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Selling Yourself :: Christian Hyun Unveils Jupiter Mountain Project With ‘Proof Of Concept’ Video

I’m gonna let Christian Hyun explain things : 

“Some friends were kind enough to help me record this two-song, proof of concept video. This was recorded live on 10/13/21.  I wanted to get a recording that would show some of the new things I’ve added into my live show, like song interludes, trippy lights, cryptic ramblings, and of course, homemade stage sweatsuits.  I can’t wait to hit the road and start doing this in person!”

If you’re throwing any house shows in the Central Texas area, or you’re into creatives unashamedly afraid of being themselves, then get hip to Jupiter Mountain asap.


Being Me :: Rajinee Shakes Souls And Enlightens Minds With ‘Catcall & Response’ (featuring Ol’ Black Stooge)

I hadn’t heard of rajinee prior to the homie Ryan Darbonne‘s (or, in this case, Ol’ Black Stooge) post, but if the homie is a part then I’m in with no questions asked.  As someone who’s been on a major Deb Never kick, rajinee was definitely speaking to my soul, though rajinee has the benefit of bigger, livelier and more bombastic production supporting her.  On Catcall & Responserajinee not only brings wisdom to what is almost certainly a reoccurring traumatic experience, but manages to artistically express the interaction via some very striking choreography.  The King of the Hill shoutout is super entertaining as well, and allows my aforementioned homie an entrance into the world of the June Third Films production.  This is the kind of video that will likely win some Austin Music Video Awards trophies, should they choose to submit the video, but regardless of whatever possible awards and recognition this video may get, it deserves your attention, so don’t hesitate to give it a watch, a like and a comment before spreading it far and wide!


Brief Messages :: #WeirdRapDiscussionGang Invites DotdotDotdotDotdot To Discuss Skits & Interludes

You know how it goes when the #WeirdRapDiscussionGang gets together… any and all things hip-hop get broken down, examined and discussed, and hopefully, everyone involved (and everyone watching/listening) steps away with a bit more insight.  This latest go-round, the topic of skits, intros and interludes (a true staple of the hip-hop genre) were on the table, and to help us truly dig deep, the homie DotdotDotdotDotdot joined Th’MoleBeverly Fre$h and myself to fawn over some of our favorites.  Check it out if you’ve got a spare hour, leave a like and a comment, and share it around so everyone can get down!


Natural Expressions :: Kendra Sells Drops Awesome Video For ‘Your Cut’

As a longtime fan of the work of Kendra Sells, I was very happy to see she’d dropped a solo project (the All In Your Head EP), and after hearing it, I was impressed with what she’d managed to put together.  Sometimes, however, a good music video can provide you a deeper understanding of what the artist is trying to convey, and with the video for Your Cut, I’ve attained a bit more understanding from the track in terms of how playful (or seemingly so) the vulnerability she expresses is intended to be.  The video, a Kendra Sells concept fleshed out by Jump-Start Performance Company and brought to life by the combined efforts of Elias Flores III, Lilith Tijerina and Sarah Tijerina, is a colorful, energetic and expressive affair worth checking out (and definitely worthy of MUCH MORE engagement that it’s gotten thus far).  Take my word for it, check this one out immediately, throw a like and a comment that way and share it around for others to do the same.


High Priorities :: NOOK Turner Taps MO3 & Trina For ‘Put Ya Hustle 1st’

I’ve been a long-time fan of hip-hop, but there was a definitive point in my life where I became a participant in the culture as well.  When that time occurred, I was down with a crew known as DKC, headed by Austin hip-hop legend and Jump On It! Summer Concert Series creator NOOK Turner.  With that time being so long ago, it’s good to see that NOOK is still actively releasing music and growing his brand.  I recently stumbled across his latest single, the ethos-driven anthem Put Ya Hustle 1st, a rhythmic affirmation of the stance that NOOK Turner has always taken with assistance by hip-hop powerhouse Trina and a hook from MO3.  If you like hip-hop that makes your head nod while simultaneously filling it with good information, then Put Ya Hustle 1st is the track for you… the numbers are already up on it, but you can help drive them sky high by liking, commenting and sharing the video around if you feel it.


Double Down :: David Beck’s Tejano Weekend Drops A Pair Of New Videos

Though Austin will always be my home (and the city I claim), I have spent a significant portion of my life down the road in San Marcos.  As a town full of talented artists and musicians, it is hard to not see folks soar to success these days that I remember as young, wide-eyed hopefuls, and David Beck is no exception to that rule.  With a list of credits, accomplishments and credentials fitting for a man twice his age, David Beck is no stranger to musical diversity, but I doubt anyone saw the formation of David Beck’s Tejano Weekend coming.  That being said, like everything he does musically, the project is not only valid, top notch content for the respective genre, but it mixes shades of his many other musical loves within the overall chemistry.  Within a span of time just under a week, David Beck’s Tejano Weekend has dropped videos for For Somebody’s Sake and Put Me In Jail (which features David Lee Garza).  Check out the videos, leave likes and comments, and share them around so they blow up!


Workingman’s Rap :: #WeirdRapDiscussionGang Focuses In On Midwest Hip-Hop

Everyone in the #WeirdRapDiscussionGang has been a bit on the busy side with personal projects and travelling, but recently we found the time to get back together and start what will hopefully be a smaller series within our bigger picture… brief deep dives into regional flavors of rap.  Our first stop found us examining the Midwest, though admittedly, we may have bitten off more than we can chew in a single visit.  Check us out as we talk Midwest rap (including quite a bit of Detroit rap, though not purposefully), and if you dig what we’re putting down, then leave us a like and a comment before spreading the gospel of the #WeirdRapDiscussionGang around to those you love!


Heat Waves :: Chris Conde And El Dusty Drop Party Packed Video For ‘Summertime Heat’

Engulfed in the Marvelous Decay, the Fake Four Inc. debut of Texas-based hip-hop trailblazer Chris Conde, has been a gamechanger in the way that it has not only manifested staying power, but opened up many doors of opportunity.  One of the cooler collaborations on the project was Summertime Heat, a song about Texas summers backed by the production prowess of the Grammy-nominated electro-cumbia mastermind El Dusty.  Earlier this month (and in spite of summer technically and theoretically winding down), Conde tapped creatives Mandy Heitzelman SmithAdrienne LakeGreer SkiesSunday BallewMarty RobbinsRichard Whymark and a handful of good friends to bring Summertime Heat to life via an old fashioned pool party.  If you want to take part in the summertime magic vicariously, definitely take a few minutes to check out the video, and if you dig it, be sure to leave a like and a comment before sharing it around!


Major Moves :: Kydd Jones And Company Visualize ‘Elon Musk’

You’ve already heard me give Kydd JonesTank WashingtonBryson Brown and the homie Butcher Bear props for Kydd‘s recent single Elon Musk, so it’s definitely good to see a video dropped that matches the quality of the track.  Under a beautiful Austin sky under what appears to be one of the handful of properties that Musk has acquired in the city (don’t quote me on that though), Jones and crew perform the track while equally dope artist Cory Kendrix does his thing on the video production side as the director, cinematographer and editor.  Much love all around to everyone involved, and props for running up the numbers so quick… if you want to help get the video’s stats pumped up even higher, leave a like and a comment, and share it around for everyone to do the same.


Analyze This :: Recent Video Drops From The World Of DOOMonFILM

Slowly but surely, I’ve been picking up momentum over at the DOOMonFILM YouTube channel.  Out of my last four videos, three in particular feel like I’m finding my voice… while my quick thought-share and starting five lineup video for Space Jam : A New Legacy was a bit of a throwaway vid, the other three hold important places in terms of my creative drive and ability.

My deep dive into Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is a chance to explain why that film stands as my all-time favorite film, not to mention one that unveils new treasures with each viewing experience.  My analysis of Ratcatcher 2 from The Suicide Squad through the lens of the anti-villain not only stood as one of the pieces of analysis I am happiest with, but one of the quickest turnarounds in terms of film release to idea inception to production to release.  My most recent drop, a setup of The 400 Blows as direct (albeit subtle) inspiration for the films Capernaum and Juice, will probably not make my channel blow up, but it is an idea that I have been sitting on for a while, with the discovery of Capernaum helping me to flesh out the idea fully.

If you’ve not done so already, head over to the DOOMtubeATX YouTube channel and subscribe, like all the videos, and comment that you can from the blog page.