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Collision Courses :: Ben Buck X BoomBaptist Go Wonder Twins For ‘The Marquee EP’

What happens when one of the most consistent and proficient Austin producers combines forces with another one of Austin‘s most prolific MC/producers?  The most recent example of this phenomenon would be The Marquee EP, a seven song collection featuring BoomBaptist on beats and Ben Buck on bars.  Buck has always had a knack for the roughneck approach to hip-hop with gritty, grimy production heavily influenced by the 1990s “True School” approach to hip-hop, so it’s a nice change of pace to hear him over Boom‘s production, which matches intensity in terms of drum sounds but has a flourish and glamour that sits on the opposite end of the spectrum.  This project definitely plays like a victory lap of sorts, and with the latest batch of output the duo has put out on their own, there’s nothing wrong with Boom and Buck pairing up for some good times.  Check this one out wherever you stream music or buy it digitally, and make sure your people do the same.


Street Spirit :: Kady Rain Drops Rebel-Energy Filled ‘Got Away’ Video

Kady Rain just dropped a dope new video for Got Away, the lead single off of her upcoming debut album scheduled to drop in late January 2022.  Here’s the skinny from Kady herself on the production of the video : 

“The Got Away music video was directed by Jackie Purdue Scripps and filmed in a whirlwind 8 hour shoot in East Austin, Texas, with a diverse cast and crew local to Central Texas.  Some of it was shot with Super 8 film, contributing to the edgy old-school feel.  The video involved some of my close friends and super-fans, bringing every part of the Rainicorn community together to create some magical moments!”

Check out the video, leave a like and a comment if you’re feeling it, and share it around so everyone can see how Austin gets down!


Living Thing :: Mexstep And Friends Bring ‘Vivir’ To Life

Full disclosure, I am sharing Mexstep‘s latest project Vivir sight unseen (or unheard, rather), but that is only because sometimes quality can be discerned strictly by the names associated with a project.  More than anything, I am sharing this project to make sure I return to it later this week, as I already know about Mexstep‘s lyrical pedigree (largely in thanks to his dual status as a lover of hip-hop and a college-level educator), and names like Bavu BlakesApasoVocabKree23Mad1ne and the legion of other guests mean that we’re getting gold stacked on gold.  Perhaps the most convincing aspect of all, however, is the fact that the album is produced by the über-talented Adrian Quesada, meaning it’s going to hit you straight in the soul as well as appeal to your emotions and intellect.  You know how we do it around here… cop the project if you can, seek it out on your favorite streaming service or Bandcamp to list regardless, and pay it forward by sharing it around for all to experience.


The Infamous :: BoomBaptist And Lakim Team Up For An Off The Wall Rick James Tribute

Motown legend Rick James certainly lived a full life comprised of many ups and downs, up to and including the final year of his life where his star rose to as high as it had ever risen thanks to assists from Dave Chappelle and Charlie Murphy.  It’s been a minute since he’s been gone, but his impact and influence have certainly not been forgotten, so it’s no surprise that BoomBaptist and Lakim have taken two Rick James classics and given them their respective production special touches, resulting in a pair of singles that recontextualize songs we are deeply familiar with in wonderful ways.  Currently you can listen to Lakim‘s effort, the head-nod inducing I’m Rick James, Bitch, with BoomBaptist‘s Jerry Mane releasing the day after Thanksgiving and finalizing the release of the dual single.  All of the physical merch appears to be gone, but that shouldn’t stop you from copping the digital release if you can while streaming and sharing regardless.


Wrap Party :: “The Pizzagate Massacre” (Formerly “Duncan”) Finally Sees The Light Of Day

What a long, strange trip it’s been.  After a year of production, and two additional years of heartbreaks, rejections, a pandemic, and finally, little victories, it brings me immense pleasure to announce that The PIzzagate Massacre, originally titled Duncan, has finally found placement on a number of streaming services thanks to the wonderful people at Archstone Entertainment and Raven Banner Entertainment.  The film, which was written and directed by the Austin-based artistic treasure that is John Valley, takes a deep and unflinching look at a Pizzagate-like scenario where danger is actualized rather than avoided, resulting in a cautionary tale that is seemingly becoming more and more relevant with each passing year.  While there are more than a few big films releasing this weekend, if you can find time time and a few extra bucks, jump into a viewing of The Pizzagate Massacre so you can say you were down before the masses jumped on board the hype train.  The image above lists streaming services where the film can be viewed, and clicking the image will take you to my DOOMonFILM blog where I share my thoughts on the finished product.


Dark Arts :: BLAZY GREEN X MAD1NE Get Intense With ‘Pressure’

I love how sonic diversity is slowly making its way back into hip-hop.  Many people like to undermine the 1990s and dismiss it as an old, antiquated and forgotten era, but the most important part of that era was the fact that hardrocks, pop rappers, esoteric lyricists and self-identified crazy MCs (along with the vast array of other hip-hop artists) could all find room in the mainstream at some level, meaning that the fullness of the hip-hop spectrum found representation.  I say that to say this… knowing that collaborators like Blazy Green and Mad1ne are able to embrace the dark, moody, dingy textures that hip-hop was once synonymous with and find an audience is a testament that hip-hop is still diverse as ever.  For Pressure, Mad1ne brings the hard rhymes over a banging Blazy Green track that sounds like it’s been dubbed a few times from cassette to cassette, and I’m totally here for it.  Check out the track, leave a like and a comment if you feel it, and share it around for everyone to enjoy.


Friendly Fire :: EVOLVE Brings Extra Heat To Will Haven’s ‘I’ve Seen My Fate’

Whenever the homie EVOLVE hits me up with new tracks, I pay attention, and recently, he hit me up with a collaboration birthed completely out of his admiration for the Sacramento-based rock band Will Haven.  The track, a remix of the 1999 song I’ve Seen My Fate off of their album WHVN, is given a boost by the insightful and piercing lyricism of EVOLVE, whose naturally gruff voice connects well with the grime and grit that Will Haven exudes.  If you’re an open-minded music fan who doesn’t mind a bit of cross-pollination in your music tastes, then definitely check this one out!


Shine Time :: KNDRX Drops Ill Video For ‘Pressure’

They say that pressure makes diamonds, and it’s crystal clear that the homie KNDRX is aware of this adage, as his latest single and video, the brief but super catchy Pressure, displays.  Over a montage of dope performance footage, casual footage and hype session footage all cut together with slick and eye-catching editing, KNDRX drops bars about how his life, lifestyle and environment has shaped him into the man he is today, all over a powerful A Train beat.  QNTM must be given his props for the work on this video, as it more than stands up to the high bar for quality that KNDRX has set for himself and has consistently met.  Definitely check this one out as soon as possible, leave a like and a comment if you’re feeling it, and share it around!


Heart Felt :: Ceschi Gets Raw And Real With ‘This Guitar Was Stolen Along With Years Of Our Lives’

Normally, this blog is used to focus on friends and peers that live in and/or have direct connections to the Central Texas area, as my roots are deeply set there, but I do have a few strong ties to artists and camps outside of the boundaries of Texas.  One of these strong ties would be my friendship and recent labelmate status with Ceschi, the founder of Fake Four Inc., not to mention a lyrical giant and songwriting virtuoso.  I would speak on This Guitar Was Stolen Along With Years Of Our Lives, his recent “pay what you will” release, but the better path would be to listen to it for yourself, and if it speaks to you on any level, then click on the album cover above and read the digital liner notes on the Bandcamp page, as the personal context provided only serves to make the experience of this album that much more visceral.  Definitely take advantage of this being a “pay what you will download”, but be sure to support if you can, or just stream it on you favorite streaming service.  Share it around.  Let others be healed by the power of powerful music.



Cinematic Rebel :: Jeffrey Garcia Pushes His Boundaries Via VHS-Based Feature Film ‘BUBBLEGUM’

After dropping short films for over a decade (if memory serves correctly), the homie Jeffrey Garcia decided to take the plunge and step his game up.  This personal upgrade resulted in his feature-length debut, the wonderfully insane Henrietta and Her Dismal Display of Affection, and for most independent creators, a resume of this nature would serve as a good stopping point, or at least a key resolution before winding the creative machine down.  The complete opposite seems to be the case for Garcia, however, as he has quickly followed up Henrietta with another feature, the upcoming BUBBLEGUM.  As if writing, producing, directing and editing a feature film isn’t a monumental enough task, Garcia decided to make BUBBLEGUM a production entirely shot on VHS tape, making it that much more difficult to shoot and edit.  A little uphill battle has never stopped Garcia, however, so lucky for us, BUBBLEGUM appears to be right around the corner for our enjoyment!  Keep your eyes opened for release information, and in the meantime, drop a like and a comment on this video and spread the insanity around.