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Blu Thunder :: Poolboi Blu Shows Up And Shows Out For ‘Sound In Color’ Part 2

With the possibility of COVID-19 taking a downturn stateside, a slow return to whatever will constitute the new normal could happen if people are responsible.  With this scenario in mind, I’ve been spending my time thinking about the inevitable transition back into whatever the live music scene looks like moving forward, and I get curious about who’s been complacent versus who’s been working and staying ready to jump in the game once it’s on.  Clearly, poolboi blu is hungry to get his momentum going again, and while he’s always in the studio, his recent appearance on Sound In Color Part 2 is proof that he’s stayed stage ready as well.  In the span of about half an hour, poolboi covers old and new tracks from JubileeRain of the SquidsAntsy and more, and thanks to the efforts of Andres MeloJulio FigueroaEvan K of Seize the Means Productions and Abel Ibarra, the Dktr N9ne & Friends Present production of Sound In Color looks like a million bucks.  Definitely check it out, give it all the like, comment, subscribe and notification bell action, and spread it around so your people can do the same.


Monster Hunter :: Poolboi Blu Gets Cinematic With SoundCloud Exclusive Track ‘10.31.20(demo)’

The homie poolboi blu should’ve dropped this one back on Halloween, but I’d imagine that he sat on it due to COVID-19‘s impact on the world.  That being said, 10.31.20(demo) is a pretty catchy track… the beat is a touch sinister and a touch trickster, and you can tell that poolboi blu is vibing on his vocal performance while clearly entertaining himself heavily.  This one was a total surprise, but definitely a pleasant one… go check it out, leave a like and a comment if you’re feeling it, and share it around, especially this Halloween!


Freedom Sounds :: Poolboi Blu Goes Off With ‘Jubilee’

You can always count on quality from the homie poolboi blu, but he really and truly left it all on the table for listeners on jubilee, his newest release.  Before you even hit play, the cover artwork by Tafari Diop takes you to an emotionally moving place (or at least it did for me), and this immediately took me back to a time of nostalgia when a powerful album cover was enough for me to invest my money in an album or tape, regardless of whether I’d heard it or not.  When it comes to poolboi blu, as mentioned before, I knew it was going to be good, and it’s obvious that my man has spent his time during COVID-19 sharpening and expanding his skill set.  Not only does this project continue his trend of providing a variety of soundscapes, but all of it bangs, and the sample choices used (in terms of vocal snippets) are money.  If you can spare a few bucks, definitely cop this one asap, but regardless, share it around for everyone to enjoy!


Raw Talk :: Benji Alx Connects With Poolboi Blu For ‘Hardcore Championship’

The dynamic duo of Benji Alx and Poolboi Blu are back at it again like a Texas version of Pete Rock & CL Smooth.  Poolboi Blu is quickly building himself a case as a go to producer, and Benji is one of the first artists to consistently use this cheat code.  Their latest single, Hardcore Championship, is some on point Benji braggadocio flow over an off-kilter, nerves-inducing track that is a bit different than what we’ve come to know Poolboi for.  If this collaboration results in both of these artists continuing to push their creative boundaries, I’m here for it.  Dig the track on your favorite streaming service, and share it with your people!


Sample Dosage :: Poolboi Blu Preps For New Release By Releasing ‘Songs For Shinji’


Whenever poolboi blu decides he’s ready to be in album mode, it’s a blessing for us listeners, because that almost always means we get a handful of smaller projects before the inevitable big release.  This time around, the first volley is songs for shinji, a trio of tracks that I would not be surprised hearing on one of those YouTube 24 hour streaming channels of lo-fi beats.  The energy is higher while keeping a mellow mood, and the sound is popping out of the speakers large scale.  If this is a sneak preview of what’s to come, then I know we’ve got some high quality tune-age on the horizon.  Props to poolboi blu for remaining focused in such a turbulent time, as all of us stand to reap those sonic rewards.


No Relation :: Benji Alx Snaps On ‘It’s Not Your Boy’


One wonderful bonus of having a talented network of friends and peers is that everything dope and creative ends up on your radar.  With the homie poolboi blu out carving a major name for himself in the Central Texas area, I make sure that I stay attentive to his posts and support them when I can, so when he posted that he’d produced nearly half of the recent Benji Alx release It’s Not Your Boy, I had to check it out on general principle.  I’d always been a fan of Benji Alx‘s way of mixing his laid back nature with an aggressive edge, but I was in no way, shape or form prepared for the lyrical and stylistic onslaught he brought to the table for this one.  I could sprinkle praiseworthy adjectives on this project all day, but it’s best to go ahead and check this one out for yourself, and then reserve it a spot on your local year-end lists, as it’s almost certainly guaranteed to appear on a few.  It’s Not Your Boy is streaming and available for purchase in all the places, so go cop that asap.


Storm Session :: Poolboi Blu Drops ‘Rain Of The Squids’ Project


There’s no stopping poolboi blu when it comes to output… matter of fact, it seems like poolboi blu is outpacing the technology, which is struggling to keep up with the output of ideas.  Despite the short amount of time since the release of MasonRain of the Squids stands firm as its own project, and not an echo of the trilogy that Mason was part of.  The beats are a bit lusher, but they still manage to keep that signature aesthetic and vibe the has become poolboi blu‘s signature.  The writing really stands out, with many different styles and deliveries presented that cover a wide range of topics in a short run, including references to WatchmenBlack Mirror, and a many more (some obvious, some layered).  Definitely don’t sleep on this one, share it around, and donate if you can.


Sweet Nothings :: Poolboi Blu Drops ‘Flex With You’ Single


It’s been said before, and I’ll say it again : poolboi blu is always up to something, and always working towards something.  After dropping a trio of projects in the past 18sh months, you’d think that there would be some sort of low-key period, but poolboi blu is having none of that.  His latest single, Flex With You, is a mellow track with poolboi‘s version of R&B energy… propping someone up, showering them with gifts and affection, and making moves in tandem.  Like the lion’s share of his work, this one is on point, so definitely check it out, download it, leave a buck or two if you can, and share it around!


Infinity Pool :: Poolboi Blu Drops ‘Judas’ Single


I’m starting to think that poolboi blu has an endless supply of tracks in the chamber, and he is basically just sitting on projects while the rest of us are drumming up ideas.  In the midst of dropping multiple projects in the past 18 or so months, working with artists like SiCk tHots, dropping s i n c e r e RADIO mixes and selling beats, poolboi is also adding to his own catalog continuously.  The latest track, Judas, plays like a spell he is casting on the listener, with his chant-like verse echoing personal reflection and dropping metaphors on separating from the pack.  The track is currently up on streaming site, so check it out, throw it on some playlists and share it with your friends!


Vibe Check :: Poolboi Blue Drops ‘Sincere (Volume 014)’ Mix


We’ve got another edition of s i n c e r e R A D I O live and broadcasting courtesy of poolboi blu, and in keeping with the track record, sincere (volume 014) is fire.  In my opinion, the last run has been a bit more on the mellow side, but this one hits the ground running.  There’s lots of focus on hip-hop, and what sounds like a touch of Tame Impala sprinkled throughout.  Check out the mix, leave a like and a comment, and share it around, because it’s fire.  If you find yourself in the San Marcos area tonight, come check us both out at The Porch while we do alternating DJ sets.