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Role Call :: A Multitude Of Austin Artists Combine Forces For ‘Walk With Me Austin’

From the digital desk of GoldenHornetATX :

‘While cities across the nation mourn the myriad uncertainties of 2020, more than 45 native and resident musicians from Austin, Texas have joined forces to produce Walk with Me Austin, a powerful anthem created to inspire and unite the City of Austin during a pivotal time in the U.S.  Available for download and streaming, Walk with Me Austin brings hope to the community while addressing matters of social and racial injustice, civil unrest, equality and the global coronavirus pandemic.’

The who’s who lsit on this project is too vast to name, but many artists that appear in this video have been featured on the blog before.  All proceeds to the purchase of this song will go towards HAAM (Health Alliance for Austin Musicians), so if you’re digging it, follow the links in the description, and share it around while encouraging others to do the same.


Revolution Rock :: Blackillac Teams Up With Caught A Ghost For ‘REVOLUTION’

Time moves on, and as many people have said, ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’.  Whether planned or not, the day after many were let down by the American justice system once again in the wake of the Breonna Taylor grand jury decision to try 1 of the 3 cops connected to her killing for ‘wanton endangerment’ of the neighboring apartments, Blackillac and Caught A Ghost released REVOLUTION, a moving single and video montage honing directly in on the civil unrest and lack of justice that many minorities and disenfranchised communities face on a near daily basis.  Zeale and Phranchyze set aside their normal braggadocio and verbal complexity to tell strong truths over the sparse but stout backing track provided by Caught A Ghost.  Check this one out, leave a like and a comment if you support the message, and spread it around to help those who need to wake up do so.


Due Time :: Free Radicals Connect With Nosaprise For ‘Cash Out’

The Houston-based combination of the live band Free Radicals and MC extraordinaire Nosaprise is not a new one, by any means.  The collective have played shows together in the Texas area for years, and have even ventured as far out as New York, as well as putting their energy behind good causes like Nosaprise‘s fundraising event We Give A Jam.  With such a rich history of collaboration, it’s surprising that the single and video Cash Out marks their first time making a proper recording together.  One look at the video, and one listen to the topic matter, however, and the sense of urgency to make their meaningful art is put into full perspective.  Take a moment to check out this video, leave a like and a comment if you’re moved by it, and share it around to run the numbers up!


Deep Dedication :: ShaunSolo Recruits J Soulja For ‘All In’ Single And Video

If you’re looking for a visual blueprint on how to achieve with integrity in the music business, look no further than the recently released All In single and video.  The track, a ShaunSolo banger with help on the hook from current Austin standout J Soulja, is a textbook statement on how one makes moves to better themselves with little to no worry about what others are doing.  In my opinion, there is really no other method or approach to making real moves, so it’s good to know that other artists feel the same way.  Definitely check out the video, leave it a like and a comment if you’re feeling it, and share it around for others to do the same!


Watching Movies :: ‘LOVEBITES’ Short Film Gets Major Boost From ‘Issa Rae Presents’

(click image to see film)

While working on Ryan Darbonne‘s upcoming short film I AM TX, I had the opportunity to meet a number of fellow Austin-based creatives who were all willing to lend a hand and help Ryan achieve his dream.  It has been a bonus, therefore, to see people connected to I AM TX continue on with personal success, and the latest of these successes was bestowed upon Chinwe Okorie, whose short film LOVESTREAMS, after a frustrating attempt at film festival placements, has found a home at the Issa Rae Presents YouTube channel.  Check out the trailer above, then click the image to see the full short… leave a like and a comment so Issa Rae and company know that they made the right choice, and share it around so that as many people as possible can see the film.


Media Blitz :: Kydd Jones Performs Trio Of Songs For NPR Music Live Sessions

Recently, Austin-based artistic mainstay Kydd Jones had the honor of being invited by KUTX to perform for the NPR Live Sessions : Social Distancing Pop-Up Series.  With historic Rosewood Park as the backdrop, and guitarist Bomani Ray Barton by his side, Kydd blazed through a brief but powerful three song set : recent singles Rubber Bullets and Goblin, as well as the unreleased song James Baldwin.  Click on the image above to check out the performance, and as always, support your local creatives!


Episodic Nature :: Latest Episodes Of #DOOMpeerREVIEW Now Streaming

Here we are, seven weeks deep into #DOOMpeerREVIEW, my YouTube-based music video show, and there are no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  The last couple of weeks have been absolutely star-studded in terms of central Texas talent, with videos featured from a long list of the homies : Abuzayed the FreeSCDSDr. Bobby Banner MPC featuring Muggzy Flowz and No1mportantA Better TomorrowThe TeetaMagna CardaDdotEllesemcee eatsLeague of Extraordinary G’zParkingEvolve featuring Deacon the Villian and JunclassicSertifiedJMAC the Dragon featuring Aye CueFrank Villa CA The CommonerNorman BA$E feauring Prophet Ski and another DdotElles appearance, J Souljah with BLakChylRobot JonesMelatRetr0gRaDe and myself all appear in this run.  Subscribe to DOOMtubeATX on YouTube if you’ve not already, leave likes, comment your favorite videos, and share these episodes around for everyone to enjoy!


Turbo Graphics :: Mozey Releases Instant Classic Video For ‘Hatter’

If there are three things I love in this world, it’s music, film and video games.  Thanks to the homie Jenkins2D, I stumbled across Hatter by Mozey, a recently released music video that combines all three of these loves in the best ways possible.  Jenkins2D was my in due to the fact that the final boss of the music video/video game presented is one of his creations, and luckily for me, the work his creation is associated with stands up to the high bar he has set in terms of quality and enjoyment.  The song is memorable, catchy and has a good energy to it, and the 8-bit graphics used in the video instantly bring up feelings of nostalgia, despite the creation itself being a new one.  Check out the video for sure, leave a comment and a like if you enjoy it, and spread it around for everyone to see!


Spirits Moving :: J Soulja And BLakChyl Combine For ‘Allah’ Video

Austin hip-hop remains one of the most diverse scenes out there, with most any flavor of the culture you can think of represented by quality artists and art.  For those looking for depth and a touch of spirituality in the work, look no further than J Soulja, who has proven over the years that his work contains both of these aspects and much more.  Recently, J Soulja tapped New High Filmz to help bring Allah, a collaboration between himself and fellow thought-provoking MC BLakChyl, to life with a highly professional music video reminiscent of the late-1990s, early 2000s aesthetic that hip-hop is famously known for.  The juxtaposition between the raw, unbridled, very human passion of Mike Tyson, and his musings and references to Allah and personifying God qualities, works well in both the song and video form as well, neatly tying everything together.  Check out the video, leave a like and a comment if you dig it, and share it around for others to do the same.


Think Globally :: Salvasquared and Usedtobe Connect For ‘SnowMelt’

Austin-based MC Salvasquared has taken the old-ish adage of ‘think globally, act locally’ to heart with his latest single and video, the Usedtobe-produced ditty that is SnowMelt.  Over a diverse-sounding, cultural mixing beat, Salvasquared talks about how the experience of seeing the world not only puts your home-realm into perspective, but it changes you mentally as well, sometimes erasing thoughts and issues that formerly held you back.  Though most of us are grounded per shelter-in-place rules, I agree with Salvasquared in regards to how seeing the world can improve your scope, and highly recommend travelling to those that are able when they are able.  As for this video, definitely leave a like and a comment, share it around for all to enjoy, and support your local wandering creatives!