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Pace Setter :: New Tunes From Kal.Kal Now Streaming


Kal.Kal is back at it again on the beat tape tip, it seems.  Not too long ago, he dropped a pair of new tracks : the equal parts hard hitting and airy Ahead, with it’s interesting Secretariat-based vocal sample hiding in its midst; and Settle, the deceptively mellow track that almost immediately amps up the energy while remaining as spacey and airy as its companion counterpart.  I’m always down for the beats that Kal.Kal cooks up, and for him to drop a pair that he feels are Spotify (and the like) levels of quality gives me solace that more work, or perhaps a new release, may be on the way.



Earth Songs :: Suzanna Choffel’s ‘Song For The Lost Mommas’


I could break down the beauty of Suzanna Choffel‘s Song for the Lost Mommas, but seeing as Suzanna has done so quite eloquetly already, I’ll let her speak on it :

‘I wrote this song about a year after becoming a mother when I was still trying to figure out who this new version of myself was.  Motherhood is the biggest change & shock I have experienced in life, beautiful in so many ways, but adjusting to that change can really mess with your head and your heart.  This song is truly for all the mamas feeling so lost and a bit crazy out there…you got this.’

Check out the track, share it around to those who can use the encouragement, and always support your local artists (and mommas)!


Big Talk :: Jeffrey Garcia Talks ‘Radio Candy’ On The Atomic Radio Hour

I love seeing my man Jeffrey Garcia doing big things, because his vision is unmatched, and his motivation to create these visions is unflappable.  Recently, he dropped by the Atomic Radio Hour to speak on Radio Candy, his other films, and the other things that influence his creative process.  Over the course of the hour-plus long chat, we get some insight into both the host and the filmmaker, so definitely give it a listen, a share and a comment!


Heart Felt :: Wevo Lorng Gets Real On ‘Can Ya Blame Me??’


San Marcos hip-hop artist Wevo Lorng popped up on my timeline recently, and being one that’s always looking for something/someone new to post about, I figured I’d check it out.  What I wasn’t ready for, however, was a high quality production with some serious feeling behind it, but that’s EXACTLY what I got with can ya blame me??  This track, despite it’s low key start, feels heavy right from the beginning, and once the tape$ produced track hits that higher intensity, Wevo lets his soul out all over the track.  Definitely gonna have to include this one in my vibey mixes for the unforeseeable future.  Check it out, share it around, and leave a comment on your favorite part of the track!


Making Moves :: Bird Peterson Remixes ‘Hurry Up And Wait’ By The Vapor Caves


The Vapor Caves are a group with some weight behind the name already, and they have a penchant for getting their already on-point songs remixed, so why not grab another giant like Bird Peterson to get involved?  That, my friends, is exactly what happened for Hurry Up and Wait, and needles to say, Bird Peterson came through.  His drum and bass approach amps up the BPMs, but it somehow manages to let Yadira Brown‘s vocals (and the vocoder work of BoomBaptist) really stretch their legs and move around within the high energy track.  The collective even put together a quick promo clip for fun :

Check out the video and track, share them around, leave a like and a comment on the video, and definitely cop that track if you have an extra digital buck or two laying around!


Night Terrors :: Chris Conde Drops Official Video For ‘Dividing Lines’

The world is currently in Chris Conde‘s palm, and every opportunity presented seems to be getting knocked out the park.  After a brief tour stint with CeschiFactor ChandelierSammus and Armand Hammer, an opening spot for Ashanti, and a re-release of Growing Up Gay on a French label (hopefully with touring support overseas on the horizon), Conde dropped a video in support of the re-release to make things official.  Dividing Lines plays like Taxi Driver at the onset (which had me automatically hooked), with visions of a bleak society set to the night sky and neon lights, all narrated by Conde with sharp wit and observation.  Once free from the confines of the taxi (and accompanied by dawn in the distance), the observational aspect takes front and center, with the bars being reflective and motivational at the same time.  Definitely a classic vid, so check it out, share it, leave a like and a comment, and keep supporting your local creatives!


Tight Squeeze :: Juicy The Emissary Gets Summer Jam Crazy With ‘That Thang Is Juicy’


2019 summer is about to be crazy… I can tell, because everyone is putting their best foot forward early, and we’ve got a long way to go.  Juicy the Emissary is no stranger to the remix, and his latest track is a mellow summer-style jam that takes some classic Project Pat lyricism and re-contextualizes it in a way that will more than likely put an automatic smile on your face.  This one should definitely be in consideration for your heavy rotation, so share it around, get the download (and the bonus track), and leave a buck or two if you’re feeling generous!