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Crystalized Visual :: Kydd Jones Drops ‘Dripped Up’ Music Video On The Masses

A while back, I did a piece on the catchy Kydd Jones cut Dripped Up.  I’m happy to announce that Kydd has boomeranged back around with a dope video for the track.  The video has a solid, sleek and professional look, a reflection of all the progress and growth from Kydd‘s camp the last couple of years.  This one should definitely make some waves, so do your part by liking, sharing and commenting.



Fine Tuning :: Kydd Jones Drops ‘Brand New’ Via Kitsuné Hot Stream


If Kydd Jones doesn’t blow in 2018, I will be extremely surprised.  Over the past couple of years, he has honed in on a sound that is definitely working for him.  He is able to make music that fits in with the mainstream artist output while being able to remain true to himself and his artistic drive.  Brand New finds Kydd spitting bars about making moves and rising to the top even when those around you seem to change with a revolving-door level of frequency.  With a co-sign from Kitsuné Hot Stream, this one should definitely see some traction.  Don’t forget, however, to give it a like, a share and a comment, for the sake of Austin hip-hop.


Being There :: Kydd Jones Releases ‘Revenge’ Single


It’s another one from Kydd Jones, and it’s just further evidence that he is on a path towards growth, depth and expansion.  This go round covers a topic I know a bit too well… dedication in the face of a situation that does not turn out as expected.  Revenge is an oath that, despite you not being there for your reasons, Kydd will be there for you when it counts.  The track is a wonderfully slow burn, and I found myself giving it repeat listens with each visit.  At this point, I’m definitely curious to hear what his next full length will sound like.


Mind Reader :: Kydd Jones Gets ‘Dripped Up’ Dropped


This is some straight up solid work from the man known as Kydd Jones.  Not that his other work hasn’t been on point, but this song, in my humble opinion, is the kind of track that could make the charts right now.  Dripped Up finds Kydd dropping some sparse but strongly delivered bars over his own production, and this beat is moody as hell while still being moving.  Keep on growing, Kydd, and I won’t be surprised if the world is talking about you sooner than later.


Banger Factory :: Kydd Jones Drops ‘Nothing To Play With’


This song goes stupid hard.  One listen to Kydd Jones‘ new track Nothing To Play With makes me wonder if he isn’t secretly getting some Drake cash sent to him for ghostwriting, because this sounds like the kind of stuff I’ve been waiting for the so called self-proclaimed ‘Greatest Ever’ from Canada to come with.  That being said, I know I can always count on solid tracks and growth/evolution of style from Kydd.  This is just further validation of that fact.


Brain Food :: ‘H.A.F.’ By Click-Clack And Kydd Jones


Two of my Austin favorites, Click-Clack and Kydd Jones, have teamed up over Pack|Season production to create High As Fuck, a perfect sonic approximation of being lost in the loud.  Half confidence statements, half poetic musings on beautiful food, this is the kind of track that’ll stick in your head and grow on you.  It doesn’t hurt that both MCs drop great takes on the verses, each unique, over a track that morphs effortlessly between having room to breathe and being wonderfully dense.  Good stuff… hoping this is a sign of what’s to come, quality wise, on the next solo Click-Clack project.


The Virtue :: ‘Patience’ From Kydd Jones

It’s nice to see cats step out of their comfort zone.  I’m sure Kydd Jones could just keep dropping bars and beats if he wanted to, but Patience shows us that he is willing to follow whatever direction his spirit moves him.  This video is getting all sorts of attention, so don’t be the last to get hip.