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Self Promotion :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Grinds Towards Twitch Affiliate

Currently, I am attempting to reach Twitch affiliate status, mainly so that I can upload emotes (corny, I know).  I need about 15 more followers, and I need a few people to tune in and engage with the Twitch streams.  I will list my schedule below, but following is the best way to know when I’m streaming, as I often decide to do live DJ streams.  Thank you in advance to those that assist in the journey, and I’ll see you in the chat!

S C H E D U L E 

Wednesday Nights – 8 PM CT / Commentary stream for DOOMonFILMDOOMtv or DOOMtube
Sunday Afternoons – 1 PM CT / Sunday Brunchtime DJ set by Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice



Wrap Party :: “The Pizzagate Massacre” (Formerly “Duncan”) Finally Sees The Light Of Day

What a long, strange trip it’s been.  After a year of production, and two additional years of heartbreaks, rejections, a pandemic, and finally, little victories, it brings me immense pleasure to announce that The PIzzagate Massacre, originally titled Duncan, has finally found placement on a number of streaming services thanks to the wonderful people at Archstone Entertainment and Raven Banner Entertainment.  The film, which was written and directed by the Austin-based artistic treasure that is John Valley, takes a deep and unflinching look at a Pizzagate-like scenario where danger is actualized rather than avoided, resulting in a cautionary tale that is seemingly becoming more and more relevant with each passing year.  While there are more than a few big films releasing this weekend, if you can find time time and a few extra bucks, jump into a viewing of The Pizzagate Massacre so you can say you were down before the masses jumped on board the hype train.  The image above lists streaming services where the film can be viewed, and clicking the image will take you to my DOOMonFILM blog where I share my thoughts on the finished product.


Analyze This :: Recent Video Drops From The World Of DOOMonFILM

Slowly but surely, I’ve been picking up momentum over at the DOOMonFILM YouTube channel.  Out of my last four videos, three in particular feel like I’m finding my voice… while my quick thought-share and starting five lineup video for Space Jam : A New Legacy was a bit of a throwaway vid, the other three hold important places in terms of my creative drive and ability.

My deep dive into Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is a chance to explain why that film stands as my all-time favorite film, not to mention one that unveils new treasures with each viewing experience.  My analysis of Ratcatcher 2 from The Suicide Squad through the lens of the anti-villain not only stood as one of the pieces of analysis I am happiest with, but one of the quickest turnarounds in terms of film release to idea inception to production to release.  My most recent drop, a setup of The 400 Blows as direct (albeit subtle) inspiration for the films Capernaum and Juice, will probably not make my channel blow up, but it is an idea that I have been sitting on for a while, with the discovery of Capernaum helping me to flesh out the idea fully.

If you’ve not done so already, head over to the DOOMtubeATX YouTube channel and subscribe, like all the videos, and comment that you can from the blog page.  


Double Feature :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Drops A Duo Of Film-Based YouTube Videos

Recently, the homie Big Black Guy Reviews and myself decided to tackle a review of the Richard Pryor classic Bustin’ Loose in the wake of Cicely Tyson‘s passing.  Ironically, what started as a quick examination of a seemingly light-hearted Pryor offering not only sent us down a number of rabbit holes, but ended up taking so long that it became bookended by the passing of Richard Pryor collaborator and friend Paul Mooney… and once you hit the end of the video, you’ll realize the madness is far from done.

With that collaboration under the belt, not to mention a number of projects outside of the film realm being wrapped up or nearing completion, I turned my attention back to the DOOMonFILM YouTube channel and decided to produce a re-entry video of sorts.  Rather than jumping headlong back into some crazy observation or theory video, I decided it might be beneficial to share a short list of films that I currently would hold as my top ten, and thus, my latest DOOMonFILM entry was created : 

If you enjoy either of the videos (or maybe even both), then like them up, comment then up and share them around! If you’re really into what we’re putting down, then don’t hesitate to subscribe to Big Black Guy ReviewsYouTube channel and DOOMonFILM, and as always, support your local and independent creatives!


Critical Acclaim :: ChiefDoomsday Waxes Intellectual On Film In 2019


For those unaware, this dot.com is one of two blogs that I actively moderate and maintain.  The other is my film blog, the passion project that is DOOMonFILMAfter signing up for the brief dream-fulfilling program that was Moviepass in December of 2017, I decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to begin not only sharing my thoughts on movies from the past, but actively reviewing new releases as they premiered.  This project has turned into a full-blown dedicated journey, with 475 entries to date (and counting).  In hopes of keeping a tradition going, I release a year-end list with honorable mentions, films I consider top 10 worthy, and an official list of the 10 films that had the biggest impact on me as a viewer.  Check it out, follow my film blog if you’re in to that sort of thing, and enjoy your 2020!


Animated Action :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Drops ‘Gut Feeling’ Video

We gotta keep folks guessing when it comes to the creativity.  I’ve been dropping the DoomFace art for years now, and I’ve been trying to figure out ways to progress things.  With the creation of DOOMonFILM, it seemed like an opportunity to do something new, and that is where the idea of the talking DoomFace originated.  Rather than sit on the idea forever, I wanted to see how it looked, and with no music video output for This Town Has Turned To Dust on the slate, it was time to do some quick thinking.  The result was the weirdo masterpiece you see above you, and it will hopefully be the start of a bigger YouTube presence that is unique from the legions of creators already out there.  If you dig the video, give it a like, share and a comment, and throw a subscribe in there while you’re at it.  Every little bit helps.


Deep Cuts :: Chief Doomsday And Nick Hanover Discuss ‘Movies That Scarred Me’


Attending podcasts is one of my favorite things to do, especially the ones that stick to a specific topic or interest.  As a man of many, many interests and varied tastes, getting the opportunity to ramble about the things I love is a godsend.  Recently, Nick Hanover of the Movies That Scarred Me podcast reached out and gave me the opportunity to talk about 2 movie scenes that are forever blazed in my brain.  Check it out for a nice little trip down memory lane, stay linked to DOOMonFILM for more Chief Doomsday-related film talk, and support your local creatives!


Lasting Impressions :: Check Out The Movies That Scarred Me Podcast


As I’ve mentioned recently, a major part of 2018 has been exploring every aspect of my relation to film, be it my love for the medium or my drive to create.  In the wake of this decision, the DOOMonFILM blog was created, and one of the goals for its creation was to open the door to new opportunities.  In just 3 short months of existence, the first opportunity has emerged in the form of an invitation to appear on the Movies That Scarred Me podcast, hosted by Nick Hanover and Mark O. Stack.  The two sit down weekly and talk about films the way that me and my friends do on a regular basis, and I am beyond excited to take part in this opportunity.  Stay tuned and I’ll be sure to share when my episode goes up, but check out the other 4 in the meantime.


Keep Rising :: DOOMonFILM Surpasses The 100 Post Benchmark


On the eve of 2018, I knew that the year would be all about expanding outside of the current boundaries I’ve discovered in regards to my creative outlets.  I have specific goals I would like to achieve as a filmmaker prior to 2019, but one thing I did not bank on was taking an active role in the criticism and analysis field.  With the availability of streaming services (ie. NetflixAmazon PrimeVudu, and many more), I’d already toyed with the idea of starting a film blog, but in all honesty, I did not want to commit to the financial burden of seeing new releases.  All of that changed, however, when I became a MoviePass member, and the final piece of the puzzle completed the picture.  Cut to 3 months later, and I’ve blown past the 100 post milestone on the DOOMonFILM blog, with many more ideas in the works and infinitely more films to see.  If you enjoy what I’ve done so far, stick around, because it will only get better with time.


Critical Review :: DOOMonFILM Now Available


When I initially created my website, I found myself with the option of a front page that I had no clue what to do with.  After a bit of deliberation, I decided that giving my friends a space to shine was the best choice, and I turned it into a blog.  Little did I know that I would so adept at it.

Of course, the step following learning is adaptation.  With the lessons I have learned from my music blog, I have decided to initiate another leg of my film journey by creating DOOMonFILM, a place for my critical review and analysis of cinema.  I will focus on theatrical releases, streaming cinema, classics and forgotten films, shorts, and much more.  I hope that fans of the current blog will enjoy my work over there, as I plan to put equal amounts of love and work into DOOMonFILM.  To visit, just click the image above, or head over to www.doomonfilm.tumblr.com.