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Bitforce Fever :: Bitforce Release ‘Nerdcore And Beyond’


I know.. I know.. I’m late to the party on this one.  I promised to keep all of you in the loop of Bitforce‘s sophomore release when I first mentioned the album art.  Quiet as kept, things have been busy in my world, which is good for me, but sometimes bad for my blog.  I certainly had no intent on forgetting to post about the release of Nerdcore and Beyond, seeing as how Bitforce has upgraded in terms of notoriety, costuming and skill.  There are tons of wonderful and familiar video game, anime and other nerd culture songs on this release, so do yourself a favor and deep dive.  These cats aim to please, and they rarely miss.



World Premier :: Bitforce Unviels Second Album Artwork

Spring 2017 will see the release of Bitforce‘s new project, Nerdcore and Beyond.  This week, the band took to YouTube to unveil the cover art for the project, done by artist Daniel Hill of Danji Designs.  Check it out, get excited for that upcoming album, and go find older Bitforce music and videos to hold you over until then.


Boss Beats :: Bitforce Kills At Classic Game Fest 2016

Bitforce is a collective of amazing musicians that could have easily taken the traditional musical paths and made an impact.  This trio, however, decided to take things one step further, and they use their musical chops to embrace their love of video games.  They recently put on a killer set at Classic Game Fest 2016 in Austin, and we are lucky enough to have had the entire thing captured and presented for us to forever enjoy.. so please do so!