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Stage Life :: Voodoo Boogaloo And Stevens High School Theater Combine Forces For ‘The Portal’

San Antonio-based psychadelic duo Voodoo Boogaloo are definitely anything but traditional or run of the mill.  Their spacious, infectious music is only matched by their magnetic and loving personalities, leading to their circle of creative friends being vast and diverse.  For one of their more well-known songs, The Portal, the Stevens High School Theater company went above and beyond to provide them with a video… the group created an entire performance piece, including costuming and lighting, that perfectly encompasses the otherworldly, spiritual and mysterious nature of Voodoo Boogaloo.  This is definitely the type of music video that makes me jealous with how proud I am of the final product.  Most certainly worthy of your shares, likes and comments.



Riding Waves :: Dr. Bobby Banner, MPC Prescribes Us A Dosage Of ‘SYN’

Austin-based beatsmith and musician Dr. Bobby Banner, MPC (a major portion of the Ndelible Ink collective) has just laced us with something special in the form of SYN.  The song, and its accompanying video, are a wonderful mix of hypnotic instrumentation, mesmerizing fractals and fun with a beautiful free spirit.  The music video plays more like an abstract piece of art, taking you on an emotional set of stimuli that is visually and audibly pleasing.  Banner and the crew have been known to drop quality work, but this in particular stands out as something special.. a bright diamond in a pile of diamonds, if you will.  Definitely keep your eyes and ears out for more from the crew, give the video a like/share/comment, and keep supporting that Texas dopeness.


True Stories :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Releases ‘A Memoir Called Noir’


In the immortal words of Rakim, ‘it’s been a long time…’.  After nearly 3 years, one of the longest breaks in between projects I’ve ever taken, comes the release of A Memoir Called Noir, the latest self-written and self-produced output from Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice.  This time around the beats are a bit darker, and the lyrics are more forthright and honest than usual.  Dynamite verbal assists are included from Kazee Queen and BERNICHUS.  Thanks to the good homey at Frownland Records, this album (and all of my other albums) are available on every digital streaming/storefront service your little heart could desire, so don’t sleep on the project.  For those about to support, we salute you.


Animated Action :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Drops ‘Gut Feeling’ Video

We gotta keep folks guessing when it comes to the creativity.  I’ve been dropping the DoomFace art for years now, and I’ve been trying to figure out ways to progress things.  With the creation of DOOMonFILM, it seemed like an opportunity to do something new, and that is where the idea of the talking DoomFace originated.  Rather than sit on the idea forever, I wanted to see how it looked, and with no music video output for This Town Has Turned To Dust on the slate, it was time to do some quick thinking.  The result was the weirdo masterpiece you see above you, and it will hopefully be the start of a bigger YouTube presence that is unique from the legions of creators already out there.  If you dig the video, give it a like, share and a comment, and throw a subscribe in there while you’re at it.  Every little bit helps.


Pain Embraced :: Unusuals Works It Out With ‘EVERYTHING HURTS.’


Unusuals just dropped a gem on us with the full-length banger If You’re Waiting Till We’re Dead, Don’t Bother Listening., and now he’s back at it again with a fresh new batch of singles hitting the airwaves.  EVERYTHING HURTS. is the first of the batch to see the light of day, and it’s a somber tone with several movements that capture that feeling of a downward spiral with occasional gasps for air in the mix.  The drum programming is tight as hell (as always), but it’s the string juxtapositions that really make this track work… the orchestral stings play well off of the bass that meanders through the track in an Eeyore-like fashion.  This one would definitely be a good piece for a film score or something similar.  Props to Unusuals for keeping the good tunes coming.


Moving On :: Poolboi Blu Connects With Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice For ‘Cloudy’ Music Video

It’s been a long time coming, but poolboi blu and Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice have reconnected!  After poolboi blu‘s starring role in Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice‘s second short film, HELP ME, the two have been scheming on working together again.  The opportunity has presented itself in the form of cloudy, the second single from poolboi blu‘s latest release, horseplay.  The song and video are an exploration on learning to embrace the moment even when memories of the past remain.  Check it out, share it, give it a like, leave a comment, etc. etc., and let us know if you want more Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice directed videos for future poolboi blu output.


Systematic Breakdown :: Moodie Black Waxes Poetic On Free Thinking With ‘Freedom’ Video

Moodie Black has never been a crew afraid of taking a stance, and there has always been a sense of creative freedom fostered by K that was admittedly influenced by artists like Kanye West.  It should come as no surprise, then, that the latest video from the dynamite Lucas Acid, a little diddy about unrestricted thought and acceptance of self known as Freedom, would fall in an eerily similar trajectory with Kanye‘s latest batch of polarizing statements and actions, a fact which was not missed by in preparing the video and its rollout.  All of that jazz aside, this video is showing Moodie Black honing in on their well-developed aesthetic in a way that may finally be palatable to listeners and viewers that continue to front.  Then again, the information age does not equal the enlightenment era, so maybe artists like Moodie Black will continue to break new ground that will be recognized far too late.