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Hi-Res Revolution :: Bitforce Prepares For Self-Titled Release With ‘Wildfire Fox’

When it comes to the brave new musical frontier that is Nerdcore, the range of diverse artists can be breathtaking.  One of my favorite outfits of all, however, is the power-packed trio of Bitforce, a heavy-metal band with a penchant for beefing up the chip-tunes we’ve all come to know and love from our gaming experiences.  With their latest album, the self-titled Bitforce, set for release in December, the band has started releasing singles, and the first is the triumphant sounding Wildfire Fox.  I’m always down for the way that Bitforce is able to reshape and beef up songs I’ve come to know and love from countless hours of gaming, so I’m definitely excited about their upcoming release.  Check out the new track, pre-order the full length if the single moves you, and always support your local creatives!


Master Entertainment :: LucioPro Stops By ‘Rappers Playing Games’

Rapper, entertainer, comedian and motorcycle enthusiast LucioPro recently stopped by Baby Lion‘s Rappers Playing Games (RPG), hosted by Protextor, to play some Ninja Gaiden II and speak on a random set of topics, including his interest.  The pair blaze through the first few levels of the game, talk about the differences between rich time-off and poor time-off, speak on LucioPro‘s releases (NerdCore and otherwise), and genuinely share moments of inspiration.  (RPG) is always a blast to watch, and LucioPro continues the lineage of interesting guests, so if you’re digging the series like I am, be sure to like, comment and share this video (and any other Baby Lion content you might like).