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Manifesting Visions :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Drops ‘LANIE’, A New Short Film

In my never-ending quest to express my creative drive and desires in as many ways as possible, I have released a new short film.  LANIE is the story of a young woman making a mid-travel stop at an air b&b location, only to discover that the location holds much more in store than she could ever imagine or bargain for.  Making this one was a blast, as Moira McCulloch and Colton Ferguson delivered wonderfully strong performances, and the homegirl K Death was gracious enough to allow me to use some of her older tunes as score material.  My short films and music videos generally don’t do major numbers, but the reception to this one has been a joy to behold, so if you find the time, please check it out, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others to experience.


Second Wave :: My Latest Short Film, ‘HELP ME’, Now Streaming Online

Who knew that, out of all the genres of films I love, all the years I’ve dedicated to learning the craft, that the only thing I can apparently make are spooky movies?  What started simply as an idea of the visual of an abandoned home with a grossly outdated printer that kept producing cryptic messages has turned into something tangible that I can be proud of.  HELP ME essentially put itself together… it was one of the most uniquely organic projects I have ever worked on.

Thank you to Delano Taylor, Kelsey Huckaby and Colton Ferguson for believing in the vision and turning words on a page into characters an audience can connect with.  Thank you to David Marrs for always being supportive, and for allowing us to use a location that became the true star of the show.  Thank you to Soda Diet and More Eaze for allowing the use of your music… it brought an entirely new degree of engagement to the project.  Thank you to Steve Jones for jumping in on the project and earning an upgrade from script supervisor credit to producer credit… you brought some good stuff to the table.  Thank you to the Lost River Film Festival for allowing us to submit, and for granting it Honorable Mention status.


And thank you to you, the individual who will hopefully watch it, share it, like it and leave a comment.  The project was made for the YouTube faithful, as I have been among your ranks for years now.  Here’s to many more coming, and here’s to bigger and better projects in the future.


Chance Encounters :: Colton Ferguson Meets Verse One Federation

Words cannot really capture how special a chance encounter is between two great spirits.  Enjoy this chance encounter between Verse One Federation (an advocate of organized 1 on 1 competitive basketball) and Colton Ferguson of Secret Levels and Space Camp Death Squad (a lover of basketball and general athleticism).  Like it, share it, and try to follow suit when you’re out in these streets, because you never know whom you may have the pleasure of meeting.