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Life Lessons :: ‘Eye Of The Needle’ Finds Sixo and Grace Park Collaborating Once More

Recent Fake Four signees Alligator Food surprised me in a major way when my friend Grace Park popped up on their debut project.  Cut to nearly a year later, and group member Sixo is preparing to drop a new project featuring his production and a long list of collaborators.  Lucky for us, Grace Park found her way onto Eye Of The Needle, and it’s quite the wonderful piece of music… sparse enough for Grace‘s voice to take hold, but a nice strong set of drums in the background to take us all by the hand and show us the way.  I am very curious about The Odds Of Free Will, and I am looking forward to hearing the finished album.



Conscious Streams :: Perseph One’s ‘Sip’ Video Is Simply Powerful

Perseph One is having a killer December.  Sip is the second video off of the recent Freecember release from Fake Four records, Machine Mammal EP.  The clip finds her meditating in a trainyard, letting the Stephen Farris instrumental serve as the perfect roadmap for her lyrical explorations.  I am excited to see what the future holds for Perseph One and Fake Four.


Anticipated Resolutions :: Zavala’s ‘Roosevelt & Letting Go’ Has Us Ready For Fake Four’s 2017

Not only has Fake Four laced us with some solid releases thus far this Freecember, they also put in the groundwork in the 4th quarter of 2016 to get us excited for the upcoming year.  One of the first releases from the label in 2017 will be Zavala‘s new album Fantasmas, and if Roosevelt & Letting Go is an indication of the work to come, then get ready for more high quality instrumental artisanship from one of Chicago‘s finest.  For now, enjoy a beautiful video for a beautiful song.


Manifest Movements :: Chisme’s ‘Nada Tengo’ Released Via Fake Four’s Freecember


What a wonderful December it’s been for my independent creative peers.  This Christmas Eve finds the homies at Fake Four releasing Nada Tengo by Chisme (also the homies) for Freecember Week 3.  Seeing REL and Progeny release their collective boom-bap magic on the same label that has signed Alligator Food and Perseph One brings me joy of the highest degree for the Texas independent hip-hop scene.  Maybe one day, if I get my musical act together in an evolved status, I may see about joining the movement.  It should go without saying, but make sure to cop this project, and take a moment to make sure your friends do the same.


Leveling Up :: Perseph One’s ‘Machine Mammal EP’ Available For Fake Four’s Freecember


Anybody who knows anything about Texas underground hip-hop within the past decade or so has more than likely at least heard of Perseph One.  She is one of those rare breeds of female MC where the female classification is an afterthought to the massive amounts of skill and forward thought she brings to the table.  Unbeknownst to myself, Perseph One has found her way to the mutual homies at Fake Four Records, and her Machine Mammal EP is now the week 2 offering for their annual Freecember promotion.  I am proud of her, happy to see my homies pick up such a skilled artist, and excited for the future of their union.


Big Things :: Chisme’s ‘Nada Tengo’ Prepares Itself For Fake Four’s Freecember

It’s been a while since I heard from the homies Chisme.  At first, I was hoping that they hadn’t gone the route of so many other indie groups and thrown in the towel on their joureny, but I was ready to accept that reality if that was the case.  Then, out of the blue, 2 good bits of news dropped.  First and foremost, the teaser trailer posted above let me know that they had a new project on the way in the form of Nada Tengo.  As I read a bit further, I realized that I had not heard from Chisme because they had signed to Fake Four, and were prepping this release for Fake Four‘s annual holiday season promotion known as Freecember.  On December 23, this project will be available via Fake Four, so make sure to mark that date and give yourself a little holiday cheer in the form of what is sure to be a banger of an album.


Big Arrival :: Alligator Food Makes A Major Debut


One of the best things about being involved in the independent music scene is watching mutual friends combine to make big steps on big projects.  Heir Max has been a friend and someone I have shared a number of stages with for quite a while.  Sixo and I have crossed paths on occasion, and we share a number of mutual friends.  The two of them have combined under the label Fake Four (the indie juggernaut run by my friend Ceschi) to form Alligator Food, a no-nonsense combination of hard beats and hard rhymes.  On some six degrees of separation action, my friend Grace Park left her songbird presence on one of the tracks for this EP.  The guys from Alligator Food were even nice enough to put together a lo-fi mindscramble of a video for G.O.Y.A., the lead single.