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Mixed Bag :: Sami Serrano Drops Heater In The Form Of ‘Piece Of Work’ Single


Whenever the homie Morgan tells the timeline that they should be hip to something, I make sure to listen, and his latest discovery is collaborator and songwrite Sami Serrano, an Austin-based champion of lo-fi music.  I instantly found myself digging through her Soundcloud account (I recommend you do the same), and the only reason I am sharing Piece Of Work is because it’s the latest track, but I implore you to not sleep on the other work she’s created.  Her beats are simple but powerful, the melodic arrangements are deceptively lush, and her lyrics are as equally playful and stark as her attitude and performance.  I’ll certainly be keeping an eye and an ear out for more to come from the Same Serrano camp.


Pay For Play :: KXAN Investigates Ethics And Promotion In Austin

This news story is pertinent to both up-and-coming artists as well as those who are a bit more established.  Morgan Davis and Protextor are just a small portion of the many wonderful people in the Austin music scene that help us all better ourselves.