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Freedom Sounds :: Kydd Jones Releases Highly Anticipated ‘Onyx D’Or (No More Waiting)’

Staying Fly :: Kydd Jones & Quin NFN Contemplate Elevating On ‘Jet Seats’

Running Things :: Kydd Jones Goes Big On Self-Affirmation With ‘Sprinter’

There’s never been a debate (to my knowledge) on whether or not Kydd Jones is confident in his skill, and with his latest single (the immediately catchy banger Sprinter), we can now be comfortable in knowing that Kydd is wholly confident in himself as well.  With 13 singles already under his belt in 2021, that shouldn’t have been up for debate anyway, but if it was, Sprinter would stand as the closing argument with Kydd‘s symbolic ruminations on putting distance between him and the pack, him needing a rear-view mirror to see said competition, and his forward momentum all hitting just as hard as the NIP Productions beat he’s flowing to.  Pretty much all of this work has been memorable, but Sprinter is definitely high on my list of favorites.  If you dig it like I dig it, cop it if you’ve got a spare buck, stream it on your favorite service, and definitely share it around for all to enjoy.


Major Moves :: Kydd Jones And Company Visualize ‘Elon Musk’

You’ve already heard me give Kydd JonesTank WashingtonBryson Brown and the homie Butcher Bear props for Kydd‘s recent single Elon Musk, so it’s definitely good to see a video dropped that matches the quality of the track.  Under a beautiful Austin sky under what appears to be one of the handful of properties that Musk has acquired in the city (don’t quote me on that though), Jones and crew perform the track while equally dope artist Cory Kendrix does his thing on the video production side as the director, cinematographer and editor.  Much love all around to everyone involved, and props for running up the numbers so quick… if you want to help get the video’s stats pumped up even higher, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for everyone to do the same.


Catching Up :: A Wave Of Content From Kydd Jones

Cats are making it hard to keep up this summer!  Above is the music video for TV On, a recent Kydd Jones drop that I posted about near the end of June.  Since this time, Kydd has not only dropped that video, but he has released five singles that I have yet to cover on the blog.  I believe that he’s dropping music on a weekly basis every Friday, so when this post goes live there will likely be a new song out, but if you click any of the five embed links below I’m sure you’ll find it : 


Triple Down :: Kydd Jones Releases Trio Of New Singles

Like many of the artists that I cover on this blog, Kydd Jones is seemingly always working on something new, so you usually don’t have to wait very long for something new to hit the streets.  I recently found myself in a bit of a delay on the blog, and in the time that the unplanned hiatus took place, Kydd dropped 3 different singles.  TV On is a mellow banger from TyOnDaTrack where his style emulates that feeling of catching random bits and pieces of information from a stimulus running in the background on a subliminal level.  Elon Musk, another strange but mellow banger courtesy of Butcher Bear (the homie), finds KyddTank Washington and Bryson Brown talking about personal evolution.  Native Tongue, the most recent of the batch, finds guest vocalist Y2 joining Kydd on a track by Haris Qureshi as they get vibey and abstract on what feels like an ode to an avatar meant to represent powerful feminine energy.  I’m hoping that this batch of singles means a project is on the way, because as always, the work is very strong and definitely worth checking out, so do so immediately!


Clearly Defined :: Kydd Jones, Fat Tony And BoomBaptist Go In For ‘What You Mean’

The homies Kydd Jones and BoomBaptist are already legends on the Texas scene, so seeing them connect with Houston heavy-hitter Fat Tony makes all the sense in the world.  For me, the best thing about this collaboration (via the recently release What You Mean single) is just how hard everyone involved is going.  Kydd Jones continues to explore and expand the range of his more melodic style that he has stepped into, while Fat Tony brings in some hardcore lyricism as a grounding element… all of this is given the foundation of a dope, lush and super moody track from BoomBaptist.  Plain and simple, don’t sleep on this one… cop it if you can, and pass it around regardless!


Motivated Moves :: Kydd Jones Releases “James Baldwin” Single And Clothing Line

From the digital desk of Kydd Jones

Kydd Jones teams up with fellow born and raised Austinite Bomani Ray Barton for their Black History Month anthem James Baldwin.  Inspired by the illustrious author, Jones has released a clothing line for this song in collaboration with artist Will Bryant and print label Raw Paw. The proceeds from sales of the James Baldwin t-shirts will go to a relief fund for students and staff of Austin Learning Academy as they deal with the aftermath of historic winter storms in the area.  Austin Learning Academy has operated as an educational nonprofit organization in East Austin for over 25 years. For more information on how to help Austin Learning Academy, please contact Toni Davis at contact@austinlearningacademy.com.”


Week Ender :: Kydd Jones Closes Out The Week With ‘Harpoon’ Release

Generally, I try to listen to tracks before I post about them on my blog, but in the case of Kydd Jones, his track record of quality material has earned him the right to get the auto-post.  This blog entry is serving as more of a reminder to myself to check out his new single Harpoon this weekend, but since I made this personal to-do list public, why not go ahead and check it out for yourself?


Coming Up :: TOKIE Talks Perseverance On ‘Backend’

As much as I’d love to kick Facebook to the curb, the time that I’ve spent building personal and working relationships with artists has turned my timeline into a fertile breeding ground for new and exciting content.  Recently, a post from Texas-based MC TOKIE came down the line due to his connections with Cory Kendrix and Kydd Jones, and after checking out Backend, his latest single and video, I’ll definitely be checking for more material.  With his smooth, sing-songy flow, TOKIE jumps on this drum and guitar-driven track and talks real talk about how beneficial it can be to stick to your grind in the wake of others abandoning theirs.  This one is definitely vibey as hell, so don’t sleep on it… check the video, leave a like and a comment, and share it around far and wide if you support Texas hip-hop.