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Spotlight Time :: Obvious Propaganda’s Public Interrogation of Poolboi Blu

Beatsmith and DJ extraordinaire Delano Taylor (better known as Poolboi Blu), has been on a serious upswing these days.  He’s been booking mad gigs in central Texas, and from what I here, he’s priming some dope new music to unload on everyone over the course of the next few months.  Obvious Propaganda caught up with him for their Public Interrogation series at his recent Scratchouse set to talk about his upcoming future.  Check it out, and make sure to keep an ear out for more Poolboi Blu action.


Quality Time :: Protextor’s ‘Marks’ Video


Protextor‘s Shift album has been a wellspring of creative videos (in addition to the wonderful music).  One of the videos that I have been wanting to share is Marks, but with its adult content, it has been a bit of a process determining the best way to share.  In the end, I have decided that clicking the picture is the best option, as it will take you to the extremely sensual and provocative video (directed by Protextor, featuring production from Mikulak).  Enjoy, and if you’re watching at work, keep an eye over your shoulder!


Block Philosophy :: ‘Trill Shit’ From Domincan Jay and S.Dot

You already know what it is when it’s League of Extraordinary G’z affiliated.  Domincan Jay has been killing it lately, and this go round he brings in S.Dot for the verbal assist, Eric Dingus for the track and Chino Chase for the visuals.  Trill Shit is good old fashion street talk from the blocks and back alleys.  Raw rap is where it’s at, and these cats definitely know where it’s at.


Them Changes :: Chris Rogers, The 12th & Chicon Mural, And East Austin

As many people know, the musical mural on 12th & Chicon in Austin has been buffed and replaced by the new ownership.  While not a direct effect of gentrification (as some would have you believe), it is a sign of shifting cultural values in one of the last native-Austinite bastions of the city.  This story was particularly heartbreaking because it affected a new friend, Chris Rogers (painter of several amazing J Dilla prints hanging on my walls).  As a bonus, here is footage of him creating that wall…


Getaway Discovery :: Anastasia’s ‘Unavailable Pt. 1’ Speaks Volumes

For some, you truly have to escape to find yourself.  But in my case, these are just words, and most learn better by example.  Rather than run my mouth on the topic, I will allow Anastasia to show you how one gets out of their comfort zone to find their optimum comfort level in life.  Dig it, share it, and really listen to what this young lady is saying, as she’s never been one to waste words.


Chasing Ghosts :: Sixo Celebrates ‘Christmas Past’ With Ceschi

The concept of seasons being signal markers for human change and growth is not a new one… film, music and literature have all explored this story arc.  Ceschi, however, is known for his ability to tell a vivid tale, and over Sixo production, Christmas Past plays like the masterpiece it is.  The video only further drives home the emotions exploding from the song with it’s colorful and engaging elements.  Beautifully heavy.


Wandering Eyes :: ‘Christopher Paul Cardoza : Photodocumentarian’ Hits YouTube

If you have spent any amount of time in the central Texas social scene over the last few years, you have more than likely seen Christopher Paul Cardoza at work.  His photography has helped him make a name for himself, and it has been a beautiful time capsule of an ever-evolving scene.  Many musicians, fans and venues have come and gone, a handful remain, and Christopher Paul Cardoza is faithful to his mission of capturing as much of the action as he can.  Cheers to you, sir.