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Mad Descent :: The Psychedelic Sounds Of ~Dark ~Lit


What happens when you’ve been affiliated with rock bands of different capacities, have a mystic vision, and decide to take an alternate parallel path into the world of lo-fi hip-hop?  In at least one case, you’d get ~Dark ~Lit and his avant-garde creations.  He recently hit me up and explained the story behind the creation of this album, but even the ultra-mysterious premise did not prepare me for the psychedelic sonic variety I was about to get… the tracks are lo-fi, but would easily qualify in the most creative of the noise realm that has always bubbled in the musical underground, ie Suicide or Black Dice.  If you’re into something new, cutting edge and creatively challenging, you should definitely carve out some time for ~Dark ~Lit.



Mixed Bag :: Sami Serrano Drops Heater In The Form Of ‘Piece Of Work’ Single


Whenever the homie Morgan tells the timeline that they should be hip to something, I make sure to listen, and his latest discovery is collaborator and songwrite Sami Serrano, an Austin-based champion of lo-fi music.  I instantly found myself digging through her Soundcloud account (I recommend you do the same), and the only reason I am sharing Piece Of Work is because it’s the latest track, but I implore you to not sleep on the other work she’s created.  Her beats are simple but powerful, the melodic arrangements are deceptively lush, and her lyrics are as equally playful and stark as her attitude and performance.  I’ll certainly be keeping an eye and an ear out for more to come from the Same Serrano camp.


Spirit Lift :: Dr. Ew (Indubes) Drops ‘Salt [Beat Tape]’

Quite often, I take deep dives into the abyss that is YouTube, and one of my favorite discoveries is the lo-fi beat scene emergence, complete with looped anime clips to seal the deal on aesthetic.  That’s what makes it so great when a peer pops up in that realm, sort of like when I stumbled across Austin-based producer Indubes and a video titled Salt [Beat Tape].  The thirteen-ish minute beat tape consists of familiar piano and guitar samples, solid drum loops and programming, vocal samples, and a wonderful clip from Spirited Away that gets more and more delightful with each loop.  This is the kind of music that sets a mood, and that mood is one I won’t mind revisiting.  Quality work, and work that deserves sharing, commenting and liking.


Lo Fire :: Apache Tomcat’s ‘Manifest Destiny’s Child Soldier Boy George Harrison Ford Focus’


When Jonny from Apache Tomcat hit me up a while ago (and about a completely different project, whom I will feature in the future) and told me about the new lo-fi project he was in, I was in the stretch of a very busy and creative month.  I had every intention of listening, but time was a limited commodity.  When I finally did get a chance to sit down and listen to Manifest Destiny’s Child Soldier Boy George Harrison Ford Focus, I was floored, and immediately kicking myself for taking so long to get around to check out the project.  From the jump, this project gave me the same feelings that projects by Tim KerrDirty BeachesThe Butthole Surfers and bands of that ilk do… grungy sounds, chameleon-like vocals that are playful and intriguing, and an immediacy that other music lacks these days were all elements that spoke to me.  This one is definitely worth checking out and downloading, as well as telling a friend to do the same.


Quick Fix :: Virgil Wolfe Collaborates With Big Lo For ‘Lovely To Look At’


Virgil Wolfe recently dropped a new track, a collaboration with producer Big Lo titled Lovely To Look At.   The beat is wonderfully off-kilter and lo-fi, with an eerie vocal sample and purposeful recording/aging distortion integrated into the track.  It’s a suitable soundscape for some of Wolfe‘s more cryptic lyrical fare.  His verse and delivery put me in the mindset of a Labyrinth-like situation, where I must solve the riddles Virgil Wolfe presents me before I am able to progress further.  My only real frustration with the song is that it is simply a single verse… an extended break and a second verse would have made this one pure gold.  Maybe a remix featuring Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice on a guest verse could solve that?  Regardless, here’s to Virgil Wolfe for continuing to put out both quantity and quality when it comes to tunage.


Mood Music :: Soda Lillies Release ‘Sleep Reel’


Sometimes, when you have no power, but you have a need to create, you’ve gotta run an extension cord a few windows down to a neighbor and make something happen.  That’s what Soda Lillies decided to do for Sleep Reel, a collection of lo fi goodness in the vein of Jesus & Mary Chain or My Bloody Valentine.  The sound washes over you, creating a feeling of waves when it comes to the instruments and lyrics.  This one is definitely primed for the headphones, so throw a pair on a dive in.


Trending Topics :: Kal Kal Finds New Forms With Lil’ Obtuse Angel’s ‘Walter White’

When it comes to exploring new formats, new sounds, and new styles, Kal Kal is a force to be reckoned with.  Having already tackled standard issue hip-hop and lo fi, Kal Kal has found himself donning the wonderful moniker Lil’ Obtuse Angel in an effort to explore vibe-based rap.  Be it parody or sincere, it is undeniable that Walter White jams.  Tastes of his lo fi aesthetic remain in the music video, along with ironic visual trappings of the genre being taken in a much lighter form (ie Caleon Fox).  The tree that Kal Kal has planted continues to intrigue, and each branch demands attention.