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Brain Feeder :: Lilli Talks Austin Creatives With Morgan (OVRLD) On ‘Let’s Dish’

Lilli, creator of the Born2bLilli YouTube channel, is always down to dish with interesting folks on the Austin scene.  For the latest go-round, she sat down with OVRLD‘s Morgan to talk about the Austin-based blog, the music scene, I AM TX and his role as a producer, and much more.  Check out the interview, give it a like, share or comment (if not all three), and be sure to subscribe so you can stay dishing with Lilli and company.



Thankful Days :: Virgil Wolfe And Punk With A Camera Visually Express ‘Gratitude’

Virgil Wolfe brought the musical vision, Punk With A Camera brought what it took to capture the vision in music video form, and Rib Fest Records helped make it all possible.  The result is a testimonial style slice of life in the form of Gratitude, where we find Wolfe reflecting on all things big and small worth pointing out, because all of this shaped him into the man he is today.  Punk With A Camera helps make everything easy to relate to, keeping the environments grounded rather than forcing Wolfe to posture like someone he is not.  These are the kind of videos that both resonate good vibes and help you unlock your ability to do the same.  Give it a like, a share and a comment, and keep supporting your favorite indie creators.


Burger Time! :: Meal Ticket Envisions ‘The Big One’ With New Music Video

Woah.  Bird Peterson and Mike 2600, collectively known as Meal Ticket, have just put out what can be described as a mindf#ck of a music video with The Big One.  I’m not going to ramble on about it, because words will not do it justice.  Trust me, just hit play on this one.  Then hit like.  Then hit share.  If you’re not completely speechless, leave a comment.  Who knows?  Maybe that will inspire more of this beautifully brilliant wildness.


Credit’s Due :: Unusuals Get Deep With ‘If You’re Waiting Till We’re Dead, Don’t Bother Listening’


Central Texas has always had a vibrant hip-hop scene, but over the years, an equally strong and diverse beat scene has developed.  There are lots of different folks with lots of different styles, many of which appeal to me, but when Unusuals handed me a CD recently of If You’re Waiting Till We’re Dead, Don’t Bother Listening, I was not prepared for how blown away I would be.  This is a seriously solid project, and already a strong contender for my local album of the year.  I suggest you don’t sleep on this one.


Them Changes :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Releases ‘This Town Has Turned To Dust’ Singles


Finishing an album is one of the most satisfying feelings a creator can experience.  Over the course of the next 6 weeks or so, I will have the pleasure of doubling down on the experience, as I have 2 projects completed or near completion and ready to be released.  A few weeks ago, I dropped the lead singles from A Memoir Called Noir, my upcoming rap album (and I recently dropped a third single from the album as well).  At this point, I am releasing the lead 3 singles from the upcoming instrumental album, This Town Has Turned To Dust.  Check them out, share them, and all that jazz.


Inspired Intertextuality :: Kal.Kal And Alcoda Combine For ‘The Authoritative Kal.Kal. And Alcoda’


There’s something special about inspiration and homage in the creative world that can inform an artist in ways that result in beautiful creations.  I’m not sure what has caused the recent spike in style influenced by the old comic strips of Calvin & Hobbes (honestly, my love for the strip has never waned), but the results have been some of the most wonderfully forward thinking yet nostalgia-inducing projects of late.  One of the latest is the mesmerizing The Authoritative Kal.Kal and Alcoda, a collection of downtempo gems from producers Kal.Kal and Alcoda (with a lovely album cover by De’Angelo Galvan).  Grab your favorite Calvin & Hobbes anthology, your headphones, and dive headfirst into this one.


Verbal Revival :: Chief and TheDoomsdayDevice Calls In Bernichus For ‘Old Time Religion’


I’ve been hard at work on A Memoir Called Noir for a long time.  I’ve probably been working on Old Time Religion for a good 16 months or so.  I knew from the moment this song started to take shape, however, that I wanted Bernichus on the track.  His vocal timbre, wit and delivery, in my opinion, were a perfect match for closing out the track.  Recently, Bernichus laced me with his recorded verse (shout out to Chris Boasso for the engineering assist) and I liked it so much that I decided to leak the track prior to the upcoming release of the full length album (stay tuned for details on that).  If you dig the track, give it a like, share or comment, and hopefully this album lives up to expectations… I’m very happy with it, and ready to share it.