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Constant Gardener :: Ratarue Returns With ‘Spent Blooms’ Single

One of the beautiful aspects of hip-hop music is the way that heavy rhythms and poetic ruminations can be juxtaposed to not only bolster a narrative, but create an entire mood that is felt in the process of comprehending the message of a song.  For this instance, the example being examined is Spent Blooms, the latest single from Austin-based MC and producer Ratarue.  Over a very layered and uniquely complex instrumental, Ratarue takes a deeply extended metaphoric dive into the realms of tending to your personal symbolic garden, giving growing things and opportunity to bloom and the importance of removing what is dead to allow what is living to thrive.  I know this track is one that Ratarue is very happy with and confident about, and it shows in both the production value and the performance captured.  If you’ve got a few bucks to spare, consider using it to support Ratarue.


Best Medicine :: Ratarue Releases New Video For ‘Time Heals A Broken Heart’

Ratarue recently hit me up to let me know that his latest single from Legend of the Gatling Tongue, the somber headnodder Time Heals a Broken Heart, had just been given the video treatment, but honestly, I had no idea I was about to get hit with something so artistic.  The song is dope by its own merits, with the slightly off-kilter and dark beat matching the despondency of what would be an otherwise positive message likely skewed due to repeat negative experiences.  Therefore, it makes sense that the video would be an artistic, expertly crafted piece of visual stimulus thanks to the efforts of Andi AveryKate E. Hinshaw and their entire production crew.  Hopefully this video gets the numbers run up, and if an opportunity to submit it to festivals arises, I would highly recommend that Ratarue and company do so, as they may be pleasantly surprised by the potential outcome.


Spit Fire :: RATARUE Presents ‘Legend Of The Gatling Tongue’


From the digital desk of RATARUE :

‘This is an album almost 3 years in the making.  I wanted a signature sound.  I feel that I have accomplished this goal.  This album contains no samples, although I love sample based Hip Hop.  When younger, I went to private school and was adamant about taking Violin and later the Viola lessons.  I loved the tone of the Viola.  The process of this album involved me digging for Music Theory books, much like I did vinyl records, looking to find what I thought the greats might have studied, for example Quincy Jones, Berry Gordy, John Coltrane.  My Hip Hop formative years were the 90’s and in that era it was the goal to push oneself and the envelope of the art form, in order to bring something to the table, culturally.  In keeping with that tradition of pushing the boundaries and one’s self, I made some discoveries.  With research and diligence, plus having made music with some amazing creatives in the “Live Music Capital of the World”, as well as patience, I feel that I have been enabled to think outside the box and create music that is eclectic as my upbringing in Austin, TX and my personality.

This album is an introduction into my new production style but encapsulates rhymes of the past.  It is exactly ten years since my first studio project.  This is not an anniversary album, by any means.  I have made strides lyrically and will be combining the Musicality shown on this project along with my new rhyme style and approach on a full length album, now in early production.

Legend of the Gatling Tongue is also my first independent vinyl release!

I am older now.  I am now dealing with thoughts on mortality.  For what it is worth and for someone who feels that Hip Hop is not only a Musical art form but a culture, I worked hard on this album, knowing it is part of my life legacy.’

Check out the project and share it around, and always support your local creatives!


Instant Gratification :: Ratarue Embraces The Moment With ‘Tantrum Tapes’


From the digital desk of Ratarue :

“Made with a cheap Drum Machine, a midi keyboard, and an old second hand Apple Laptop.  I was in a band and I borrowed the mulitrack recorder and made these four songs in a day.  It is unmixed and unmastered.  The quality is really bad but we all come from somewhere… Maybe, you will get the messages behind these songs.  Peace!”

Check this one out, as it’s definitely inspiring!