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Wonder Years :: Notes Floats Gets It On ‘Same Page’

Quality and consistency.  That’s what we’ve come to expect from Notes Floats.  Dude has been in the beats and rhymes game for ages, and in this time, he has developed a culture.. a presentation.. an aura that speaks his brand.  His latest music video, Same Page, seems to capture his aesthetic perfectly, and it fits into his video canon very nicely.  Give it a watch, give it a like, and give it a share or comment (or both)!


Strange Fiction :: EVOLVE Drops ‘Life’s A…’ Visual

Props to EVOLVE for being both one of the hardest working cats in the game and one of the folks most willing to collaborate with others.  His latest project, in fact, will be a series of collaborative songs with many, many recognizable names in the hip-hop gamut.  The first single, Life’s A…, features Deacon the Villian (of CunninLynguists fame) and JunClassic, and your’s truly was lucky enough to get the call for producing a music video.  ‘Public domain science fiction’ would describe the motif, but believe me, this track is dope.  Check it out, give it a like, and give it a share!


Forever Fresh :: DJ Baby G’s ‘Bomb-Ass Mixtape’ Vols. 1 & 2 Resurface

1994, my freshman year of high school.  Hip hop had recently turned super gangster, but as a teenager on the fringe of becoming a young man, I already had dreams of partaking in the hip-hop culture in any way that I could find to help sustain the fullness of the culture.  It was right around this time that a homeboy laced me with a DJ Baby G mixtape entitled Bomb-Ass Mixtape 2, and my mind was blown.  I knew a handful of things instantly : I needed turntables and a mixer ASAP, there has to be a Bomb-Ass Mixtape 1 in existence in order for there to be a part 2, and I needed to find out where I could cop these mixtapes and records.  Some pavement work resulted in the discovery of Alien Records (then on 15th street), and the rest was history.  A journey that I am still taking part in was put in motion.  Here we are, almost 25 years later, and these tapes still sound wonderful.  DJ Baby G still gets down behind the ones and twos.  And hip hop is bigger than any of us could have imagined.


Street Knowledge :: Mindz Of A Different Kind Drop Visuals For ‘All I Know’

Mindz of a Different Kind (MDK) started off as a powerhouse of a crew.. four extremely talented MCs who pooled their collective resources and vision to form a united front.  Time, however, has revealed new things out of this union.. a strong sense of self-respect from each member, as well as an obvious mutual respect among the collective.. a growth in the confidence and the content of their material.. a visual aesthetic that promotes growth and ideas while being reflective of days past.. All I Know, the lead single from the recent EP release Borderlinez, encompasses all of these things brilliantly.  Word on the street is that there’s a short film in the works.. be on the lookout for No Sleep No Breaks when it drops.. I know I’ll be.


Self-Motivation :: Wallaby And Bobbes Drop ‘Moving Forward’ Visual

Props to Wallaby and Bobbes for always coming with quality beats and rhymes.  Moving Forward is a self-made effort all the way around, from song to video concept, and these guys are proving that they can get it done on their own.  Imagine what would happen if a label decided to invest in these cats?


Spread Love :: Chisme Drops In On Radio Concuss

Earlier this year, the homies Chisme out of San Antonio hit the road, and among their stops was Seattle.  While out there exploring, one of their stops was Radio Concuss, and the fellas blessed the station with a live performance that was wonderfully captured.  Check it… dynamite stuff.


Home Grown :: Mindz Of A Different Kind (MDK)’s ‘BORDERLINEZ’ EP Now Available


Bars, beats, culture and family would be key elements that describe Austin-based collective Mindz of a Different Kind (MDK).  After a prolific 2016, the crew is right back at it with an EP for spring 2017.  BORDERLINEZ finds the crew reaching out to non-Texas based producers, while at the same time turning the mirror inwards to reflect on their place in the grand scheme.  A pleasant surprise of a project that slipped right by me, I’m happy that I did discover it eventually.. better late than never.