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Infinity Pool :: Poolboi Blu Drops ‘Judas’ Single


I’m starting to think that poolboi blu has an endless supply of tracks in the chamber, and he is basically just sitting on projects while the rest of us are drumming up ideas.  In the midst of dropping multiple projects in the past 18 or so months, working with artists like SiCk tHots, dropping s i n c e r e RADIO mixes and selling beats, poolboi is also adding to his own catalog continuously.  The latest track, Judas, plays like a spell he is casting on the listener, with his chant-like verse echoing personal reflection and dropping metaphors on separating from the pack.  The track is currently up on streaming site, so check it out, throw it on some playlists and share it with your friends!


Vibe Check :: Poolboi Blue Drops ‘Sincere (Volume 014)’ Mix


We’ve got another edition of s i n c e r e R A D I O live and broadcasting courtesy of poolboi blu, and in keeping with the track record, sincere (volume 014) is fire.  In my opinion, the last run has been a bit more on the mellow side, but this one hits the ground running.  There’s lots of focus on hip-hop, and what sounds like a touch of Tame Impala sprinkled throughout.  Check out the mix, leave a like and a comment, and share it around, because it’s fire.  If you find yourself in the San Marcos area tonight, come check us both out at The Porch while we do alternating DJ sets.


Personal Reflection :: Poolboi Blu’s ‘Mason’ Hits The Online Airwaves


The homie poolboi blu is back at it again, although in all honesty, he never really stops the creative vibes from flowing.  After dropping ANTSY and DIXIE, both of which gave us a bit of insight into poolboi‘s headspace and motivations, the trilogy of personal reflection finds completion with MASON, an incredibly strong balance of vibrant beats and sharp lyrics that not only display his influences, but are some of the best representations of how far he’s come along in the past year or so.  With poolboi already posting that he’s in the studio working on a follow-up, I’ll add MASON to the rotation as I wait for the next drop, which knowing poolboi, will probably be sooner than later.  Check out the project, cop it if you’ve got a few bucks, and spread it around for others to get hip to.


Free Association :: Poolboi Blu And Company Drop ‘Blkburban Freestyle’


Anyone who’s been paying attention to the world of poolboi blu lately knows that he’s got a strong working relationship going with SiCk ThOtS, and for the blkburban freestyle, the collective included J.K. The Reaper to increase the vibes.  A s i n c e r e R A D I O exclusive, the track has an amazing amount of vibeyness for such a laid back affair, especially with the nonchalance that some of the tongue-twisting lyrical work is delivered.  You already know it’s going to be quality work if it’s got the poolboi blu seal of approval, so don’t sleep.  Check out the track, leave a like and a comment, share it around, and follow s i n c e r e R A D I O for more exclusive tracks and mixes.


Good Vibration :: Poolboi Blu Dives Into 2020 With ‘Sincere (Volume 013)’


You already know that I’m tuning in when poolboi blu drops a new entry into his sincere mix series, so when (volume 013) got dropped as 2020 was ushered in, it only felt fitting, as poolboi blu had one of the most significant years of any of my music making peers.  Right out the gate, this mix shows the maturity that comes with experience, and knowing where my homie’s head is at right now, I know we’re going to see nothing but bigger and better things in the future.  I see the work he’s putting in, and I’ve heard some of the plans for the future, so at this point I’m just playing the waiting game so that I can say ‘I told you so’ when he’s making noise.  Dig the mix, leave a like and a comment, and share it around so everyone can get down.


Medicine Man :: Poolboi Blu Flips The ‘Sicko Mode’ Flip


You knew that poolboi blu had to sneak one more dart in on us before 2019 wrapped up.  This time around, rather than remixing something on the up and coming or underground side, poolboi blu goes for the gusto by taking one of the world’s biggest artist’s guest verse on one of the biggest songs of recent memory.  With astropoolboi blu puts a smoother edge on the ominous Drake verse from SICKO MODE, and the results are interesting.  With room to breathe provided by a bed of synths, Drake sounds more like an aged don than a rudeboy, all things to the mood flip courtesy of poolboi blu.  Check out the remix, cop it if you’ve got an extra buck, share it around for others to hear, and keep an ear out for it in mixes!


Expensive Tastes :: Poolboi Blu Flips ‘Gucci’


Trying to guess what poolboi blu is going to remix next is like a little game… you never know where he may get the inspiration for his next flip.  I often wonder if San Marcos has a bit of a hive mind at times, or a collective sense, because a few weeks back the Beats Bingo crew and myself did a round that focused on clothing, which allowed me to sneak Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn on the playlist.  It was that fact that caused me to chuckle when, a few weeks later, I clicked on a link that poolboi blu sent me, only to get hit with a remix of that very track.  Like all of the other remixes, this one is dope, and the added bonus of it being a guilty pleasure song makes it hit a little different.  Definitely check this one out, share it around for others to do the same, and keep checking in for poolboi blu in 2020, as I imagine he will keep the hits coming.