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Primal Scream :: MC Homeless Drops ‘Not A Human’


MC Homeless has never been one to shy away from his industrial and hardcore roots, even while affixing himself firmly within the world of hip-hop.  While many of his recently released songs and projects wade in the pools of the aforementioned genres, Not A Human is a deep dive with cement boots into both of those worlds.  On top of jarring and aggressive production (in the best ways possible) from Death WoodsMC Homeless unleashes a torrent of a statement about being more than your average man.  This one is definitely for those tired of hearing the same old, run of the mill hip-hop and rap, and I’m totally on board for seeing him do this live in the near future.  Check out the track, share it around, and drop a buck or two when you download it, if you can.



Playlist Player :: Protextor And Baby Lion Provide Us With ‘Rappers Playing Games (RPG)’ Spotify Playlist


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Protextor already did us a solid by being a co-creator of the Baby Lion YouTube channel, as well as the creator of the awesome show that is Rappers Playing Games (RPG), but he’s done us one better by creating a running Spotify playlist featuring the music of all guests that have graced the show thus far.  Feral the EarthwormChucky Blk, myself, MC HomelessMoneyNetworkBorn Soul and even Protextor himself appears on this wonderful playlist, so check it out asap, and spread it around so others can do the same!


Vice Principles :: MC Homeless Drops Fake Four Debut In The Form Of ‘Sex And Death’ EP


When I caught wind of the fact that MC Homeless had a handful of Moodie Black-produced beats and was working on an EP, I knew that we were all in for something memorable.  Over the past year, MC Homeless was showcasing tracks off the project, but there’s something about finally getting to experience a fully realized creation that not even the arresting nature of live performance can capture.  Sex and Death is part examination, part celebration of the trappings that come with the creative spirits.  Sex, depression, drugs and death form the four corners of the framework for Sex and Death, and the instantly iconic artwork is pitch perfect.  Definitely download and share this one around, and if you can, get a hold of the limited edition vinyl, which is equally dope.  Props to Fake Four for putting this one out.


Deep Rooted :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Continues Escapism With ‘Southern Comfort’


One of my favorite things to do as someone with a modicum of a voice in the Austin hip-hop culture is to share other creators that I find high caliber and inspiring.  Doing this through mixes has always been a favorite way to do so, but it’s been a while since I dedicated time to doing so.  With so many talented acts from or based in Austin, it’s impossible to get them all in one sweep, so Escapism : Southern Comfort reaches for the vibey side of things… all of my peers are substance-based, but these are acts that I consider high style as well.  Direct peers like Riders Against the Storm (RAS)Cory KendrixanomPNTHNMC Homeless and Chris Condewallaby and bobbesDdotellesClick-Clack and more get shine alongside established acts with Texas roots like BROCKHAMPTON and Travis Scott.  I’m happy with this one, and hopefully folks dig it enough to spread it around!


Tromatic Therapy :: MC Homeless Joins Protextor For Latest Episode Of ‘Rappers Playing Games (RPG)’

I’ve been wondering for a couple of weeks who would be the next guest on Rappers Playing Games (RPG), a piece of Baby Lion programming that has grown on me quickly and deeply.  It was a refreshing surprise to see MC Homeless as the latest guest, because I know how deep his love for various pop culture realms runs.  For his episode, he and Protextor sat down over a game of Toxic Crusaders on the Sega Genesis and discussed a wide variety of topics, including horror-core rap, horror movies from around the world that both find influential, their mutual love for Troma films, collaborations with Fake Four artist Moodie Black, and much more.  Not only is MC Homeless a solid interview, dude handled his business on the gaming front as well.  That Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice shirt is a nice touch as well.  Leave a like, a comment, subscribe, and don’t forget to share this one around!


Shock Value :: MC Homeless Expounds On ‘Dead Rappers’ With Chris Conde In New Video

There’s braggadocio, and then there’s truly being unbothered by what the common crowd is doing… I think it’s safe to say that MC Homeless falls more in the latter category.  An MC that’s never been known to do anything less than his own thing, MC Homeless recently teamed up with San Antonio-based Chris Conde to draw a clear line in the sand between the true unliving heads and those that are basically already the walking dead.  The duo gets down over a Death Woods track (plus a drone loop from Vanishing Cities) with a little visual assistance from co-director Joseph Ramirez (MC Homeless also pulled director duty), makeup and special effects by Chris PaulosHolly Paulos and Leigh Kessel, and digital effects from David Hampton.  The track will be found on the upcoming split cassette with BrzowskiDig Two Graves, so definitely keep your eyes and ears open for that release… I’m sure this is just a small sample of the dopeness that project holds in store.


SXSW Invasion :: Pawn Takes King 2012

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PAWN TAKES KING 2012Free Indie Hip-Hop and Beat Festival (SAT/3.17.12)

Pawn Shop Entertainment & 33 1/3 Clothing Company present the 2nd annual PAWN TAKES KING festival!!!

A FREE , ALL AGES festival featuring 2 stages full of the dopest in experimental hip-hop, beats, electronic, and more. Plus a big graffiti exhibition for your visual pleasure.

Busdriver . Awol One & Factor . Ceschi . Dark Time Sunshine . Blue Sky Black Death with Nacho Picasso . The Locksmiths . Paranoid Castle . Grey Sky Appeal . Esh the Monolith . Brainbusters (MC Homeless & Joey Alpha) . Moe Pope . Ecid . Brzowski . PremRock & Willie Green . SelfSays . HW . Wide Eyes . Shane Hall . JE Double F . Greenlander . Icebox . Cainam . Who MI?

Zavala . Maker . Lazerbeak (Doomtree) . Edison . Void Pedal . Crushcon7 . Cozmos . Maintain . Trust . Taskam38 . pOSH . soundfounder . Ntropy . Lo Phi . Kinder . Jawa . MFKNRMX . BoomBaptist . Hobo D . 4th Wall . Kid Slyce . C More . Haris . Swindles


Plus special guests to be announced later!!!

The Metropolis:
Metropolis is a really cool apartment complex in the East Riverside neighborhood of Austin. They cater to musicians and artist types and provide a chill atmosphere for people to live, create, and party. The show is in the center of the complex, where there is a pool and volleyball court. The pool area has a stage and some BBQ pits as well. The 2nd stage will be on the other side of the building, in a roped off parking lot. The volleyball court becomes our graffiti exhibition area.


Brought to you with the help of these great people:

Pawn Shop Entertainment : 33 1/3 Clothing Company : Movin’ Decibels : Metropolis Apartments : Fake Four Inc. : Fieldwerk Recordings  : Exploded Drawing : Applied Pressure : Milled Pavement Records