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Animal Instinct :: RC Random Drops ‘Diamond Shine’ With Help From LordKalvin

Houston-based artist LordKalvin has been at it for a few years, but 2018 has marked a transition from musician to full-fledged creative.  One of his recent standout collaborative works is the RC Random banger Diamond Shine, a reflection (no pun intended) about running on all creative cylinders.  The video, directed by LordKalvin, focuses on visual interpretation of the lyrics combined with a couple of well composed performance shots, easily burning the elements into our brain for easy recognition and quick recall, thus upping the replay factor.  This one is definitely a standout, so don’t hesitate to give it a like, a share and a comment.



Cosmic Slop :: Upper Reality Goes All In On ‘Holy Mountain Wata’ EP


The lyrical and production stylings of Upper Reality are some of the most genuine and soulful that you will find in the Austin area.  Her sound is reminiscent of quite the handful of heavy hitters… I get Sade and Georgia Anne Muldrow vibes, just to name a couple of comparable acts off the top.  Her production is textured, but allowed to breath at times, and her lyrical offerings fluctuate between down to earth singing and melodic MC’ng.  Holy Mountain Wata, for an EP, is bringing a ton to the table, and is definitely worth your attention.  Give it a like, a listen, a comment and a share for sure.


Lab Work :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Initiates ‘Escapism’ Mix Series With 2 Releases





Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice stays busy with a diverse range of talents and exploits, but a key part of that business is making sure that none of the disciplines suffer as the palette expands.  Recently, in celebration of the steady growth that the Escapism Plan Friday night residency at Tantra Coffeehouse has seen, Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice took to the lab to start curating small mixes for promotional use and listener enjoyment.  Dubbed the Escapism series, each mix will feature a unique focus on top of Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice‘s signature DJ skill and execution.  The covers will also feature the photography of Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice.

Late Night Drive is a down-tempo collection of pop songs, electronic songs, R&B songs and instrumentals meant to put miles on the road for you.  Sonic Enlightenment features the works of independent (and largely Texas-based) producers such as Unusuals, members of the (in)Sect Records and Exploded Drawing family), Yppah, edison and poolboi blu.

If you dig what you hear, then make sure to keep your eyes and ears open for follow-up releases to the series, and don’t be afraid to request or recommend a mix you’d like to hear.


More Momentum :: PNTHN Keeps Making Moves, Drops ‘RICO’


PNTHN has been making all the right moves the last couple of years on their path to success.  The collective, who started with a handful of songs and solid videos, found themselves getting blog placements, opening for touring acts, and winning contests, including placement at this year’s A3C convention in Atlanta.  With that trip coming up, it makes sense that the crew would drop a new EP to keep listeners happy and potential new fans intrigued.  RICO is a seven track collaboration with producer Romby that allows folks more insight into the lives and inner-workings of the crew, and a snapshot of their growth.  At this rate, I’m definitely looking forward to the next full length and the subsequent music video outpout that RICO will inevitably lead to.  As always, check out the EP, give it a like, a comment and a share, and keep supporting your local creatives!


Taking Action :: BlackLight And Ricki Savage Connect For ‘Crying AF’ Music Video

These days, it seems that the simple act of existing as a minority in a tension-filled society is one filled with paranoia… fear of systematic oppression, fear of violence at the hands of those meant to serve and protect, and fear of being judged unjustly are all very real concerns that have always been around, and that continue to be relevant as the times supposedly change.  Austin-based MC BlackLight, along with collaborator and fellow MC Ricki Savage, dove into this reality musically via BlackLight‘s track Crying AF, and with human rights rallies popping up in Austin, it only seemed right that footage from those rallies should be used in conjunction with their story for a music video.  The pair manage to show how art and reality often intertwine and imitate one another, as large numbers of people are shown uniting for the very same things that the pair are rapping about.  Definitely help these guys spread this much needed message via a like, comment and a share to their video, and never forget to support your local creators.


Stepping Up :: Alesia Lani Aims To Wow TRCoA With ‘Pay Me No Mind’ Performance

The journey of Alesia Lani from striving R&B performer to a force on the scene continues to gain momentum as time moves forward.  This summer, she made an attempt at a huge step forward by taking part in an opportunity for a sizable grant from The Recording Conservatory of Austin.  Part of this attempt included an in-studio performance of Pay Me No Mind, a strong composition about how important respect is when it comes to love.  With the help of her band and backing singers (plus a little bit of narrative footage edited in), Alesia Lani blew the roof off of TRCoA‘s sound stage.  The performance is a fun one, and the confidence running throughout is truly inspiring.  Check it out, leave a like, share and comment, and be sure to keep supporting your local creatives!


Muscle Memory :: Virgil Wolfe And Daroundhero Reconnect For ‘It’s Just Distance’


Virgil Wolfe and Big Lo have been on a songwriting tear recently, so a new track from that neck of the woods is no surprise.  What makes It’s Just Distance so special is that it marks the first collaboration between Virgil Wolfe and Daroundhero in nearly a decade.  The energy between these two on the track is kinetic, and with Big Lo‘s off-kilter jazz-influenced beat as the driving force, the two emcees trade bars and hook duty as good as the cats from Project Blowed used to get down.  Tracks like these remind me of my transition from fan to artist in the early to mid-1990’s, strictly because tracks like these, tracks with so much love emanating from them, being performed by people in very similar situations to myself, let me know that the only hurdle to creative expression was a personal one.  Hopefully this collaboration between these old friends is not a one-off, and we don’t have to wait another eight years for a follow-up track.  Definitely check this one out, share it around, and leave it a like and/or comment.