Truth Work :: Click-Clack Drops A Banger With ‘Songs I Don’t Hate’


When I first met Click-Clack, he was a machine with the beats and the rhymes… it was almost as if he was trying to have physical output in quantities that matched the fever pitch of ideas going on in his head.  Over the years, however, I’ve seen a shift from trying to harvest every idea into gold into taking the best of the best and morphing multiple ideas into impressively strong material.  The rapid nature of releases may have slowed down, but it really has just brought him closer to what us regular guys can manage to put together and release.  That being said, when he hit me up with a copy of Songs I Don’t Hate, it was instantly apparent that he’s hitting a happy medium between quality and his old creative nature, and as song after song rolled by, I could hear the maturity, immediacy and confidence from every lyric and beat.  Click-Clack has somehow managed to find a comfortable existence between today’s vibey, free-flowing music and the late-90’s, gold-school era of hip-hop where being unique was king and if your weapon wasn’t the sharpest in the war you were fading away.  This is must-listen material, for real, so find it on your favorite streaming service or digital storefront and get to it, and share it around so others can do the same.



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