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Medicine Man :: Poolboi Blu Flips The ‘Sicko Mode’ Flip


You knew that poolboi blu had to sneak one more dart in on us before 2019 wrapped up.  This time around, rather than remixing something on the up and coming or underground side, poolboi blu goes for the gusto by taking one of the world’s biggest artist’s guest verse on one of the biggest songs of recent memory.  With astropoolboi blu puts a smoother edge on the ominous Drake verse from SICKO MODE, and the results are interesting.  With room to breathe provided by a bed of synths, Drake sounds more like an aged don than a rudeboy, all things to the mood flip courtesy of poolboi blu.  Check out the remix, cop it if you’ve got an extra buck, share it around for others to hear, and keep an ear out for it in mixes!


Expensive Tastes :: Poolboi Blu Flips ‘Gucci’


Trying to guess what poolboi blu is going to remix next is like a little game… you never know where he may get the inspiration for his next flip.  I often wonder if San Marcos has a bit of a hive mind at times, or a collective sense, because a few weeks back the Beats Bingo crew and myself did a round that focused on clothing, which allowed me to sneak Gucci Gucci by Kreayshawn on the playlist.  It was that fact that caused me to chuckle when, a few weeks later, I clicked on a link that poolboi blu sent me, only to get hit with a remix of that very track.  Like all of the other remixes, this one is dope, and the added bonus of it being a guilty pleasure song makes it hit a little different.  Definitely check this one out, share it around for others to do the same, and keep checking in for poolboi blu in 2020, as I imagine he will keep the hits coming.


Sure Shots :: Poolboi Blu Drops ‘Sincere (Volume 012)’ And ‘Retail’ Single


It’s no secret that I’m a fan of poolboi blu‘s s i n c e r e RADIO, and a big factor in my support is his song variety.  For sincere (volume 012), the homie continued to bring the variety to the table, but the lion’s share of the mix contains banger after banger from emerging and established hip-hop artists of the few years.  According to the man himself, this mix was a fast-track used to lift him and carry him through a recent patch of ups, downs and whirlwinds that life throws us through.  If you’re looking for a shot of energy in audio form, this one comes highly recommended, so definitely check it out, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for others to do the same.

EDIT : Between the completion of this post and the date it was scheduled to drop, my man poolboi blu dropped a surprise single out of nowhere.


I swear that the homie may have just written and released the independent artist national anthem… all of us are praying that we don’t backslide into the rat race, as once you get a taste of that creative life, it’s hard to go back to the square world.


High Powered :: Poolboi Blu Continues The Run With ‘Ramen’


It’s official.  If you see poolboi blu mentioned in the title of one of my blog entries, read the article if you want.  The important thing to do, from this point on, is just to trust that the content is fire.  Ramen is poolboi blu just showing out at this point… after dropping DIXIE, a unique mixture of personal reflection and textured bangers, Ramen is a straight sonic flex.  The beat is fire, the rhyme is fire, the delivery is fire, and the cover is an instant classic.  It’s getting hard to come up with new adjectives, so just check the track out for yourself, pass it around, and get ready to hear this one on a lot of my mixes.


Double Dive :: SiCK THoTS And Poolboi Blu Reconnect For ‘Easside’


What happens when you connect musically, and it sounds dope?  Naturally, you do it again.  Funny enough, SiCK THoTS and poolboi blu must agree, because they recently dropped dual singles in support of their respective projects.  Nites and Weekends showcased the range that will be found on poolboi‘s upcoming project DIXIE, and it seems like SiCK THoTS convinced the homie to collab on Easside, their latest single.  The song is a laid-back powerhouse, perfectly capturing the feeling of kicking it late night in East Austin, be it a good or bad night.  I feel like this one is going to get a lot of play from me, especially while I’m on the road, so do yourself a favor and check it out on your favorite streaming service as well.


Poolboi’s Game :: Poolboi Blu Drops ‘ENDER’ Single


poolboi blu‘s latest single may be titled Ender, but he’s certainly not playing any games.  His last single showed range, but Ender is a display of growth in terms of poolboi‘s lyrical content and delivery.  With each rap song the homie releases, I see the confidence and skill growing, and I’m all here for it.  Keep your eyes open for DIXIE, because it’s definitely going to be a banger and a half.  Go check out Ender on your favorite streaming service, and encourage others to do the same.


Introductory Rate :: Poolboi Blu Teases ‘DIXIE’ Release With First Single, ‘Nites & Weekends’


Just when I think I have poolboi blu figured out, he goes and throws me a curveball.  After a successful run with ANTSY that showcased his creative and brand growth, his confidence grew visibly with each live show and mix release.  In my mind, with DIXIE in the queue and ready to go, I’d figure poolboi would’ve dropped a track flexing on everyone, but instead, we get the highly polished Nites & Weekends, a dancier track featuring guest vocalist SiCK THoTS.  I’m surprised in all the best ways, pleasantly so, and my excitement for what poolboi blu has in store for DIXIE has just multiplied.  Check out Nites & Weekends, leave a like and a comment, and spread it around for others to check out as well!