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Intelligent Design :: Poolboi Blu Releases ‘Homework’ Mix


Way Out :: Poolboi Blu Taps … For ‘The Burbs’

Masterpiece Theater :: DotdotDotdotDotdot Drops Another Classic With ‘Montoya, Vol. 1’

If you don’t already know who DotdotDotdotDotdot is, now is the time to get hip, because it won’t be long before his name rings bells in the underground and beyond if he keeps dropping projects like his last few.  His latest, the deeply immersive and symbolically personal Montoya, Vol. 1, continues the DotdotDotdotDotdot practice of lavish storytelling, clever lyricism and stellar beat selection.  Even though Montoya, Vol. 1 is not his first foray into crafting what equates to a sonic film with deeply personal undertones in the narrative, DotdotDotdotDotdot somehow manages to continue to push that envelope forward, creating more compelling songs as time goes by.  With production assists from Genius khristBeautiful LouZachary LIght, the homie poolboi blu and MARC.SET.GO!, plus verbal appearances by Austin all-star The Teeta and rising underground star Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, the tier quality is the highest, so definitely don’t sleep on one of the strongest releases of the year, rivaled only by the equally brilliant and more ambitious From Russia With Drugs.  Check it out on your favorite streaming service or digital storefront, and most importantly, let everyone know about it.


Making Waves :: Poolboi Blu Keeps It Going With ‘West Egg-EP’

Most people would be happy with the drop of a single or two, but not poolboi blu.  Literally days after dropping two bangers (if not the next day), poolboi blu was right back at it with west egg-ep, a 3-song collection that dwells in the realm somewhere between the signature poolboi blu sound we’ve all come to know and love, and something that sounds influenced a bit by Vaporwave.  You know the drill… go run up the listening numbers, leave likes and comments, and share the sounds around so all can get down!


Double Jump :: Poolboi Blu Continues The Growth With ‘Vaxxbaby’ And ‘Pilates’ Single Drops

It’s no secret I’m a poolboi blu supporter, so whenever he has a new drop he instantly has my attention.  His latest pair of singles, however, have me very excited, as this is the biggest jump I’ve seen him take to date in terms of being a songwriter and a recording artist.  On the songwriting tip, we got vaxxbaby, a two-way analogy paralleling finding yourself in a relationship with finding confidence in our brave new post-COVID world with the vaccination process, and how both, while good for you, can also be a safety net for a false sense of security.  In terms of his prowess as a recording artist, pilates shows poolboi blu pushing the limits of his vocal inflections and emotional subtext in ways I haven’t seen him due since the brilliant cloudy w/ a chance suite.  Go listen, go comment, go like, and most important, go share these around and share the good word of poolboi blu, because this time next year, it may be too late to say you were there before he blew up.


Maximum Swagger :: Poolboi Blu Keeps The Momentum Going With Sincere (Volume 018)

poolboi blu can’t be stopped… he’s dropping singles, he’s doing live mixes, he’s doing nearly daily Twitch streams, he’s producing tracks for others, and more than likely, he’s working on yet another solo project.  With all of this going on, one wouldn’t blame him if other ventures fell to the wayside, and yet, here he is dropping sincere (volume 018), the latest entry in the longstanding s i n c e r e R A D I O series.  Dig this power-packed playlist of nearly 80 minutes of bangers : 

Y’all already know what to do… run the numbers up on this mix, be it on Soundcloud or Mixcloud!  Leave comments and likes!  And, most important of all, share the mix around so that others can do the same!


Fall Footwork :: Poolboi Blu Drops Surprise ‘318!’ Single

As a longtime friend and fan of poolboi blu, I’ve enjoyed seeing his growth as a songwriter, recording artist and performer, but I’d be lying to you if I didn’t admit that the foundation of my fandom is his production.  My earliest exposure to his work (outside of the stellar and slept on cloudy w/ a chance, which he sang on and produced) were his beat tapes like potpourri.fine dining… & breathing. and Chocolat, but as he bridged over into the aforementioned cloudy era that transitioned into ANTSYDIXIE and MASON (not to mention Rain of the Squids and a recent single run), I was preparing for poolboi blu to go full evolution into his version of a traditional recording artist.  jubilee showed me he hadn’t lost his production chops, but the recent 318! drop is a remind to me (and everyone else) that poolboi blu is still dropping bangers that will work in your club and party mixes.  Enough with my impromptu history lesson though… go check the single, run the numbers up, comment on the track for maximum engagement and share it around just because!


Downtown Science :: DotdotDotdotDotdot Comes Back Quick With ‘D(dot)ed Ass’ EP

It’s no secret that I’ve been a fan of DotdotDotdotDotdot for quite a while now… at least through two or three name adjustments.  One thing that has not adjusted or wavered, however, is his undying dedication to lacing strong production with even stronger lyrics.  After putting out the monumentally impressive From Russia With Drugs roughly one month ago, my man is back at it again with D(dot)ed Ass, an EP based around a concept that is not a concept album.  The project is told through the eyes and experience of D(dot)ed Wood, a reaper who hangs out around corner stores selling borrowed time to those already taking it for granted.  If nothing else, check out the project for Dirk, which contains one of my new favorite DotdotDotdotDotdot verses to date.  With guest appearances from Cease and 3ZoneS, plus production by the homie poolboi blubeautiful lou and more, don’t sleep on this brief little slice of wonderful.


Multilayered Moving :: Poolboi Blu Continues Release Onslaught

When it comes to the homie poolboi blu these days, I don’t know whether to holler at all of our collective friends and schedule a party or an intervention.  Work ethic has never been a question, but very similar to the Kydd Jones situation I mentioned yesterday, poolboi continues to put out high quality work at a pretty impressive and slightly alarming volume, to the point where I’m wondering when cats sleep.  After putting a rush job on following up the ultra-mellow sincere (volume 015) with the banger-filled sincere (volume 016)poolboi dropped a very timely single titled pandemic p hours after the Los Angeles Clippers managed to make the first Western Conference Finals in team history.  poolboi blu isn’t playing around with these dual releases, so go give them the like and comment treatment, and share them around so others can do the same!


Dripped Out :: Poolboi Blu Strikes Again With ‘Designer Only’

If most artists had dropped an album within the last two months and another addition to an ongoing mixtape series in the last two weeks, they’d be content with the level of output they achieved, but then, poolboi blu isn’t most artists.  I know the homie is always working on something, so it comes as no surprise that poolboi blu had Designer Only waiting in the wings, a new single breaking down his penchant for dressing fly and getting lifted.  As always, I continue to stay impressed with each release and the growth that is shown, and this time around it’s clear that poolboi blu‘s confidence is pretty much right where it needs to be to succeed in a game full of fly-by-night acts.  I shouldn’t even have to sell folks on poolboi blu anymore… it should be automatic at this point that whenever you see him drop, you purchase, download, stream and all that good stuff.