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Priming Ignition :: Moodie Black Readies The Release Of ‘LUCASACID’

Moodie Black certainly marches to the beat of their own drummer, nobody can deny that.  The outfit continues to push the boundaries of what music can be and how it can affect the listener, both emotionally and intellectually.  With the upcoming release of LUCASACID on the horizon, has been extremely cognizant of providing enough information for the listener to be receptive to whatever the project will deliver.  Between the website, a visit on the Inside The Rapper’s Studio podcast with Jonathan Brown, and the long running Moodhouse podcast (now in its 4th season), anyone wanting to get hip can do so easily.  Word on the street is that the album can drop at anytime, and my advice is to be there when it does.



True Horror :: ‘The Bird Peterson Halloween Spooktacular’ Is Back For 2017

My man Bird Peterson has the holidays on lock, especially those in the final quarter of the year.  For anything remotely festive, you can count on a mix from Bird to not only capture the mood, but make you nod your head until your neck hurts.  For October 31 (and the surrounding fun days before and afterwards), make sure you’re throwing The Bird Peterson Halloween Spooktacular somewhere in the mix.


Second Wave :: My Latest Short Film, ‘HELP ME’, Now Streaming Online

Who knew that, out of all the genres of films I love, all the years I’ve dedicated to learning the craft, that the only thing I can apparently make are spooky movies?  What started simply as an idea of the visual of an abandoned home with a grossly outdated printer that kept producing cryptic messages has turned into something tangible that I can be proud of.  HELP ME essentially put itself together… it was one of the most uniquely organic projects I have ever worked on.

Thank you to Delano Taylor, Kelsey Huckaby and Colton Ferguson for believing in the vision and turning words on a page into characters an audience can connect with.  Thank you to David Marrs for always being supportive, and for allowing us to use a location that became the true star of the show.  Thank you to Soda Diet and More Eaze for allowing the use of your music… it brought an entirely new degree of engagement to the project.  Thank you to Steve Jones for jumping in on the project and earning an upgrade from script supervisor credit to producer credit… you brought some good stuff to the table.  Thank you to the Lost River Film Festival for allowing us to submit, and for granting it Honorable Mention status.


And thank you to you, the individual who will hopefully watch it, share it, like it and leave a comment.  The project was made for the YouTube faithful, as I have been among your ranks for years now.  Here’s to many more coming, and here’s to bigger and better projects in the future.


Double Dosage :: Jeffrey Garcia And The PNTHN Combine Once Again, Release ‘NOSFERATU’

The combination of filmmaker Jeffrey Garcia and hip-hop thinktank The PNTHN are truly becoming a force to be reckoned with.  This go-round, collective members Ra and Jedi Chancellor rock the track NOSFERATU (off their upcoming project [from disorder…]), and Jeffrey Garcia provides them with the perfect moody aesthetics to match.  If you aren’t in the loop for these collaborative videos, you are really and truly missing out.


Upstream Color :: Delano Taylor Drops ‘Swimfan’


With each drop, Delano Taylor continues to solidify his position on my list of favorite producers ever.  The variety of sound that he can bring from song to song is inspiring, and on swimfan, he manages to throw some variety from section to section within a single song.  This is another one of his tracks that sounds as if it belongs in a film… one day, that’s going to be the case, and it may not even necessarily be one of my films… Delano Taylor is that good.  Download this one, throw him a buck or two if you can, and share it with everyone who has ears.


Consumer Products :: Juicy The Emissary Gets Down On ‘Attention Kmart Choppers’


Most of us familiar with the internet know how the first part of this story goes.  K-Mart used to play muzak in their stores.  A former employee took a look behind his local store’s customer service desk to check out the sound system, and he found some old cassettes featuring said muzak.  He collected them over time, uploaded an archive of them to the internet many years later, and the internet’s viral nature took care of the rest.

Many producers, myself included, marked that page as something to revisit, comb through and eventually mine for production material.  Lots of us talk, but action speaks louder than words, and Juicy the Emissary is a man of action.  He created a collection of beats from these lost tapes that would easily make me spend all of my time and money in whatever vestiges of Kmart are left in the US.  Attention K Mart Choppers is definitely worth your time and money… support creative cats doing creative things!


Standup Man :: Trae Crane + Lyrical Lemonade Drop ‘On My Own’ Video

My main man Click-Clack is constantly on point when it comes to knowing who is who and what’s what in the Austin hip-hop scene.  He recently threw out props to Austin-native Trae Crane‘s recent video for On My Own, and I instantly knew it was getting posted to the blog.  The song is catchy af, and the video (produced by Cole Bennett) is a standout without being overly flashy.  Chicago-based Lyrical Lemonade has gotten behind this piece, and the numbers show it… quality music, pushed properly, can make an impact.  Share it, like it, and keep supporting our scene(s)!