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Running Things :: Kydd Jones Goes Big On Self-Affirmation With ‘Sprinter’

There’s never been a debate (to my knowledge) on whether or not¬†Kydd Jones is confident in his skill, and with his latest single (the immediately catchy banger¬†Sprinter), we can now be comfortable in knowing that¬†Kydd is wholly confident in himself as well.¬† With 13 singles already under his belt in¬†2021, that shouldn’t have been up for debate anyway, but if it was,¬†Sprinter would stand as the closing argument with¬†Kydd‘s symbolic ruminations on putting distance between him and the pack, him needing a rear-view mirror to see said competition, and his forward momentum all hitting just as hard as the NIP Productions beat he’s flowing to.¬† Pretty much all of this work has been memorable, but¬†Sprinter is definitely high on my list of favorites.¬† If you dig it like I dig it, cop it if you’ve got a spare buck, stream it on your favorite service, and definitely share it around for all to enjoy.


Major Moves :: Kydd Jones And Company Visualize ‘Elon Musk’

You’ve already heard me give¬†Kydd Jones,¬†Tank Washington,¬†Bryson Brown and the homie¬†Butcher Bear props for¬†Kydd‘s recent single¬†Elon Musk, so it’s definitely good to see a video dropped that matches the quality of the track.¬† Under a beautiful¬†Austin sky under what appears to be one of the handful of properties that¬†Musk has acquired in the city (don’t quote me on that though),¬†Jones and crew perform the track while equally dope artist¬†Cory Kendrix does his thing on the video production side as the director, cinematographer and editor.¬† Much love all around to everyone involved, and props for running up the numbers so quick… if you want to help get the video’s stats pumped up even higher, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for everyone to do the same.