor and JRo of #LeagueDJs driven podcast The Hot Conversation.  And, ‘in a stunning act of nepotism’ (direct quote), this episode features the always entertaining Space Camp Death Squad.  I’m happy to have discovered this podcast, and I’m definitely ready for more.. maybe one day you may even get to hear Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice on it, if I’m lucky..


Move, Sucka… :: Protextor Drops ‘SHIFT’

Protextor, while not originally hailing from Austin, has found the way represent the town’s hip hop scene in some of the most creative and amazing ways (and in a relatively short amount of time).  Aside from a solid solo career and a creative visual sense, he has started the long running weekly Austin Mic Exchange, he’s a member of the hip hop think tank Space Camp Death Squad, he’s getting the foundation set for Weird City Hip Hop Festival, and, despite all of these time consuming things, he’s also found the time to put together a new album.

SHIFT is Protextor firmly establishing roots as a major part of Austin hip hop.  He reps the town both in song form, as well as in the collaborations found on this project.  KB the Boo Bonic, Cap N Kirk, and a handful of others pop up, and a whole slew of heavy hitters get shouted out.  Cop this album regardless, but throw a buck or two his way as well, and help this bright mind get brighter.


Parting Words :: SPACE CAMP Death Squad And ‘Joe Dassin’

A nice bit of visual dopeness from SPACE CAMP Death SquadJoe Dassin is powerful in its simplicity.  The crew is known for their highly energetic live performances, but this video catches the kinetic energy of the crew via framing and editing rather than having the members jump around like crazy people.  Reminds me of Upright Citizens Brigade with boom bap.  Share it around!


Taking Flight :: Bird Peterson Releases ‘Plume’

The San Marcos area has truly had its share of visionaries come through.  After many years of hard work, one of its best is finally set to shine properly.  Bird Peterson has recently dropped his debut LP Plume, and the guest list is utterly ridiculous.  From hard hitters like Astronautalis to local standouts like Space Camp Death Squad, this album covers the versatility gamut.  Support your local upcoming superstar now, while the getting is good!


A-Town Anthems :: Protextor Releases ‘Austin’ Single


Protextor has been a busy man the last few months.  His crew, Space Camp Death Squad, just dropped an album.  Weird City Hip Hop Festival isn’t too far away, and Protextor is a key element to it.  Austin Mic Exchange, his gift to all Austin based up and comers, is only picking up steam as a Tuesday residency at Spiderhouse Ballroom.  Despite all these spinning plates, he’s busy bringing us one more spinning plate.. a new solo album.  The first taste we’re getting of this project is the Egon produced tribute single Austin.  It’s an homage to the place Protextor now proudly calls home, and a tribute in general to the artists who keep it moving simply because they are driven to create.

We should all be excited about what’s to come..


Hyper Space :: Space Camp Death Squad EP Now Available

Space Camp Death Squad is a name in Austin that is always associated with raw hip hop and high energy live shows.  The collective recently got together to put together this self-titled EP for your enjoyment, so why not enjoy it?