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Beautiful Oblivion :: Wild Child Continues To Impress With Music Video For ‘My Town’

The Wild Child legend continues to grow.  They’re already known as compelling songwriters and live performers, and their music videos have always been high quality.  With My Town, however, it seems they have evolved into the realms of cinematic-scale presentations.  Plain and simple, this is a beautiful video for a powerful song.  The camera work, locations, colors and performances are all phenomenal.  If, for whatever reason, you’re still sleeping on Wild Child, now would be a good time to wake up and get hip.



Perpetual Motion :: Henry + the Invisibles Keeps It Moving With ‘Out Of Order’

Henry + the Invisibles has always been a champion for the DIY ethos, a keeper of the funk, and a candidate for hardest working man in the business, but one aspect that gets overlooked at times is his gift for motivational speaking.  His songs are such a complex presentation, and his mood often so upbeat and radiating, that some don’t catch all of the gems he’s dropping.  On his latest single (and video), Out of OrderHenry brings the tempo down a bit and drops manifesto-level bars on keeping your integrity and wits about you in a time full of turmoil and conflict.  And, amazingly, he drops all of this groove and knowledge in less than two minutes.  This is the kind of material that could help right the ship in these hazy days, so give this one a like, a share, and a comment, and keep supporting Henry + the Invisibles (or start supporting, if you aren’t already).


Unique Shine :: New Fame Does It Big With ‘Custom Made’ Video

New Fame, after an extended touring stint stateside that included a significant stay in the central Texas area, have returned to their home in Da NangVietnam to get back into creative mode.  The first wave of output begins with a music video showing the duo doing what they do best : flourishing in the freedom of their life and their choices while providing others with a blueprint to do the same.  Custom Made shows the crew comfortably inhabiting the streets and beaches of Da Nang while showcasing their style and songwriting prowess.  The video includes key locations that New Fame supports, a list of which are included in the video’s description, along with lists of crew and other key links.  If you like what you hear, definitely take some time to look into New Fame, throw some follows on their socials, and comment/like/share.


Always Working :: Virgil Wolfe Premiers His ‘Lunch Time Bust Rhymes’ Series

Wordsmith Virgil Wolfe, like many of us, is forced to work a day job to make the ends meet.  The thing about Virgil, however, is that his brain never stops working, and the bars will come regardless of where he may be at any given time.  In an effort to serve this urge and be productive while dedicating his time to someone else, Virgil Wolfe has created the Lunch Time Bust Rhymes series, where he pulls a beat from one of his many collaborators, writes to it during his lunch break, and then records a take for storage and sharing on his YouTube channel.  The video above features a banger from producer (and the homie) kal.kal, with other videos containing production from TrueHoustonEmceeRun C.T. and Heavo.  These brief moments provide us with a bit of insight in Virgil‘s process, both creatively and on a more personal level.  I look forward to not only seeing more installments, but seeing if some of these snippets turn into full fledged songs.


Fear Tactics :: Bird Peterson Makes His Original Score Of ‘Night Of The Living Dead’ Available To Stream

From the digital desk of Teenage Riot Records :

After two successful Halloween live performances at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz theater in Austin, Bird (Peterson) has finally released his critically acclaimed version of the classic genre definer Night Of The Living Dead featuring his new original score.  Inspired by 80s horror and post-modern classical composers, the “driving synth filled” new soundtrack creates “an ongoing, rising pulse that brings out the natural anxiety of the film”.  The full soundtrack is also now streaming everywhere and available for sale from Teenage Riot Records.


Crystalized Visual :: Kydd Jones Drops ‘Dripped Up’ Music Video On The Masses

A while back, I did a piece on the catchy Kydd Jones cut Dripped Up.  I’m happy to announce that Kydd has boomeranged back around with a dope video for the track.  The video has a solid, sleek and professional look, a reflection of all the progress and growth from Kydd‘s camp the last couple of years.  This one should definitely make some waves, so do your part by liking, sharing and commenting.


Let’s Play :: Chief And TheDoomsdayDevice Stops By Baby Lion’s ‘Rappers Playing Games (RPG)’

From the moment I saw the Feral the Earthworm Earthworm Jim episode of the Baby Lion-produced, Adam Protextor-hosted series Rappers Playing Games (RPG), I knew I had to get in on that action.  I immediately hit up Protextor, a fellow nerd with deep appreciation for many aspects of pop culture, and pitched an episode where he and myself chop it up over a session of one of my favorite NES games, Rolling Thunder.  The ‘cool’ thing about vintage games, however, is that they sometimes fail to work, which put the most minimal of monkeywrenches in the plans.  After a quick scouring of Protextor‘s respectable game collection, however, I locked into another old school favorite of mine : the Sega Genesis port of the arcade monster from the late 1980s known as Stryder.  We checked it, and everything ran perfectly, so we sat down and had a deeply moving and inspiring conversation about art, creativity, inspirational sources, expression and much more.  I am honored to have been a part of Baby Lion‘s official Season One lineup, and I look forward to more of the great content they’ve been putting out.  Subscribe to Baby Lion on YouTube to stay in the loop, and be sure to give our video a like, comment and share if you feel inclined to do so.