Running Things :: Kydd Jones Goes Big On Self-Affirmation With ‘Sprinter’

There’s never been a debate (to my knowledge) on whether or not Kydd Jones is confident in his skill, and with his latest single (the immediately catchy banger Sprinter), we can now be comfortable in knowing that Kydd is wholly confident in himself as well.  With 13 singles already under his belt in 2021, that shouldn’t have been up for debate anyway, but if it was, Sprinter would stand as the closing argument with Kydd‘s symbolic ruminations on putting distance between him and the pack, him needing a rear-view mirror to see said competition, and his forward momentum all hitting just as hard as the NIP Productions beat he’s flowing to.  Pretty much all of this work has been memorable, but Sprinter is definitely high on my list of favorites.  If you dig it like I dig it, cop it if you’ve got a spare buck, stream it on your favorite service, and definitely share it around for all to enjoy.



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