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Rising Sounds :: Mélat’s ‘No Bad News’ Video Hits The Internet

Mélat, the Austin-based self-proclaimed ‘eccentric soul of R&B’, has recently released a stunning music video for No Bad News, the final track from her latest album MéVen.  The song is a beautifully presented inspirational statement on chasing your dreams regardless of obstacles, and the video compliments this sentiment brilliantly.  Mélat is continuously shown as a strong, centering force throughout the video, and the literal demons used to represent the evils and shortcomings of the world contrast her brightness perfectly.  The track, produced by The SevenTH, gives me Portishead feels in the best ways.  Being introduced to her music last night at the live version of The Hot Conversation was a pleasant surprise, and I look forward to seeing her continue to excel in Austin music scene and beyond.


Making Tracks :: Feral The Earthworm, Vanlife, Vanarchy And DIY Life

If you’ve ever been in need of true inspiration, Austin-based MC Feral The Earthworm is someone you need to look into.  He started off on the scene as a standout among the many wonderful MCs that frequent Austin Mic Exchange, and he was as brutally honest as he was talented.  You knew right from the beginning that he had a vision, and to see this vision manifest has been incredible.

After a DIY tour with Weird CityFeral began the process of eliminating bills and rent from his life in an effort to maximize doing what he loved, which was making music and performing shows.  What began as an idea has turned into his Vanarchy album and his Vanlife movement… he turned an empty van into a living space and a recording studio, and went straight to work on releasing the Vanarchy project:


If this doesn’t inspire you to chase your dreams and say f-ck it to any obstacle in your way, I don’t know what will.  Mad props to Feral the Earthworm, and here’s to all of the well-deserved success that will hopefully come your way.


Standing Strong :: Lady Shacklin Visualizes Growth In A ‘Lonely World’

Even when folks have your back, it can sometimes be extremely easy to fall into a ‘me against the world’ mentality.  Luckily, Lady Shacklin appears to not only disregard the feelings to shy away from that mentality, but she embraces it fully as she explores the feeling and tries to find a way through it to the other side of things.  With a musical assist from DJ Gonz, and a visual assist from Jay Mackall of Grind District Entertainment, the video for Lonely World is a great reminder that we can make it if we try.  Props to Lady Shacklin for hitting us with the Mary J. Blige vibes in this one as well.. Austin r&b is plentiful, but having someone with an edge on the scene gives the proper range and variety needed to keep the scene from getting stagnant.


Inner Vision :: StormShadow Drops Jewels For ‘Recognize Your Enemy’

You’d think that after the completion of a project like The Mic Fiends, an MC would be content to ride the wave and rest on their laurels.  StormShadow, however, is not that type of MC.  In preparation of his upcoming solo release Rebel with ah CauseStorm has blessed us with a video for his latest single, Recognize Your Enemy.  Storm spits bars about his modus operandi of crafting dope rhymes and knowing who does or doesn’t have your best interest in mind, and he does it on top of a banger by Frank Moses (bka as N.I.P. Productions).  If this is an indication of what the full length will be about, best believe I’m ready to check it out.


Rap Tactician :: Syllable Waxes Poetic On ‘Tomorrow Starts Today’

Sometimes, you’ve gotta be super direct with it.  Enter the homie Syllable with his latest visual offering, Tomorrow Starts Today.  Rather than dress up the presentation with lots of visual flair and magic tricks, Syllable takes the broadcaster/Youtuber approach and speaks directly to the listener.  With mic in hand, thoughts in head and tons of heart, what we receive is a very frank and direct assessment of where Syllable is at and where he plans to be.  Good stuff for sure.. give it a like, a share, and show your local love.


Straight Talk :: Ben Al Drops Visuals For ‘In A Min’

Sometimes, being all business can be the best format for getting your point across.  Enter In a Min, the latest video from Austin hip hop mainstay Ben Al.  The video takes a lo-fi approach, catching Ben Al in many familiar places, addressing the camera directly, and giving what equates to a state of the union for him and his stances on life and hip hop.  You know how I do it… I love doing the grounded thing just as much as I do the fantastic approach, and this video/song combo stays so grounded it’s underground by association… that being said, give it a share, a like and a comment, and keep supporting that local hip hop.


Mixed Symbols :: Fort Never’s ‘Paradigm’ Is Visually Stunning

Sadly, I am not very familiar with Fort Never, but it is apparent that I need to get familiar as soon as possible.  Paradigm, solely as a song, is strong and captivating.  This music video, however, takes a solid foundation and builds a castle on top of it.  2017 continues to be an amazing, stellar year for Austin music videos, and this not only continues that trend, but I’d argue it raises the bar.  This is the closest thing I’ve seen to Losing My Religion from our endless supply of local talent.  This video demands multiple watches.  Give it a few, like it, share it, and encourage others to do the same.