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Stranger Things :: Jack Henry Releases Music Video For ‘Stranger’

After testing the waters a month or so ago with the release of the stranger single, Jack Henry is back at it with a wonderfully strange music video.  Directed by Izzy Gazette, the video is a fun romp through visual silliness, a stark contrast against the very solid sound Henry has created for his era-shifting single.  That being said, the video itself is a fun one, and certainly worth checking out, so give it a view, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around so that Jack Henry can become a household name.


Time Passage :: Cunabear Reflects Deep On ‘Curse’ Video

Cunabear, the underground hip-hop philosopher with a voice of gravel and a heart of gold, is hitting 2021 in the correct manner by not letting off of the 2020 gas and momentum he created.  In preparation for the release of STEEL TIPPED BEAR’S CLAW!, his upcoming project, cunabear has released the single and video CURSE, an abstract look at existence through the eyes of an optimistically pessimistic MC.  Steel Tipped Dove provides the sinister, piano-laden track that gives cunabear room to spit his heavily symbolic bars, while the video plays like a self-made affair displaying cunabear in his natural element.  Dig the track, drop a like and a comment on the video, and share it around to build up the hype in anticipation of what’s coming soon!


Talking Shop :: Weird Rap Presents The #WeirdRapDiscussionGang On YouTube

One of my personal highlights of 2020 was the development of a working and social relationship with the super talented producer and social media influencer Th’Mole.  After a long period of social media interaction on the Weird Rap Discussion Group, as well as other random online meetings, he approached me with an opportunity to collaborate on a project (which is currently in the works).  Not too long after this opportunity was presented, he followed up with something I’d been dying to be a part of for quite a while : the chance to be a talking head on a YouTube series dedicated to talking about hip-hop albums and artists that may have been overlooked or underappreciated.  The series, which eventually became known as the #WeirdRapDiscussionGang, features Th’Mole, myself, Beverly Fre$hOxygen Elmo and Nosaj of New Kingdom, and so far, episodes have been posted focusing on Freestyle Fellowship‘s Innercity Griots, our favorite songs by Tricky, and Blowout Comb by Digable Planets.  If you dig what you see in these episodes, be sure to like them, comment on them and subscribe to the channel, because we’re just getting started.


New Life :: Chris Conde Releases ‘Mariposa’ Video

Despite the lasting effects of COVID-19 and its crippling impact on the live music industry, there are a handful of artists who have continued to persevere in spite of, and Chris Conde is a shining example of this steadfast dedication.  Over the majority of 2020, Conde found ways to stay in the public eye, be it video releases, live stream performances or acoustic performances.  As 2020 transitioned into 2021, Conde made the announcement that an album was coming on Fake Four, Inc. in the spring, and if the Lazerbeak-produced Mariposa is any indication of what’s to come, then hip-hop heads should prepare themselves for more of Conde‘s signature honesty and insight over some high energy production.  Definitely check out the video, run up the numbers and engagement stats, and support your local creatives.


Funny Games :: DC4PREZ Drops Video For ‘KEY & PEELE’

Alternative hip-hop artists in the central Texas area that are smart seem to be hitting up the homie Jeffrey Garcia for music videos, and the results have been nothing but gold.  The latest collaborator, DC4PREZ, recently dropped his video for KEY & PEELE, and the duo cooked up a colorful video full of life and slacker irreverence.  The track is ridiculously catchy, bouncy and radiating vibes, so having a visually stark companion-piece for it does nothing but enhance the enjoyment and experience.  Dig the video, give it a like, leave a comment, and spread it around so that the numbers get run up!


Candid Camera :: Curbside Jones Drops Video For ‘Ego Trippin’

From the digital desk of Curbside Jones

Ego Trippin takes a step into the mind of Curbside Jones as he navigates social interactions and the feeling of drifting away during his day to day life.  Starting with the question, “If the clouds hit the ground, who gon hold me down?” you can tell Curbside Jones has been deep in thought about his self worth and trust in others.  Chicago artist Musa Reems offers a complimentary verse that gives insight on why someone from the Chi may feel as though the clouds are hitting the ground around him.”

Definitely check out the video, give it a like and a share, and leave a comment if you feel moved enough to do so!


Equivalent Exchange :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Releases ‘The Reclamation Project’ For Fake Four Inc. #FREEcember

Over the past 5 or so years, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Ceschi Ramos and become a member of the Fake Four Inc. family.  With a roster full of underground heavyweights and close peers already on the docket, it is a HUGE honor to find myself as an official member now, courtesy of the first #FREEcember release of 2020, The Reclamation Project.  During the course of 2020, a span of time where many people where given the opportunity to reflect on their life uninterrupted, I decided to take the process a step further by revisiting two of my previous instrumental releases : Slow Burnout and This Town Has Turned To Dust.  I picked my favorite ‘beats’ from these albums, removed previously used elements, and approached them as traditional narrative-structure songs.  I am very happy with the final result, and honored to have it be a part of Fake Four‘s yearly tradition.  I even made some quick, low budget visuals to go with each song in preparation for Fake Four Fridays, which will air Friday, December 4th at at 7 PM EST.  For those unable to view the stream, or those who are impatient and want to see them immediately, I have created a non-presentational form YouTube playlist.

Download the album for free, donate if you can, and PLEASE share it around, as it would mean the world to me.  Thank you in advance to those that do help, and have a great weekend to everyone!


Absurdist Swag :: Kenny Casanova Strikes Again With ‘BP Oil Spill’

If (or more likely, when) Kenny Casanova blows up, I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to collaborate with Jeffrey Garcia on his music videos, because these crazy little masterpieces work extremely well for the vibe that Kenny Casanova has created and embraced.  His offbeat and unique approach to modern day hip-hop has found a perfect visual match with the random hilarity of Jeffrey Garcia, which makes BP Oil Spill one of many collaborative videos from the duo that jump out of the crowd of normal music video tropes.  You’ve probably already hit this one with a like and a comment, maybe even already shared it, but do all of those things immediately if you’ve not already done so, and don’t sleep, because if I was a betting man, I’d bet more of these wild creations are on the way.


Coming Up :: TOKIE Talks Perseverance On ‘Backend’

As much as I’d love to kick Facebook to the curb, the time that I’ve spent building personal and working relationships with artists has turned my timeline into a fertile breeding ground for new and exciting content.  Recently, a post from Texas-based MC TOKIE came down the line due to his connections with Cory Kendrix and Kydd Jones, and after checking out Backend, his latest single and video, I’ll definitely be checking for more material.  With his smooth, sing-songy flow, TOKIE jumps on this drum and guitar-driven track and talks real talk about how beneficial it can be to stick to your grind in the wake of others abandoning theirs.  This one is definitely vibey as hell, so don’t sleep on it… check the video, leave a like and a comment, and share it around far and wide if you support Texas hip-hop.


Pulling Cards :: The Freethinkers Educate The Masses On ‘Illusion Of Choice’

Normally I ignore ads, be they Facebook, television, on a podcast, or wherever they are fed to me.  Every once in a while, however, ads catch my attention for some reason or another.  In the case of The Freethinkers, it was the recognition of the SIXO memorial shirt being worn in their latest video, Illusion of Choice, that got my attention.  Lucky for me, the hard rocking, truth driven track more than impressed me very much.  It’d be easy to write this track off as a Rage Against The Machine emulator, but that would be a shortsighted view of things… the song is more a testament of how much things stay the same, despite years and years of apparent ‘growth’ and ‘change’ that the masses fool themselves with.  If you’ve ever felt a way about the injustices that many accept as commonplace, this song is for you.  Check out the video, leave a like and a comment on it, and spread it around so that everyone can hear the good word.