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Manifesto Music :: T$O Releases Video For ‘Only The Trill’

Reality rap is the closest thing to a documentary in the world of music, in my opinion, and Austin is a city that thrives on that aesthetic.  Recently, Austin-based MC $.dot and producer Eric Dingus joined forces for the T$O (Trill $hit Only) project, and their whole vibe is all about the realness.  In their video for lead single Only The Trill$.dot talks about the pedigree of people he has in his corner and has aligned himself with, all over a Mobb Deep-esque beat by Eric Dingus.  The video looks like a million bucks thanks to the expertise of Super Thing Productions, with smooth tracking shots and artistically framed setups meant to further the written messages.  This one is definitely worth your time, so definitely check it out, leave a like and a comment, and share it around.



Run Through :: Secret Levels And Protextor Deep Dive Into ‘Ninja Gaiden’ For ‘Rappers Playing Games (RPG)’

Secret Levels is an expert and an aficionado in a wide range of skill sets.  Be it skateboarding, rhyming, breakdancing, acting, or being a general entertaining guy, Secret Levels is running on a wavelength that many only dream of.  It’s no surprise, then, that he would be able to join Protextor for the latest session of Rappers Playing Games (RPG), pick one of the hardest games in Nintendo‘s existence in the form of Ninja Gaiden, and subsequently run through it like a hot knife through butter.  During the one-life run through, Secret Levels and Protextor discuss being in harmony with your being, the secrets to mastering yourself via your art, tips for running through Ninja Gaiden, and so much more.  As per usual, support Baby Lion and the Rappers Playing Games (RPG) series via likes, comments, shares and subscribes, and behold the amazing feat that is Secret Levels making light work of a difficult classic.


Whispering Winds :: Discovering Freeze Frame And ‘Who’s The Man?

When the universe speaks, we’ve gotta learn to listen, as you never know what you might end up missing.  While searching Bandcamp for something new to post about, I came across Austin-based artist Freeze Frame, and I set his album aside to listen to later.  Later that day, OVRLD put out a call for albums and videos released in 2018 so that they can make sure they’re covering all of their bases, and first in the comments section was a music video by Freeze Frame for Who’s the Man?, released less than a week prior.  That was all I needed to take the dive, and I was certainly impressed.  Freeze Frame manages to capture his aesthetic (his two listed influences are Phillip K. Dick and Slick Rick) perfectly in the video, in my opinion.  Definitely check this one out, leave a like and a comment, and share it around.


Cover Fire :: Henry + The Invisibles Takes A Swing At James Brown’s ‘Get Offa That Thing’

For a man as talented as Henry + the Invisibles, it’s surprising that he does not showcase his ability to do cover material more.  In an effort to bolster his set and raise the levels of engagement for what is already a top-notch live performance, however, Henry has decided to do just that, and expand his set list to a few funk and r&b standards.  He recently released a video of himself recording/performing the James Brown staple Get Offa That Thing, and if he’s able to come even remotely close to the energy he captured in a live setting, we’re all in for a treat.  Check it out for yourself, let him know what you think via comments, and be sure to like and share the video.


Traveling Man :: Curbside Jones Reveals ‘Another Sip’ Project


Curbside Jones on the details of his latest project, Another Sip

‘(This is) an audio representation of my trip to Japan during August 2018.  Another Sip is accompanied by a 100 page photo book (physical and digital).  Each track and picture embody the feelings I felt while traveling through Japan.  I packaged it this way to give those who want to purchase this project a full experience. I shot and edited each picture and designed the book.’






Natural Mystics :: Apogee Presents And ‘Cosmic Shores’ Retrospective

Over the past couple of years, the San Marcos-based production company Apogee Presents has put on a long run of successful festival and pop-up events featuring local bands, DJs, artists and vendors.  Recently, they experimented with a new location along the Blanco river (a beautiful backdrop for a stage) in the form of Cosmic Shores, a two-day concert, party and campout.  Videographer Daniel Yates was there with his camera, and the final results definitely capture the spirt of the event.  Check out the video, like, comment and share, and look up Apogee Presents on Facebook and other social media to keep in the loop for the next event!