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Twisted Beauty :: Furly Travis Creates ‘The Failed Artist’

San Marcos icon Furly Travis has always been a creative spirit.  His music pushes all kinds of creative boundaries, his painting style has a deceptive depth to it that is not always obvious upon first viewing, and there has always been an experimental film director budding within him.  Recent creative stints with indie director Jeffrey Garcia seemed to have stoked those flames within Furly, and The Failed Artist is the first of many flames to catch fire.  The short film is a David Lynch-esque view into the search for inspiration, and even with its amplified narrative, them film is very easy to relate to on a gut level.  If this is the first of what are hopefully many creative endeavors, I am curious as to what the future holds in store.


Life Experience :: JMac The Dragon And Crew Experience ‘The Human Elements’

San Marcos, just like it’s big brother city Austin, is showing a wealth of creative and talented folks on the verge of making a name for themselves in 2017.  JMac the Dragon‘s recent release, The Human Element, was a wonderful exploration of the ups and downs of our daily walk, and the video for the title track is a wonderful piece of art that reflects the sentiments of the album.  Featuring a host of guest verses from Aye Cue, Frank Villa and CA the Commoner (who also directed the video), this track and video are instant classics.  Dope for real.


Raw Deluxe :: 36″ Wheels Drop ‘Spit On It’


San Marcos has produced a thriving scene of musicians that have seamlessly blended the folk, bluegrass and punk aesthetic into a sound so natural it’s surprising it is not a thriving sound already.  One of the frontrunners of this scene is the raucous outfit known as 36″ Wheels.  Last winter, they hunkered down in the studio, and the result is their debut release, Spit On It.  Done in 2 days of broken strings, fighting through illness and leaving it all on the studio floor, this project is one that will remain with you long after the last notes of the last song have faded, and it will certainly enhance your experience of their live show.


Taking Lead :: Muff Releases Beautiful New Single, ‘Follow’


I recently have found myself listening to Austin/San Marcos outfit Muff‘s debut album on pretty much constant repeat.  It was already a favorite, and continued listens have only provided more pleasant surprises.  So imagine the most pleasant surprise of all occurring when, lo and behold, Muff announced they had new music in the works.  The latest single, Follow, is giving off some strong My Bloody Valentine vibes in all of the best ways possible.  The musicianship is top notch as usual, Rachel‘s lyrics/voice are as strong as ever, and it sounds like a million bucks.  I cannot wait for the follow-up album to arrive… here’s to hoping it is sooner than later.


Champion Sound :: Muff Makes Big Noise


One of the great things about the Austin/San Marcos corridor is watching music superfans turn into wonderful bands.  Muff is a perfect example of this.  I’ve quite often spent time discussing awesome bands with multiple members of the group, and listening to their self-titled debut LP, it’s hard for me to not place them among the company of those groups.  Dope songwriting, wonderfully recorded and played, and very well put together.  Here’s the video for the first single, East Side Love.


A Fresh Breath :: The Deer ‘Look Alive’

One of the many blessings of hiding out in San Marcos for so many years has been the exposure to a wealth of very creative minds.  One of the most consistently creative groups has been The Deer.  Their songwriting is deeply textured, and their music touches upon many influences, while weaving them together as if they were a singular expression they were simple sharing instead of creating.  Look Alive was recently performed on KUTX 98.9, and as one would come to expect, they did not disappoint.  Dig it, share it, and enjoy it!


The Darkest Light :: A Look At Blackout Signs

Blackout Signs was recently commissioned to do a brand new sign for the LBJ Museum (San Marcos).  They decided to share a little bit of the process with us.  DO WORK!!