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Standup Man :: Trae Crane + Lyrical Lemonade Drop ‘On My Own’ Video

My main man Click-Clack is constantly on point when it comes to knowing who is who and what’s what in the Austin hip-hop scene.  He recently threw out props to Austin-native Trae Crane‘s recent video for On My Own, and I instantly knew it was getting posted to the blog.  The song is catchy af, and the video (produced by Cole Bennett) is a standout without being overly flashy.  Chicago-based Lyrical Lemonade has gotten behind this piece, and the numbers show it… quality music, pushed properly, can make an impact.  Share it, like it, and keep supporting our scene(s)!



Realest Estate :: Retr05pect And Friends Go In On ‘The Real Estate Sessions’


With so much talent in the Austin hip-hop scene, it’s amazing that we don’t see more producer-led projects featuring the best of their MC affiliates from track to track.  Ruler Why comes to mind, and I’m sure I’m forgetting others, but the numbers aren’t as high as they potentially could be.  Retr05pect, however, looks as if he’s attempting to skew that data with the release of the rock solid project The Real Estate Sessions, a project rooted in the discovery of a 45″ record collection at an estate sale.  The production throughout this project is top notch, as one would expect Retr05pect production to be.. it’s paced well, the skits provide just enough breathing room between song groupings, and the choices for MCs were right on the money.  You’ll find some of my favorite people on these tracks : Click-ClackMuggzy FlowzScuareno1mportantRudi DeVino, and Black DaVinci all spit quality bars and concepts.  I’m looking forward to keeping this one heavy in my DJ rotations.


The Way :: Click-Clack’s ‘White Gold’ Is Ice Cold

Click-Clack is one of the consistently dopest independent artists making hip hop out there right now.  His latest single, White Gold, finds him collaborating with LORDFUBU to do his take on modern stylings while remaining a standout in true Click-Clack fashion.  With dope artwork from Foreign Forest, this single should definitely bring attention to the upcoming release of same/same, which I will be ready to cop once dropped.


That’s Entertainment :: SIP SIP Get Wild For ‘Rippin In The Kitchen’

Here we are, 4 days into 2017, and I’m pretty sure we have a strong contender for video of the year.  SIP SIP got together with my homeboy Click-Clack for a highly entertaining song titled Rippin in the Kitchen, and this video is like a truncated version of an 80s movie in all of the best ways possible.  To describe this video is to do it a disservice.  This is must watch material.  Hoping we see more and more quality work from all parties involved in this.


Powered Up :: Click-Clack Drops ‘Sleep No More’ On The World

Folks like Click-Clack make me happy, because they prove that mainstream validation is not needed to make quality product that means something.  If you keep making that heat, at some point the public will be forced to pay attention, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be around and young enough to reap those benefits.  As for Click-Clack‘s surprise EP, ~Sleep No More~, there is an incredibly large jump in the confidence levels of his delivery… you can literally hear him having grown comfortable into his process and his place in the game.  No need to mention a growth in bars or production, because Click-Clack was never lacking in either of those realms.  My man laid a solid foundation some time ago, and this project is the framework for bigger and better things.  Even better, Hous3work is on the horizon, so this is just a jab setup for what should be an audio knockout punch in the near future.  Keep doing your thing.


Dirty Work :: Click-Clack Drops ‘Nasty’

Click-Clack has been talking up Hous3work for a minute now, and based on the work I’ve heard come out of his neck of the woods, it’s gonna bang.  Here’s further proof.. I am most certainly excited and ready.


Brain Food :: ‘H.A.F.’ By Click-Clack And Kydd Jones


Two of my Austin favorites, Click-Clack and Kydd Jones, have teamed up over Pack|Season production to create High As Fuck, a perfect sonic approximation of being lost in the loud.  Half confidence statements, half poetic musings on beautiful food, this is the kind of track that’ll stick in your head and grow on you.  It doesn’t hurt that both MCs drop great takes on the verses, each unique, over a track that morphs effortlessly between having room to breathe and being wonderfully dense.  Good stuff… hoping this is a sign of what’s to come, quality wise, on the next solo Click-Clack project.