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Second Wave :: NickNack Puts The Remix Touch On Anderson .Paak’s ‘Lockdown’


Medicine Man :: Poolboi Blu Flips The ‘Sicko Mode’ Flip


You knew that poolboi blu had to sneak one more dart in on us before 2019 wrapped up.  This time around, rather than remixing something on the up and coming or underground side, poolboi blu goes for the gusto by taking one of the world’s biggest artist’s guest verse on one of the biggest songs of recent memory.  With astropoolboi blu puts a smoother edge on the ominous Drake verse from SICKO MODE, and the results are interesting.  With room to breathe provided by a bed of synths, Drake sounds more like an aged don than a rudeboy, all things to the mood flip courtesy of poolboi blu.  Check out the remix, cop it if you’ve got an extra buck, share it around for others to hear, and keep an ear out for it in mixes!


New Forms :: White Jamal Takes A Swing At Lil’ Uzi Vert’s ‘Rich Forever Leak’


I’m all for this movement of producers I know taking shots at remixing songs by popular artists.  The latest of these to hit my radar is Lil’ Uzi Vert‘s Rich Forever Leak, a high energy and braggadocios lyrical onslaught that White Jamal laced with an equally high energy, drum heavy track.  The earworm that’s really sticking in my head is the melodic vocal sample that White Jamal loops through the majority of the verse… it’s so hypnotic that you find yourself giving it equal time with the punchlines that Uzi is blessing us with throughout.  I’m definitely putting this one in the mix, as I can already see it being well received by those on the listening end of my DJ sets.  Check it out yourself, share it around, and stay tuned to White Jamal‘s Soundcloud for more production-based releases.


Making Moves :: Bird Peterson Remixes ‘Hurry Up And Wait’ By The Vapor Caves


The Vapor Caves are a group with some weight behind the name already, and they have a penchant for getting their already on-point songs remixed, so why not grab another giant like Bird Peterson to get involved?  That, my friends, is exactly what happened for Hurry Up and Wait, and needles to say, Bird Peterson came through.  His drum and bass approach amps up the BPMs, but it somehow manages to let Yadira Brown‘s vocals (and the vocoder work of BoomBaptist) really stretch their legs and move around within the high energy track.  The collective even put together a quick promo clip for fun :

Check out the video and track, share them around, leave a like and a comment on the video, and definitely cop that track if you have an extra digital buck or two laying around!


High Score :: Poolboi Blu Drops Another Remix Banger With ‘Namco’


As much as I enjoy poolboi blu‘s original music (and am hoping to wrap up a small project he and I have in the works), I’m totally on board for the remixes that he does.  His latest, Namco, is a flip of a track by GunnaTravis Scott and Metro Boomin’, and as per usual, poolboi manages to make it unique without sacrificing any of the original track’s quality.  This one is a name your price download, so there’s no reason to not put it in your library, and if you can, dropping a buck or two isn’t a bad idea.


Stimulated Stems :: The Vapor Caves Share Remixes Of ‘The Chase’


After a successful start to the year, The Vapor Caves decided to have a little fun by making the stems for their single The Chase public and available for producers to remix.  Several notable talents stepped up to the challenge, and The Vapor Caves have set about making a playlist to collect them all like Pokemon.  So far, Butcher BearDJ LADDDADJ Boozwa and the Nodes of ThoughtMadd WikkidMulti-Tracker and even myself have gotten in on the act, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more on the list by the time this post goes public.  I’ll definitely be following this playlist, and I even have a few producers in mind that I think could make dope remixes, so you should probably stay tuned as well.


Granted Wish :: Virgil Wolfe Tags In Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice For ‘Lovely To Look At’ Remix


A month or so ago, Virgil Wolfe debuted a new single (a collaboration with producer Big Lo) titled Lovely To Look At, and it made an impression on me.  It made such an impression, in fact, that I concluded my blog entry on the song by suggesting a remix with myself on it wouldn’t be a bad idea.  Cut to the present time, and what seemed at first like a wild request has become a stark reality.  Lovely To Look At still jams, but now there’s an extra bit of lyrical craftsmanship from yours truly tagged on at the end, and the possibility of more collaborations in the future.  Check out the new version of the track, share it around, and if you really dig it, give it a like and a comment!


Quick Fix :: Virgil Wolfe Collaborates With Big Lo For ‘Lovely To Look At’


Virgil Wolfe recently dropped a new track, a collaboration with producer Big Lo titled Lovely To Look At.   The beat is wonderfully off-kilter and lo-fi, with an eerie vocal sample and purposeful recording/aging distortion integrated into the track.  It’s a suitable soundscape for some of Wolfe‘s more cryptic lyrical fare.  His verse and delivery put me in the mindset of a Labyrinth-like situation, where I must solve the riddles Virgil Wolfe presents me before I am able to progress further.  My only real frustration with the song is that it is simply a single verse… an extended break and a second verse would have made this one pure gold.  Maybe a remix featuring Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice on a guest verse could solve that?  Regardless, here’s to Virgil Wolfe for continuing to put out both quantity and quality when it comes to tunage.


On A Lazy Afternoon :: Notes Floats’ “There Ya Go” Gets The Black Dots Treatment

Notes Floats and Fluid One Studios are back at it on the visual tip, and this time, it’s like an indie moving painting.  These guys are definitely letting their respective imaginations run wild, and the result are very memorable videos for very good songs.  “There Ya Go” originally was on The Transferbut the remix is available here.  Enjoy!