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Heavy Soul :: Marshall Anderson Blesses Listeners With ‘imprinti / hope’

Weathered Storm :: Griffin Wade Bares His Soul On ‘Whirlwind’

Burn Notice :: Griffin Wade Teases Album Release With ‘Playin With Fire’ Single Drop

Affirmation Sounds :: Maiko Saiko Drops ‘Hope’ Single

Fantastic Fest :: Chief Doomsday Uploads Recent Film Festival Twitch Live Stream To DOOMtubeATX

Lasting Impressions :: Johnathan Butler Uploads First Two Parts Of ‘Forever’ Skate Video In Memory Of Cody Hobbs And Texas Skate

Body Movin’ :: Maikéru Taps Talents Of Frank Montero (Cuento Media) For ‘WHENIMDANCING.’ Video

Double Jump :: Poolboi Blu Continues The Growth With ‘Vaxxbaby’ And ‘Pilates’ Single Drops

It’s no secret I’m a poolboi blu supporter, so whenever he has a new drop he instantly has my attention.  His latest pair of singles, however, have me very excited, as this is the biggest jump I’ve seen him take to date in terms of being a songwriter and a recording artist.  On the songwriting tip, we got vaxxbaby, a two-way analogy paralleling finding yourself in a relationship with finding confidence in our brave new post-COVID world with the vaccination process, and how both, while good for you, can also be a safety net for a false sense of security.  In terms of his prowess as a recording artist, pilates shows poolboi blu pushing the limits of his vocal inflections and emotional subtext in ways I haven’t seen him due since the brilliant cloudy w/ a chance suite.  Go listen, go comment, go like, and most important, go share these around and share the good word of poolboi blu, because this time next year, it may be too late to say you were there before he blew up.


Melodic Moods :: Typical Girls Releases ‘Memories Of Old Love’

Some of my favorite rock music comes from bands based out of central Texas.  It seems that something about this area pulls in artists with musical abilities, musical virtuosos with talent in multiple dramas, walking encyclopedias of music knowledge and those with a deep DIY ethos that find ways to connect and form bands.  Typical Girls has always been one of my favorites from the area, as their sound somehow manages to sound like the Austin bands I grew up with while at the same time sounding like bands from New YorkPortlandLondon and many more places that shaped my love for alternative rock and roll.  Memories of Old Love, even at just under 20 minutes, is able to take listeners on quite the emotional and sonic journey, giving us tinges of nostalgia while managing to still sound fresh and ahead of the curve.  Definitely check this one out, support if you’ve got the money to do so, and if not, stream it on your favorite streaming service and encourage others to do the same!


Selling Yourself :: Christian Hyun Unveils Jupiter Mountain Project With ‘Proof Of Concept’ Video

I’m gonna let Christian Hyun explain things : 

“Some friends were kind enough to help me record this two-song, proof of concept video. This was recorded live on 10/13/21.  I wanted to get a recording that would show some of the new things I’ve added into my live show, like song interludes, trippy lights, cryptic ramblings, and of course, homemade stage sweatsuits.  I can’t wait to hit the road and start doing this in person!”

If you’re throwing any house shows in the Central Texas area, or you’re into creatives unashamedly afraid of being themselves, then get hip to Jupiter Mountain asap.