Best Medicine :: Ratarue Releases New Video For ‘Time Heals A Broken Heart’

Ratarue recently hit me up to let me know that his latest single from Legend of the Gatling Tongue, the somber headnodder Time Heals a Broken Heart, had just been given the video treatment, but honestly, I had no idea I was about to get hit with something so artistic.  The song is dope by its own merits, with the slightly off-kilter and dark beat matching the despondency of what would be an otherwise positive message likely skewed due to repeat negative experiences.  Therefore, it makes sense that the video would be an artistic, expertly crafted piece of visual stimulus thanks to the efforts of Andi AveryKate E. Hinshaw and their entire production crew.  Hopefully this video gets the numbers run up, and if an opportunity to submit it to festivals arises, I would highly recommend that Ratarue and company do so, as they may be pleasantly surprised by the potential outcome.



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