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Short Scares :: ‘The Witching Hour’ Releases Just In Time For Halloween Weekend

We promised you The Witching Hour the other day when the trailer dropped, and as promised, Marina Flores and Joseph Santa Cruz have delivered!  The film, starring Paulina Vela, is a fun dose of 1970s and early 1980s inspired horror that’ll certainly help you get in the mood for the upcoming Halloween weekend.  Check it out, leave a comment and a like if you dig it, and share it around so everyone can get into the spooky mood!



Monster Hunter :: Poolboi Blu Gets Cinematic With SoundCloud Exclusive Track ‘10.31.20(demo)’

The homie poolboi blu should’ve dropped this one back on Halloween, but I’d imagine that he sat on it due to COVID-19‘s impact on the world.  That being said, 10.31.20(demo) is a pretty catchy track… the beat is a touch sinister and a touch trickster, and you can tell that poolboi blu is vibing on his vocal performance while clearly entertaining himself heavily.  This one was a total surprise, but definitely a pleasant one… go check it out, leave a like and a comment if you’re feeling it, and share it around, especially this Halloween!


Halloween Havoc :: Bitforce And Joshua Lopez Combine Forces For ‘Descendants Of Belmont’


With the expansive nature of video games, taken in part with the insane skill level of Bitforce, you can pretty much guarantee that these guys have a song that can cover most any holiday or occasion.  For Halloween, the guys went the extra mile by teaming up with guest guitarist Joshua Lopez of Sonic Boom for Descendants of Belmont, a medley of songs from the canon of Castlevania games.  In fact, the guys took that extra mile and went an additional extra mile on top of that by dropping a music video, just in time for all you spooky boys and girls to enjoy during the fright night!

Getting a double-down like this is like finding that house that gives out full size candy bars, or finding a group of unsuspecting kids to shoot roman candles at without fear of getting caught… it’s like the best of both worlds.  Grab the track if you can, and definitely like, comment on and share the video, and most importantly, be safe out there this Halloween night!