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Live Direct :: HaplogroupX Rocks Live From The ‘Duress EP Release Show’

A couple of Sundays ago, MC Homeless teamed up with HaplogroupX for an online show titled Homeless/Haplo virtual show to end police brutality.  Had the goal stated in the title of the event worked, then the team would have done something extraordinary, but what was achieved was the release of Duress, an collaborative EP between the two camps.  During the live show, Bernichus and Transplant performed and documented their portion of the live show and decided to share it via YouTube for those unable to tune in to the event.  Check it out, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around if you know somebody that would enjoy this.


Dark Matter :: MC Homeless & HaplogroupX Combine For ‘Duress’ EP


If you like your hip-hop reference-filled, sarcastic with a side of hard truth, all over jazzy melodies that hold ill drums together, then Duress has arrived for you like pennies from heaven.  HaplogroupX (consisting of Bernichus and producer/engineer Transplant) has teamed up with the formidable MC Homeless to release the project on Milled Pavement Records, and honestly, I’m surprised that this combination did not happen sooner, as it sounds completely natural.  Transplant has put together an amazing collection of tracks that are sequenced like a film score, and the MC pairing (along with special guest Anthony Maintain) have put out an early contender for the 2020 Top 10 lists for those smart enough to get hip.  Definitely don’t skip this one out… seek it out on Bandcamp to support directly, or find it on your favorite digital storefront/streaming service, and support your local creatives.