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Critical Acclaim :: ChiefDoomsday Waxes Intellectual On Film In 2019


For those unaware, this dot.com is one of two blogs that I actively moderate and maintain.  The other is my film blog, the passion project that is DOOMonFILMAfter signing up for the brief dream-fulfilling program that was Moviepass in December of 2017, I decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to begin not only sharing my thoughts on movies from the past, but actively reviewing new releases as they premiered.  This project has turned into a full-blown dedicated journey, with 475 entries to date (and counting).  In hopes of keeping a tradition going, I release a year-end list with honorable mentions, films I consider top 10 worthy, and an official list of the 10 films that had the biggest impact on me as a viewer.  Check it out, follow my film blog if you’re in to that sort of thing, and enjoy your 2020!


Spotlight on Design : MOFOZ Visualz

From the digital desk of MOFOZ Visualz:

Mofoz is an Austin based company with fam and members everywhere, look to your left…now look to your right…look in a mirror, some may even be yourselves. Mofoz was the name and crew set forth from a group of friends to conceptualize, collaborate and then finally to produce works of progressive imagination and creativity.

The company has been founded on dedication to and promotion of contemporary fashion, art, music, art, and design.


I have worked with my man MOFOZ for ages now… from park jams to art on the sides of businesses, his influence is felt more than the average person realizes.  A forerunner in the customized kicks game, his designs are definitely noticed.  It doesn’t hurt to have a gifted MC like Phranchyze backing up your work and giving it even more credibility.

Recently, MOFOZ put out a list of 10 Texas Hip Hop Projects To Share… definitely check that out and get hip to what’s going on in the underground hip-hop scene around these parts.

Take some time to visit mofozvisualz.com, and explore a truly creative world… maybe even find out how you can be down.