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Family Affair :: Emcee Eats And The Fam Submit ‘Amen Ra’ Video For Tiny Desk Concert Contest

Touching Down :: Chris Conde Releases ‘Engulfed In The Marvelous Decay’ Via Fake Four Inc.

From the digital desk of Chris Conde and Fake Four Inc. :

“As an openly queer rapper, TexasChris Conde combines the classically detached spheres of hip hop, indie rock and avant-garde experimental art punk of the drag variety.  In their sometimes hysterical but always poignant bars, Conde strives to relate to their audience through an honest communication of their personal narrative of overcoming drug addiction, internalized homophobia and self-acceptance.

Chris Conde is a Fake Four Freecember 2019 Alum who has received press shoutouts from NPR’s Tiny Desk series, the San Antonio Current, Texas Music Magazine, and Hip Hop DXEngulfed in the Marvelous Decay features Ceschi Ramos and offers up production by K Death of Moodie Black, Lazerbeak of Doomtree, and Whatever Cecil with artwork by SqualloscopeChris’s honest storytelling ability, beat selection, and sharp technical skills displayed across Engulfed in the Marvelous Decay are sure to move you and resonate on multiple levels.”



Media Blitz :: Kydd Jones Performs Trio Of Songs For NPR Music Live Sessions

Recently, Austin-based artistic mainstay Kydd Jones had the honor of being invited by KUTX to perform for the NPR Live Sessions : Social Distancing Pop-Up Series.  With historic Rosewood Park as the backdrop, and guitarist Bomani Ray Barton by his side, Kydd blazed through a brief but powerful three song set : recent singles Rubber Bullets and Goblin, as well as the unreleased song James Baldwin.  Click on the image above to check out the performance, and as always, support your local creatives!


Broadcast News :: TrumpCard Submits ‘Cult 45’ To NPR Tiny Desk Contest

With an extension announced on the NPR Tiny Desk Contest due to social distancing measures having been issued, many bands are taking advantage of the opportunity.  TrumpCard, who has been very busy in the recording studio as of late, took the time to collaborate with Christopher Paul Cardoza to record an entry for Cult 45, another blistering examination of our president’s cult of personality he has created.  The song speaks loudly and clearly for itself, and Cardoza captured the essence of the band’s biting political satire perfectly.  Let’s hope this one makes some noise during the contest, as this message is as timely as any that will probably be submitted.  Leave a like, a comment, and share it around to help the numbers and buzz grow!


Isolation Drills :: V3C0 Barely Misses NPR Deadline With ‘Inside A Cage’

V3C0 has already proven his talents in the realm of rock music, acting, graphic design, modeling and more, but with NPR announcing it’s annual Tiny Desk competition, it seemed like the perfect time to flex some musical muscle in a slightly new format.  Armed with a microphone, an array of synthesizers and keyboards, a few cameras, and a heartfelt message, V3C0 pours his all into the four and a half minute performance that definitely had the potential to make waves.  Unfortunately, he missed the deadline by an hour, and unless I’ve missed an update, I do not believe it is in the running for this year’s competition.  Let’s spread this one around, however, and maybe this time next year, V3C0 won’t need a competition to make a name for himself.


Loving Warriors :: Voodoo Boogaloo Join The NPR Tiny Desk Contest Concert Field

It seems like there is a vibe in the air that 2017 is going to be someone’s year in my peer group.  Everyone is taking shots at making bigger steps and gaining more exposure.  Case in point, yet another set of my wonderful and talented musician friends are in the mix for the NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest.  This time, it’s the San Antonio-based trip hop duo Voodoo Boogaloo bringing their spacey, loving vibes to the contest.  My blog may just mess around and end up being a ton of my friends going for the NPR-gold in 2017!


Making Waves :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Enters NPR Tiny Desk Concert Contest

NPR announced that there were record breaking numbers of entrants into their annual Tiny Desk Concert Contest for 2017.  After seeing the homeboy Da’Shade Moonbeam throw his hat in the ring, and knowing that this year will be the first of a major transition into the visual realm, I knew it would be foolish to miss this opportunity.  Therefore, Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice is now officially entered into the contest as well!  Check out my submission video for Choke from Permanent Record (beat by Lo Phi), and please give it a like, leave it a comment, and encourage others to do the same!  And if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for what should be an exciting 2017 filled with visual content…


Master Class :: Da’Shade Moonbeam Takes Part In NPR ‘Tiny Desk’ Contest

Right around the beginning of each year, NPR kicks its Tiny Desk Contest Concert Series into gear.  The rules are simple… record yourself performing a song, and you must include a desk of some sort in this performance.  This year, I plan to take part, but I also plan to showcase all of my musical friends and peers who are choosing to take part as well, in hopes that our scene can make some much needed noise.  The first cat out the gate for 2017 I have seen is the incomparable Da’Shade Moonbeam, sharing a piece of work he has labelled as Untitled at this time.  Don’t let that lack of title fool you, though… nothing that Da’Shade puts in the world lacks depth or substance, ever.