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Natural Flow :: Tall Kyle And Willis Wax Poetic On ‘No Rain No Flowers’

Tall Kyle clearly has a strategy.  After spending 2019 dropping bars that served as both punchlines and examples of his skill, he took home Lyricist of the Year from teh Austin Hip-Hop Awards, a well deserved prize for the work he put in over the year.  What better way to celebrate the reign in 2020 than to drop a deeply introspective and wise banger, and let a homeboy like Willis showcase his unique but complimentary style on the track?  That’s exactly what we’re presented with in No Rain No Flowers, a track that works on multiple levels both as a song and a indie-cinema, bare bones, wholly authentic music video.  This one is worth your time, so definitely check it out.


Daily Operation :: Chuck Duze And Company Drop ‘Every Damn Day’ Video

Chuck Duze has been putting out music videos in a nearly clockwork fashion these days, dropping an average of a music video a month for the past 6 months or so.  Most all of them have been entertaining, but something about his latest, Every Damn Day, captures some infectious magic that comes with a combination of vision, talent and luck.  The track, a Kato on the Track beat featuring guest verses from You F. OhElephant In The Room and DMT~Realist, is a posse cut with plenty of bounce showcasing punchlines, wordplay and a catchy hook that will get stuck in your head nearly immediately.  The video enhances all of the best points of the song, using digital zooms and stylistic loops the subliminally drive home the ‘day to day’ aspect of the song, while showcasing several ridiculous scenarios for the MCs to indulge in.  This one, despite being released so early in the year, is bound to stick around, so check it out now, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and spread it around for others to do the same.


Shadow People :: Hatewaker Drops ‘Atmosphere’ Audio-Visual

Hatewaker hit the ground running in the wake of their creation.  From the inception of the band forward, the collective was quick to book shows, release a CD, and as of January of 2020, the group put out a dope music video.  Atmosphere is a display of efficient economy, with a simple disappearing/reappearing premise fueling the video.  The group certainly has their sound together, and the video is proof of that.  I can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future, video-wise or otherwise, as I know they’ll come with it regardless of the choice.


Swag Surfin’ :: Norman BA$E Talks Game On ‘FREE MAX B’

The homie Norman BA$E stays not only creating, but showing love, via his music and events.  His catalog is full of tracks he’s dropped over the years with storyteller vibes, beats that sit in the grey area between different shades of hip-hop, and creative videos to accompany many of the tracks, and FREE MAX B is no exception to that.  The track (and video) tell the story of BA$E taking an opportunity that many of us would not pass on, and the seemingly South Park-esque video is a good accompaniment to the track.  Check it out, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around for all to see.


Roll Call :: Coolzey And Co. Wrap Up VPC6 Contest With ‘Bring Out Your Nerd’ Posse Cut


Not too long ago, the homie Coolzey hit me up with an interesting proposition… 8 bars for a posse cut to help him lock down the final round for a contest known as VPC6, where Coolzey did multiple rounds of songwriting in hopes of achieving victory.  For the final round, Coolzey called in some big guns : A Billi FreeChris CondeLil LavedyIce Tha OneMC AnimosityiMPERFEKTBeefy and myself (Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice) all turned in 8 bars to help make Bring Out Your Nerd a reality.  The end result is dope, and I’m personally proud of my verse, which is comprised solely of movie titles (almost all of which I own physical copies of).  Check out the track, and leave a vote to help Coolzey achieve victory!


Perfected Patience :: Apaso And Progeny Connect For ‘Sorry Not Sorry’


As 2020 rolls around, it’s crystal clear that San Antonio has no intentions of slowing down the output when it comes to hip-hop music, especially that which is produced by Progeny.  After dropping a new Chisme project, Progeny finds himself sharing the spotlight once again, this time with San Antonio heavyweight MC Apaso via a collaborative EP titled Sorry Not Sorry.  Over the course of the past 8 years or so, the duo collaborated on a series of tracks, and after testing the waters with the Chingona video, the pair have unleashed a solid effort via Sorry Not Sorry.  The production is dark and textured, providing plenty of sonic output for head nodding, while Apaso‘s smooth and assured delivery fits right in naturally.  This one is rock solid, so don’t sleep on it.  Check it out, share it around for others to do the same, and support if you can by purchasing!


Stacking Chips :: ‘Dirty Money’ Coming Courtesy Of Dominican Jay, $.Dot And Sertified


While not necessarily known for a high crime rate, Austin most definitely has its fair share of cats who can both talk that talk and walk that walk when it comes to hood moves.  When it comes to my personal preferences, no crew is representing that sound for Austin better than the League of Extraordinary G’z, and lately, the homie Dominican Jay has been putting out banger track after banger track.  The latest is another collaboration with $.Dot (who is quickly becoming another one of my favorite local MCs), and with the vocal assist from Sertified and a monster of a track from Ball TeamDirty Money is another Austin anthem in the making.  Check this one out, as it’s most certainly worth your time and efforts, and if you dig it, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others!