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Blast Off :: Kydd Jones Spaces Out On ‘Left Earth’

Disillusionment is not a rare state these days, and that seems to go double for those with any aspiration, creative ability or personal drive.  With so many supposed opportunities having been skewed by COVID-19, it’s not surprising that artists such as Kydd Jones have continued to thrive.  As Left Earth demonstrates, Kydd has always been one to thrive in spite of obvious opportunities like hustling, street culture or drug selling.  Over an interestingly manipulated, organic element-based beat (it’s hard to explain, but give it a listen), we find Kydd spitting a short set of lyrics talking about why he will continue to thrive regardless of the state of things for those held down by gravity (the Earth‘s, or otherwise).  If you need a shot of inspiration, this one is for you, so definitely check it out, support if you can, and spread this word far and wide.


Familiar Vibes :: Kydd Jones Reminisces With ‘Skate World/No Smoke’ Singles

Those who know me and follow the blog know that I am a huge fan of the way that Kydd Jones has continued to reinvent himself and redefine his creative niche’.  After recently launching a fashion line, Kydd now finds himself in a partnership with publishing giant BMI, a connection that has afforded him even more creative freedom.  As a sort of celebration, Kydd hooked up with producer NIP Productions for a pair of singles that offer up nostalgic moments : the power-packed pair of Skate World and No Smoke.  Check out the vibes that Kydd is serving up, complete with a few interpolative moments that’ll have you thinking back to simpler times.  Check out the tracks, support if you can, and share them around regardless!


Media Blitz :: Kydd Jones Performs Trio Of Songs For NPR Music Live Sessions

Recently, Austin-based artistic mainstay Kydd Jones had the honor of being invited by KUTX to perform for the NPR Live Sessions : Social Distancing Pop-Up Series.  With historic Rosewood Park as the backdrop, and guitarist Bomani Ray Barton by his side, Kydd blazed through a brief but powerful three song set : recent singles Rubber Bullets and Goblin, as well as the unreleased song James Baldwin.  Click on the image above to check out the performance, and as always, support your local creatives!


Video Show :: ‘DOOMpeerREVIEW (Episode 004)’ Now Streaming

The YouTube momentum isn’t stopping anytime soon for Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice.  This week marks Episode 004 of DOOMpeerREVIEW, the weekly music video show featuring a heavy dose of Texas artists from a wide spectrum of styles and influences.  For the latest episode, the lineup is stacked as usual : MC Homeless Chris CondeThird Root with Grupo FantasmaMad1neKydd JonesSpy CoastalBLXPLTNCurbside JonesYNGLDYChuck Duze You F. Oh The Elephant in the Room DMT, and of course, Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice.  If you like the show and want to support it, leave a like and a comment, subscribe to DOOMtubeATX on YouTube, and share the content around for everyone to enjoy!


Motivated Mindstates :: Kydd Jones And The Teeta Connect For ‘Checks’

One should never doubt the self-motivation that Kydd Jones possesses.  From the jump, Kydd set out to make a name for himself in the industry in as many ways as possible, and while some of it is for clout and respect, it’s undeniable that some of it is for the money as well.  That’s why, with the help of The TeetaKydd Jones has dropped yet another banger in the form of Checks, a bit of self-validation for the pair of self-motivated individuals.  The song has swagger for days, so definitely check it out, support if you dig it, and spread it around for as many people to enjoy as possible.


Quick Fix :: Something To Hold You Over For The Weekend

What’s up party people?  I did a bad job of prep for the Friday post, so here are three songs I heard this week that I think you’ll dig.  Back with the normal format next week!


Direct Action :: Kydd Jones And Ben Buck Speak Truth On ‘Rubber Bullets’


Two Austin icons teaming up for some real talk about the current (and seemingly never-ending) hard times that minorities are facing?  You don’t have to tell me twice… and that’s exactly what we’re getting here.  Kydd Jones has dropped a number of socially-aware tracks over the past month, and the streak continues with Rubber Bullets, a collaboration with Ben Buck and producer Wiardon.  What really hits me about this song are the two parallel perspectives, which are different yet like-minded : Kydd talks about achieving dreams while hoping your light isn’t snuffed out early, while Ben Buck speaks a bit on privilege, being a proper ally to the cause, and the clear-cut difference in approach that Police bring to the table, depending on whom they are dealing with.  This track is another notch in the belt of positivity for Austin hip-hop, so don’t sleep on it.


Hard Truths :: Tank Washington Taps Kydd Jones For ‘I Can’t Breathe’


The Austin-based LNS camp is taking the creative lead in terms of topical, moving music related to the racial, systematic and economic unrest we are dealing with these days.  This time, Tank Washington steps up to the plate with I Can’t Breathe, a self-explanatory ode to what has become an unfortunate statement uttered in multiple instances of police brutality and untimely death.  With Kydd Jones assisting on a moving hook, every bit of this unbelievably touching song resonates from start to stop, so definitely take a few minutes for this one, spread it around for others to hear, and if you can spare a buck, go ahead and support.


Hard Truths :: Kydd Jones Reflects On ‘Goblin’


‘Y’all wanna be civil about civil war?  I feel like George Floyd when I feel the floor.’  Wise words (as well as timely and responsible ones) from the homie Kydd Jones on Goblin.  You already know what to do.


Variety Show :: LNS Crew Drops ‘LNS Mixtape Volume 3’


Over the past 6-8 months, I’ve been keeping track of the singles coming from Kydd JonesCory Kendrix and Tank Washington of the LNS Crew camp, all the while wondering what was in store for the next round of releases.  About a week ago, the crew dropped LNS Mixtape Volume 3, and it all came together for me.  The previously released singles have been paired with a collection of infectious flows and beats, like someone gave the LNS Crew new inspiration.  With so many different people on the project, it could easily come off as scattered, but the collective manages to keep a strong and solid balance between styles and voices that all come together in harmony.  The best thing about these songs is how, despite them sounding like an album project, they could easily be found on the mixtapes of other DJs (and more than likely will).  The way that the members of the crew are taking cues from a wide range of modern day MCs and flipping them on their head to make them aspects of their own styles is truly impressive.  Don’t sleep on this one.