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Keep Rising :: DOOMonFILM Surpasses The 100 Post Benchmark


On the eve of 2018, I knew that the year would be all about expanding outside of the current boundaries I’ve discovered in regards to my creative outlets.  I have specific goals I would like to achieve as a filmmaker prior to 2019, but one thing I did not bank on was taking an active role in the criticism and analysis field.  With the availability of streaming services (ie. NetflixAmazon PrimeVudu, and many more), I’d already toyed with the idea of starting a film blog, but in all honesty, I did not want to commit to the financial burden of seeing new releases.  All of that changed, however, when I became a MoviePass member, and the final piece of the puzzle completed the picture.  Cut to 3 months later, and I’ve blown past the 100 post milestone on the DOOMonFILM blog, with many more ideas in the works and infinitely more films to see.  If you enjoy what I’ve done so far, stick around, because it will only get better with time.