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Truth Work :: Click-Clack Drops A Banger With ‘Songs I Don’t Hate’


When I first met Click-Clack, he was a machine with the beats and the rhymes… it was almost as if he was trying to have physical output in quantities that matched the fever pitch of ideas going on in his head.  Over the years, however, I’ve seen a shift from trying to harvest every idea into gold into taking the best of the best and morphing multiple ideas into impressively strong material.  The rapid nature of releases may have slowed down, but it really has just brought him closer to what us regular guys can manage to put together and release.  That being said, when he hit me up with a copy of Songs I Don’t Hate, it was instantly apparent that he’s hitting a happy medium between quality and his old creative nature, and as song after song rolled by, I could hear the maturity, immediacy and confidence from every lyric and beat.  Click-Clack has somehow managed to find a comfortable existence between today’s vibey, free-flowing music and the late-90’s, gold-school era of hip-hop where being unique was king and if your weapon wasn’t the sharpest in the war you were fading away.  This is must-listen material, for real, so find it on your favorite streaming service or digital storefront and get to it, and share it around so others can do the same.



New Forms :: White Jamal Takes A Swing At Lil’ Uzi Vert’s ‘Rich Forever Leak’


I’m all for this movement of producers I know taking shots at remixing songs by popular artists.  The latest of these to hit my radar is Lil’ Uzi Vert‘s Rich Forever Leak, a high energy and braggadocios lyrical onslaught that White Jamal laced with an equally high energy, drum heavy track.  The earworm that’s really sticking in my head is the melodic vocal sample that White Jamal loops through the majority of the verse… it’s so hypnotic that you find yourself giving it equal time with the punchlines that Uzi is blessing us with throughout.  I’m definitely putting this one in the mix, as I can already see it being well received by those on the listening end of my DJ sets.  Check it out yourself, share it around, and stay tuned to White Jamal‘s Soundcloud for more production-based releases.


Standard Issue :: Kilmatik Keeps The Culture Going With ‘Regular 2’


Kilmatik continues his efforts to push left of center into the norm.  Regular 2 finds our host spitting the same off-kilter on-point bars that he’s known for, and this time, he’s brought a wrecking crew of collaborators to the table.  With guest verses from Click-ClackEmcee EatsRobbie AnalogMad OneTone of the CosmosCooley FlyApasoRuler Why and Norman Ba$e, it’s no surprise that the album holds the listener from track to track in terms of variety and wordplay.  Production assistance is provided from Markie TeeHADES, and White Jamal (plus a Kilmatik track for good measure).  This is definitely more moves in the right directions from a man continuing to make a name for himself.


Spirits Moving :: Dowrong And White Jamal Connect On ‘Dowrong’s Prayer’


As Joe Budden and Charlamagne tha God recently stated in their year-end wrap-up, lyricism is back in a big way these days.  That sentiment is definitely true in regards to the Austin hip-hop scene as well.  For anyone doubting, exhibit A comes in the form of the latest single from Dowrong of DSR/ALVMNI/LOEG’z.  Seasoned producer White Jamal flexes over a classic drumbreak to provide a nostalgia-inducing beat that perfectly suits the testimonial given by Dowrong about his life and ambitions.  This is definite mixtape fire right here.  Share this one around, and help boost those listen numbers, because tracks like Dowrong’s Prayer deserve to shine.


Powered Up :: Click-Clack Drops ‘Sleep No More’ On The World

Folks like Click-Clack make me happy, because they prove that mainstream validation is not needed to make quality product that means something.  If you keep making that heat, at some point the public will be forced to pay attention, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be around and young enough to reap those benefits.  As for Click-Clack‘s surprise EP, ~Sleep No More~, there is an incredibly large jump in the confidence levels of his delivery… you can literally hear him having grown comfortable into his process and his place in the game.  No need to mention a growth in bars or production, because Click-Clack was never lacking in either of those realms.  My man laid a solid foundation some time ago, and this project is the framework for bigger and better things.  Even better, Hous3work is on the horizon, so this is just a jab setup for what should be an audio knockout punch in the near future.  Keep doing your thing.