Constant Gardener :: Ratarue Returns With ‘Spent Blooms’ Single

One of the beautiful aspects of hip-hop music is the way that heavy rhythms and poetic ruminations can be juxtaposed to not only bolster a narrative, but create an entire mood that is felt in the process of comprehending the message of a song.  For this instance, the example being examined is Spent Blooms, the latest single from Austin-based MC and producer Ratarue.  Over a very layered and uniquely complex instrumental, Ratarue takes a deeply extended metaphoric dive into the realms of tending to your personal symbolic garden, giving growing things and opportunity to bloom and the importance of removing what is dead to allow what is living to thrive.  I know this track is one that Ratarue is very happy with and confident about, and it shows in both the production value and the performance captured.  If you’ve got a few bucks to spare, consider using it to support Ratarue.



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