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Animal Instinct :: RC Random Drops ‘Diamond Shine’ With Help From LordKalvin

Houston-based artist LordKalvin has been at it for a few years, but 2018 has marked a transition from musician to full-fledged creative.  One of his recent standout collaborative works is the RC Random banger Diamond Shine, a reflection (no pun intended) about running on all creative cylinders.  The video, directed by LordKalvin, focuses on visual interpretation of the lyrics combined with a couple of well composed performance shots, easily burning the elements into our brain for easy recognition and quick recall, thus upping the replay factor.  This one is definitely a standout, so don’t hesitate to give it a like, a share and a comment.



Rise Above :: Cal Wayne Drops Knowledge On The Struggle With ‘Lord Knows’ Video

Houston-based rapper Cal Wayne, along with guest artist Mr. Ogletree, recently dropped a gem in the form of Lord Knows, a very personal and confessional style video about the crabs in the rap bucket that make it hard to elevate your position.  With a dope location, a solid track from producer J.T., and hard hitting (but honest) bars, the video is economic in its simplicity, making it all hit that much harder… the whole thing is reminiscent of kicking it with someone who’s been through a thing or two, and is taking the time to be honest about the journey for anyone willing to listen.  Definitely a solid video for a solid track, so be sure to like it, comment and share it around.


Personal Reflection :: ConductHer And Token Connect For ‘Female Masturbation’ Collaboration


ConductHer, one half of ChurchCough, has been doubling down on the workload in the midst of producing the group’s upcoming new release.  The second workload has involved a handful of San Marcos-based female musicians collaborating to examine the feminine mystique and sexuality in the Information Age.  Female Masturbation, co-curated by Token, features contributions from Lemur & FranksBrandix and Rachel Williams.  After a recent successful album release show, the duo is looking to spread the word about the project, so definitely give it a listen and a share.


Muscle Memory :: Virgil Wolfe And Daroundhero Reconnect For ‘It’s Just Distance’


Virgil Wolfe and Big Lo have been on a songwriting tear recently, so a new track from that neck of the woods is no surprise.  What makes It’s Just Distance so special is that it marks the first collaboration between Virgil Wolfe and Daroundhero in nearly a decade.  The energy between these two on the track is kinetic, and with Big Lo‘s off-kilter jazz-influenced beat as the driving force, the two emcees trade bars and hook duty as good as the cats from Project Blowed used to get down.  Tracks like these remind me of my transition from fan to artist in the early to mid-1990’s, strictly because tracks like these, tracks with so much love emanating from them, being performed by people in very similar situations to myself, let me know that the only hurdle to creative expression was a personal one.  Hopefully this collaboration between these old friends is not a one-off, and we don’t have to wait another eight years for a follow-up track.  Definitely check this one out, share it around, and leave it a like and/or comment.


Games Played :: CHHK And Tall Kyle Drop ‘The Way She Goes’ Video

There’s no shortage of talent within the ranks of the College of Hip-Hop Knowledge (CHHK), and the collective has had no trouble proving that time and time again.  The latest creative offering from their ranks comes in the form of a new music video from Tall Kyle for The Way She Goes, a reflection on that ever present battle of attraction between men and women that ebbs and flows so drastically.  Tall Kyle uses the first verse to visually and lyrically break down how the situations play out, while the second verse is a much more reflective rumination on what could have been, what could be, and how fault ultimately lies at the feet of both parties.  The real point to be considered from everything, in my opinion, is that drive to not let things like this hold you back on your path to fulfillment.  Artistic integrity and rewards are our responsibility, and with achievement of these goals comes the confidence and notoriety that brings people closer to us (which is another examination in itself).  Props to Tall Kyle and CHHK for continuing to put out dope product.  Be sure to like, leave a comment, share the video around, and subscribe to their YouTube channel for more quality content.


Renaissance Man :: Andrés Forecasts ‘Friendly Skies’


andrés is a man of many diverse interests and styles.  When I originally got to know him, it was via his Unusuals moniker and the unique production approach he took with his albums.  Over time, I’ve gotten to know him deeper via his radio exploits with Cosmic Grooves on KZSM Radio San Marcos, his vintage clothing ventures with BORDER PALACE VINTAGE, and a recent transition into the middle ground of beatmaking and singer/songwriterdom with his work under the name andrés.  Friendly Skies is a reflection on connection, a lament about what one feels when an opportunity for intimacy presents itself, and all you want to do is make things as easy and easy-going as possible.  Bonus shoutout to me on the artwork assist, inspired by the recent admiration and respect andrés has for Missy Elliot.  andrés is certainly carving out a niche for himself that the San Marcos scene hasn’t seen since the likes of Roger Sellers, but andrés (much like Roger) is a wholly unique individual, so it should be a journey worth watching for those lucky enough to witness the growth.


Clean-up Hitter :: Poolboi Blu Knocks It Out Of The Park With ‘Sincere (Volume 005)’


sincere (volume 005) just dropped, and it’s safe to say that poolboi blu is feeling maximum levels of swagger these days.  The sincere series has been getting progressively stronger with each release, but (volume 005) is a true achievement.  The song selection flows seamlessly… the mixes are clean, concise and executed precisely… best of all, poolboi blu doubled down on the mix length, clocking in at just over 45 minutes with (volume 005).  There’s a handful of songs I really dig on this mix, as well as a few that feel like possible new favorite songs in the making.  This mix is most definitely the right way to transition out of that summer madness.